OJ Simpson released from jail 24 years ‘EARLY’ – so yet another vile criminal’ escapes justice’, just like the others below?

OJ Parole Hearing

Scales of Justice broken

The news on the wires that the despicable OJ [the ‘Juice’] Simpson will be soon released from a 33 year prison sentence, after serving just 9 years incarceration in an American jail, simply demonstrates to all and sundry that the justice systems around the World are bloody useless when dealing with famous, rich, big criminals, when it comes to protecting their societies, or providing retribution justice to the victims involved, don’t you think?

You see, Simpson was convicted of leading a gang in an assault and armed ROBBERY with a gun, as well as KIDNAP (an offence that alone should have resulted in a life sentence), so he rightly received a hefty term inside, but now without serving that just sentence, he is heading out a free man instead, isn’t he, indeed?

Now this is a vile guy who had previously infamously got away with responsibility for killing his ex-wife together with her new boyfriend (when the vast majority of Americans believe he WAS guilty of their double MURDER, now being of twenty-three years ago), and that was because of the dire inadequacies of the US prosecution authorities (as well as ‘a rich-man’s’ ability to hire a more expensive defence team, eh?), which resulted in him being cleared of the murders, by a ‘mainly black’ jury , despite compelling evidence of guilt, wasn’t it? [you see Simpson is black, it must be said?].

But just 2 years later, in a CIVIL COURT action (brought by the 2 victims’ families), he was found indeed to be guilty of just such that responsibility, which involved the unprovoked violent knife attack on the pair of lovers outside her house – his ex-wife had previously predicted that Simpson WOULD kill her. And although of course while that civil court  judgement resulted in a massive compensation award against him (£25MILLION), he never paid-up though, it never got enforced (why wasn’t he banged-up for that?), so he basically got-off Scot-free for killing two people , didn’t he?

Why, oh why, is it acceptable for all that to happen, and how comes the justice system over the pond allows it, eh? However, most of us around the World felt a massive sense of relief when that cretin was subsequently banged-up for his latest crime 14 years later, as we felt ‘at least’ that the bugger would be locked away for the rest of his active life, until he was 84 years old anyway, albeit not for his BIGGEST evil action – but we didn’t bank-on the latitude of the US Justice System, that he was able to manipulate last week to gain his freedom, did we? [that hasn’t been the only thing he has got away with either, is it?]

All he had to do this time, despite his prior record of criminal convictions, was to keep his nose clean in goal, be a model prisoner, watch his Ps and Qs, use the skills he had learned as an actor, broadcaster, & advertising spokesman (after his rise to fame as a top player for 11 years in American football – the fastest ever running quarterback ever), tell the panel he had found God, and he would walk-out a free man, to announce to the dismayed and astonished world that “I’ve done my time” – we DON’T THINK SO, do we?

He has always been “really an awful person” right from the very start of his criminal career in a street gang as a teenager, and that conduct got him arrested three times and indeed jailed for his offences.

In jail for the recent offences, he was a celebrity and a rich blighter, who was able to reward other prisoners who served him well, so in fact he had a very easy life behind bars for those short 9 years, didn’t he?. He will be returned soon to the outside society to live a life of luxury (you see, his team to the most extent have shielded and protected his cash & other fortunes), further funded with massive career pensions being still paid to him (despite what he owes) as they are deemed “untouchable” by the US justice system.

Moreover, even at his parole hearing he showed no hint of contrition or even being remorsefully for ANY of his past vile illegal actions, and indeed cocked-a-snoot at Justice, with a massive smirk over his gleeful face, as he got away with it once again – the story of his life, eh?

Now, we here in Britain are no strangers to such ‘inadequacies’ of Justice systems, as not only is the ground littered with them from the past, but we still see it continuing now, day after day, ad infinitum, don’t we? Even when the evil ones do get caught here, even when their smart-arsed lawyers’ ‘non-guilty defences’ are demolished, and even when the Judge passes a heavy sentence, Justice is never served, because the convicted, virtually whatever the crime really, simply go to holiday-camp style jails where they can obtain as many drugs as they like, drink illicit home-made booze, retain their criminal connections on the outside with readily smuggled-in mobile phones, get numerous visitors to keep their spirits up, and STILL be automatically OUT (unrepentant & unreformed, certainly?), in HALF of the allotted sentence TIME (however lenient), because our-indulgent maltreated society, mislead by uncaring, weak, liberal “do-gooders” lent-on, politicians, won’t provided the jails or cell space to hold secure, all the unsurprising increasing number of violent criminals (including foreigners from the EU), who blight our communities and put-up two fingers at the police & the law, because they can continue their prosperous life of crime at our expense, and get away with it to boot, eh?

Probably the most recent scunnering example is just 2 weeks ago as Robert Trigg was convicted of separately killing 2 women – one by a blow to the back of the head and the other by suffocation. He had denied it at court of course, as all murderers do (you see the British justice system not only allows that, but enables and encourages it, doesn’t it?), but his blatant lies were exposed and he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 25 years. He will doubtless appeal of course (you see the British justice system not only allows that, but enables and encourages it, doesn’t it?), and whatever happens and however much more money we waste on the bastard, you certainly cannot be confident that he will end-up serving his term, can you? Down the line, some of the do-gooders, who abound, will try to get him released early – perhaps reasoning that ‘he had a difficult childhood’ or the like, eh?

Now on the surface that conviction might look to many of us, as justice at least being duly served, wouldn’t you say? Well, dream-on everybody, because behind THAT conviction & sentence headline, the whole truth tells a much different story, you see?

Not only did the justice system let these two women down, but it unnecessarily cost them their lives, and even then Trigg was ONLY brought to justice through the dogged efforts of the women’s parents, and certainly NOT the justice system, that should have swung into action to protect the women before they were killed. It was the parents themselves who mounted a four year campaign to expose Trigg as the killer of their innocent daughters, and indeed during it, they and their efforts, were frequently thwarted and vilified by the police and the responsible authorities.

