‘Aggressive’ North Korean despot ‘Kim Jong-Un’ has called the bluff of ‘Bigmouth’ American President ‘Donald Trump’ – a further humiliation for the World’s most powerful man?

Last week, the post here outlined why it was now time for war with North Korea because it is intent on completing their acquisition of nuclear status, further developing their intercontinental missile delivery system to be capable of hitting the likes of New York or London with a massive nuclear bomb, and then undoubtedly embarking on the annexation of South Korea, which has been the long-term burning ambition of this Country for over half a century, hasn’t it?

Furthermore, its current leader Kim Jong-Un has unashamedly threatened military strikes against both neighbouring Japan [previously North Korea’s oppressive occupier (1910-1945)], as well as against US facilities and people in the region.The rest of the World is aghast at these prospects and US President Donald Trump has repeatedly mouthed-off empty threats of direct American military intervention unless Kim Jong desists in his quest.

But Trump who talks BIG and acts small was speaking with a forked-tongue as the American Indians would say, wasn’t he? Yep, he talks tough primarily to keep his nutter right-wing supporters on side, but he had no giant game plan whatsoever to halt North Korea’s progress to full membership of the selective nuclear club and we all ‘suspected’ it, and more to the point and more importantly, so did Kim Jong know it well, didn’t he?

Of course he did, so he defied America’s warnings, by simply calling Trump’s bluff, and immediately test launched yet ANOTHER intercontinental missile overflying Japan, to spread alarm and despondency in that country, and demonstrate to us all, that they had an even greater delivery range for a nuclear bomb than had been demonstrated before.

Did Trump really think that his unenforceable loudmouth threats to an out-of-control warmongering North Korea would “Make America Great Again”, eh?

Oh yes, the USA does indeed have the massive military might and resources to force a military solution on North Korea and so halt them in their tracts. But to do that they need to have those forces in the right place at the right time, don’t they?

Yes, so if, as an essential preparation, the US military had moved large numbers of planes, ships, equipment, and supplies into the region, together with evacuating non-essential personnel, Trump would have established some level of credibility of being able to make an offensive attack (if called upon to do so), as that would have clearly demonstrated that he had put his money where his mouth was (as the saying goes), wouldn’t it?

But of course he didn’t do anything of the kind like that, so Kim Jong simply tweaked Trump’s nose and carried on with his plans regardless. As to be expected, the United Nations further pontificated on the problem, issued its standard condemnation of North Korea’s provocative actions, proclaimed ‘further’ sanctions [much watered-down though due to China’s & Russia’s veto of course (China supplies North Korea with its oil and Russia employs its labour, you see?)], and went back to sleep as normal, eh?

Now, in the USA many of those who should be ‘in the know’ (like ex military generals and the like) are publically saying that Trump already has ‘in reality’ NO military solution available to the problem now presented by North Korea, and there maybe some truth in that, because of the inexcusable past inaction over the past decade, while watching it build-up its conventional military strength to a massive level, illegally getting nuclear capability, creating an operational delivery system – ex-President Barrack Obama is certainly one who should hang his head in shame, don’t you think?

Their reasoning of course for discounting a US military strike is that North Korea would likely immediately respond with an attack on the South using its conventional forces (if nothing else?) and massive casualties would result. Now, that may well be right, but that ought to be viewed in the context of, THAT is what is going to happen ANYWAY, surely?

Is it not better to have that happen at a time ‘chosen’ by America AFTER North Korea’s missile launch ability has been neutralised by pre-emptive strikes, instead of later when North Korea has fully acquired the capability of hitting any target in the World with multiple nuclear warheads? [In just a few years time they could even have reached the point of having an undetectable submarine launch facility also, no less?].

There is also a school of thought in America that says that North Korea should just be allowed to get on with it all [just as the appeasers decided about Adolf Hitler in 1938 with disastrous consequences, eh?] and hope that Kim Jong is satisfied with membership of the nuclear club alone, then behaves himself thereafter, and so turns his attention solely onto improving the lot of North Korea’s 25 million population which his father previously, and now he, have impoverished over the past 55 years in favour of pouring all the country’s money into military spend (Songun – “military-first” policy) – fat chance of that kind of turnaround, wouldn’t you say?

Well, the people of Britain needn’t worry either way what happens now or later militarily, because in any new armed conflict in Korea, this Country would play a totally passive part in any of those activities, and the indisputable reason for that, is that disgracefully our armed forces are such at a decimated level that we can barely defend ourselves with personnel and conventional weapons, let alone embark on assisting in some kind of war effort on the other side of the World, can we? [Why we still pretend to be able to be a world force capable of policing and defending others, god only knows?].

Nevertheless, Britain IS the responsible owner still of significantly powerful atomic weapon systems with its Trident submarines constantly on patrol under the seas and is fully capable of deploying that arsenal anywhere on the Globe if attacked, or in the event of a conflict with North Korea as a consequence of them actually using nuclear weapons, which indisputably they posses.

There is twaddle being expressed by some other parties that urge “all parties to exercise restraint and not to take any action that will escalate tensions”. Well view that in the context of North Korea’s mouthpiece news agency’s latest threats like “lets reduce the US into ashes and darkness, lets vent our spite with mobilisation of all retaliation means…”, voiced against America, or against Japan “the wicked Japs should not be pardoned …. the four islands of the archipelago should be sunken into the sea by nuclear bomb”. Not much scope for a constructive dialogue with them, is there?


[The World is drifting towards the dreaded doomsday of World War 3, simply through the abject lack of courageous leadership or decisive UN action, as is needed to deal with a small recalcitrant belligerent nation determined to go to war, don’t you think?]

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