President Donald Trump WILL likely face future ‘Impeachment’ – but will he last that long though?

A PREVIOUS POST A FEW DAYS AGO President of the United States Donald Trump – both a villain and would-be American Dictator?” outlined the view that Donald Trump was acting like a ‘dictator’. This new post here covers the possible consequences of his bizarre behaviour.


In that last post, amongst other things it also identified six senior figures who had bitten the dust in as many months, because they had fallen foul of Donald Trump so he had vented his egoistic Machiavellian trait for getting rid those who anger him or upset his plans. Well, almost immediately he has added yet ANOTHER ONE to the hit list – ousted number 7 victim, the highest-profile personnel sacking yet, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus [Trump said “a good man” – pushed out for lack of belligerence?] and the departure announced by Trump on Twitter of course, eh?

This whole situation simply demonstrates the ongoing turmoil within the Trump administration and its total failure to make any political progress whatsoever. After nearly some 7 months as President, Trump has utterly FAILED to do anything at all that he planned, and indeed were key election promises, hence he has passed ZERO bills into legislation through Congress – so much then for the expectation of him installing his major policies in the first 100 days, eh?

Meanwhile, North Korea under its young nutcase dictator leader Kim Jong-un, continues ‘unabated’ and unscathed, to test fire inter-continental missiles that increasingly threaten their long-range ability to land a nuclear bomb on America, doesn’t it?

Not only all that, but disturbingly Trump has managed to indisputably obtain and retain the wooden spoon for popularity [the LOWEST EVER approval rating for any recent new President, at 55% disapproval, no less? That has happened not least because he kicked-off by getting majority disapproval after only 8 blinking days and his sacking of FBI chief James Comey in May only escalated the decline). Mind you he has played quite a bit of golf (totalling almost 6 weeks) and has managed to communicate with all and sundry with an astounding thousand or more tweet messages, many of them angry and abusive eh?

Trump hasn’t done his approval ratings much good by his constant ranting at an already hostile media (it only gets its revenge, eh?), nor by saying goodbye to the few experienced operators within his skeleton White House crew, nor apparently by appointing a rich, foulmouthed, combative, politically untried, Wall Street financier, Anthony Scaramucci (a good pal though of his eldest son Don Jr), as his THIRD communications director in SIX months, nor by having his irrelevant daughter Ivanka Trump & son-in-law Jared Kushner, at the centre of power, nor Trump’s hints that he has the power to pardon any mates (or even himself) falling foul of the law, nor by trying really hard to discredit the guy appointed to investigate his involvement, if any, in the Russia meddling saga, Robert Mueller, – so Trump’s spokesman for his private legal team even stacked in protest to that one?

His weakness and irrelevance as President, was not only exposed and obvious, but was woefully evident the night before yesterday, when Trump’s latest attempt to repeal & replace ‘Obamacare’ was dramatically defeated in the US Senate after a long late-night tense session. Moreover, and significantly, this was in fact a much ‘watered-down’ attempt to introduce an alternative affordable quality healthcare system for all American citizens, particularly the poorest ones, numbering millions.

[That ‘final’ defeat was in fact orchestrated by a Senator who came out of hospital to speak & vote, who Trump had previously belittled as a ‘non-military hero’ because he had been ‘captured’ in Vietnam (despite the fact that his attack aircraft had been shot down, himself badly injured, when he endured five and a half years as a POW including periods of torture, then refused release earlier than other prisoners), compared to Trump himself who had avoided military service in Vietnam – with draft deferments of four for College, and one for bad feet, no less?].

Meanwhile, regarding the Trump promised “economic growth”, it is a charade and while the claim is that they will get a 1% annual increase (from 2% where it has been for the past 17 years no less, dramatically jumping-up to 3%), which indeed is disturbingly part of their actual budget, there is scant evidence of that appearing, as apparently nobody there believes the MAGAnomics nonsense just launched will, with its wasteful tax giveaways, in any sense bear fruit, eh?

Trump may even face a ‘guilt by association’ situation if his son-in-law Kushner, a completely unqualified senior presidential advisor, proves to have committed collusion (i.e. treason) or any other wrong-doing, in regard to some four contacts he certainly had with the Russians both during the election campaign and tellingly including during the transition period before Trump actually took office. He asserted to the House intelligent committee that he didn’t realise that the Russians wanted to help Trump by a plot of dishing the dirt on Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton, simply because HE hadn’t really read his e-mails from Don Jr that made it crystal clear (believable or not?) – criminal and civil offences ‘might’ have been committed by him and the other two involved in meeting Kremlin-connected Russian female lawyer (front man for Putin?) Natalia Veselnitskaya, eh? Furthermore, Kushner had not disclosed on his security application (no less), a meeting with Russian US Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, nor any other Russians he met, nor other foreign officials, he explains that as an “admin error” (believable or not? security submission! ).

Where is it all going to end then, do you think? Well, many of us think it WILL end in the impeachment of President Trump. Now back in last November, a post here about Trump suggested that it seemed ‘unlikely’ to many of us, that Donald Trump would actually serve a ‘full term’ as President [meaning that a relative nobody Vice-President Mike Pence, would become the next President indeed]

Well, apart from any revelations that come out from the Russia investigation (and it seems that Russia DID directly attack the USA, but just didn’t use military force), it is thought that Trump may have many other skeletons in the cupboard from his past business & tax affairs, and if so (and should they ever to see the light of day), they could also be grounds for formal “impeachment”

Now special counsel Mueller can choose to investigate whatever he interprets as relevant to his inquiry (even though Trump is clearly attempting to warn him off poking into the Trump family business affairs), and he certainly can (and probably WILL) question Trump under oath, and that raises the stakes dramatically, because perjury would definitely be a hanging offence (certain impeachment would follow).

However, that final sanction DOESN’T actually happen unfortunately (?) just because a guy is failing, incompetent or badly screws-up, does it? No, the impeachment process (to REMOVE the bleeding President from power) ONLY occurs when the man (there haven’t been any women yet!) get up the noses of Congress to such an extent that the members of his own party realise he is a millstone round their neck so seriously fear political survival or that they personally will not be re-elected by their voters because of their association with the President, or their lack of opposition to him, wouldn’t you say?

You see, although in Trump’s case the Democrats can be relied-upon to try to unseat him by any means possible, it is only the Republicans that can actually weald the coup de grâce, because they have a majority in BOTH houses of the Congress, don’t they?

[Impeachment to remove presidents before their term is up results if they have committed “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”, and first step requires a simple majority in the House of Representatives voting to go to trial, essentially meaning the president being indicted if one or more charge sticks, and that then leading to the actual Senate trial overseen by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, whence if there is a two-thirds majority of Senators who lodge a guilty decision, the president is removed from office forthwith].

However, it must be worrying for Trump (or certainly OUGHT to be) that the very serious idea of impeachment, has already started to be mooted in the US, starting with a Texas congressman (Democrat naturally), but as well by legal experts, and that emanates alone from Trump sacking Comey, as ridding himself of the FBI chief and in fact asking him to drop an investigation, might be seen as the president committing ‘obstruction of justice’, don’t you think?

As it stands some say impeachment is still ‘unlikely’ because of entrenched Republican party loyalty, but that may not be such a valid conclusion according to American political expert Professor Allan Lichtman, who says that just a small ten percent defection would do it, and although Impeachment is a dish that takes time, it is without doubt the “inevitable” end for Trump he says, eh?

Now you may well ask, “What the hell does HE know?”. The short answer to that, is that using a mathematical model and scientific method since the 60s, he HAS been correctly forecasting elections for some thirty years and correctly predicted the result of the last NINE American Presidential elections (including in one of his books, that of Trump himself– one of the few to do so, moreover?). In the absence of any meaningful data information on Impeachment processes (there have only been 3 in US history), he has carried out a deep study on impeachment basis & history married against Trump’s record that included analysing his flaws that make him doomed, using his record in business and his performance in the first few months as President – so he has come-up with his non-partisan prediction on Trump’s ‘non-future’, and reportedly he has written a book THE CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT’ (well worth a read no doubt?). Republicans while desperate wishing to support their president, are in reality walking a personal high-wire and in danger of toppling off as unpredictable Trump continues to cause them vibrations.


[The betting boys give Donald Trump just a 58 per cent chance of serving-out a full first term and 48 per cent chance of hitting the buffers through impeachment or resignation – place your bets ladies & gentlemen, eh?]


In United States history, just three presidents have actually faced impeachment proceedings, but only two of them were then impeached for high crimes and misdemeanours, but they were BOTH cleared:

  1. The 17th president Andrew Johnson in 1868, impeached for the alleged unauthorised sacking of the secretary of war, but he was acquitted by one vote.
  2. The 37th president Richard Nixon in 1974, facing impeachment for alleged obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress, regarding the Watergate scandal, simply resigned before he had to face certain prosecution & conviction.
  3. The 42nd president Bill Clinton in 1998, impeached for alleged perjury and obstruction of justice, regarding an extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky, but he was acquitted on both charges by 22 votes and 17 votes respectively (with ALL fellow Democrats voting ‘not guilty’ – thereby thwarting justice?)


One other president came very perilously close to being charged with impeachment crimes:

  • The 10th president  John Tyler  in 1843, faced the first ever impeachment resolution in the House of Representatives, regarding his veto of a bill and that angered lawmakers, but it was defeated.

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