You see, Trigg was a drunken ‘serial abuser’ of women with a history of violence against his girlfriends, well before and after he killed those ones, so he should have been stopped and would have been if the system was ‘fit for purpose’, which it isn’t.

In 2002 a previous relationship [Rebecca Allcorn] had ended due to his violence, when in 2003 he seriously assaulted the next girlfriend [Susan Holland] putting her in hospital.

Later in 2003 he formed a relationship with the first women he killed with a blow to the back of the head 3 years later [Caroline Devlin 35], who had confided to a friend that she feared Trigg, so she wouldn’t see her fortieth birthday, and she was only too correct. The woman’s teenage traumatised son suspected murder, but due to a totally inadequate investigation of such an ‘unexplained death’ (because the police wouldn’t pay the £4,000 for a top forensic pathologist), it was erroneously put down to a sad act of fate, a brain aneurysm, so Trigg was allowed to continue to walk the streets unhindered, to attack even further women, and worse still, kill again.

In 2010, Trigg took-up with his next woman victim [Susan Nicholson], who he then moved-in with, only to kill by suffocation just a short 4 months later – and during that time her neighbour had contacted police four times to report visible injuries to the victim, while indeed police themselves attended the murdered woman’s flat on at least a half a dozen times following 999 calls from a neighbour, due to Trigg’s violent beating of his girlfriend, and that contact with Trigg included one a mere 2 days before that 2011 final violent killing, when Trigg got a slapped wrist with a caution for violently punching her.

Notwithstanding all of that history of violent behaviour, nor the fact that Trigg had blatantly failed to directly report either of the sudden deaths of these two of his girlfriends (as the scumbag even left that dreadful task to others including her distraught children), the police actually ‘unbelievably’ BELIEVED his explanation that the suffocation was accidently caused by suffocation, when he must have rolled-onto her during the night as they slept together on a sofa (much too small by far for that explanation, it was subsequently established).

Oh yes, it was certainly UNBELIEVABLE to the parents of the two women killed by Trigg, who took their fears to the police only to be totally rebuffed, and told in no uncertain terms, to go away as there would be NO SUCH PROBE by the the Force.

Disgracefully, then Trigg was again therefore simply allowed to walk away unfettered with free-rein to continue his violence against women, wasn’t he?

So in 2014, he harassed and terrified another girlfriend [Deirdre Loveridge] to such an extent that she had to flee the area. A conviction & another slap on the wrist for that was no deterrent of course, so just 2 years later in 2016, the next relationship [Caroline Yardwood] ended with abusive communications, drunken physical violence, and his conviction of assault, harassment, and racially aggravated harassment, resulting with a short ineffective trip to jail for Trigg.

It wasn’t until the dismayed parents of the two women killed by Trigg had spent some £10,000 of their own money on legal help and the employment of the pathologist expert who had conducted the Hillsborough autopsies, whence 2 years ago, he established for them the true causes of the two deaths, and that, AND ONLY THAT, forced the police to re-open their enquiries, and that resulted in Trigg’s arrest.

Now do you think that the police had learned anything at all about Trigg, or that our legal system had the powerful jaws of justice? Well, if so, dream on anyone, as he was simply released on bail, whereby he pretty quickly went out and assaulted yet ANOTHER girlfriend, for which he was again jailed for just a few weeks.

Yes, only then, did he stand trial for his two killings and finally head for the slammer for eternity, hopefully?

Oh yes everyone, the police SAY they will now hold a ‘robust and probing’ review on what went wrong with their investigations (no doubt as ‘NOT robust and probing’ as was carried out by South Yorkshire police force on Hillsborough, eh?). Well, we already know the real answer to the whole problem, don’t we? Yep, the whole criminal justice system in Britain these days just stinks, doesn’t it?

Those of us, even with short memories, will recount similar demonstrations of inadequate justice systems, which will include those matters from the UK and elsewhere in the World (all in addition to OJ’s acquittal of murder back in 1995, of course?).

All of these instances recounted below (which were covered in some detail in past posts here, in just the last couple of years), do though represent only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the failure of justice systems everywhere, don’t you think?

Say for instance, like in England, when Australian Julian Assange of WikiLeaks infamy escaping justice by hiding in the Ecuadorian foreign EMBASSY in London; or rich boy ex-international Wales Footballer ‘Ched Evans’, disgusting sexual exploitation of a vulnerable woman being set-aside; or in South Africa the repetitive travesty of murky justice in the freedom allowed and inadequate sentencing delivered on the shooting murder of Reeva Steenkamp by celebrety runner Oscar Pistorius; or the permitted abuse of our, lax, indulgent, and ineffective criminal justice system by the child-killers Matthews & girlfriend Hoare, as well as unduly non-harsh sentences for their vile crimes.

Or, high profile, sex-mad, England football star rich man Adam Johnson‘s justice escape for sex with a 15 year old schoolgirl with a much belated and minimal sentence of only 6 years when he could have been sent down for 10 years for grooming, and 14 years for penetration; or the Hatton Garden Hoist in central London by a gaggle of elderly career criminals that amply demonstrated that crime still does pay in reality in this Country for gangsters, whence for this robbery, even seven of the guilty ones’ sentences (when at least one got away scot free) were so soft in relation to the enormity of the crime, as to make a mockery of the whole British criminal justice process.

Or, on the wider stage, concerning tennis mega-earning so rich superstar, Russian Maria Sharapova, who was finally unmasked as another sports ‘drug cheat’, but she didn’t actually bite the dust, just as we knew she wouldn’t really; or the non-resolution of Google and other the other major multinational giants disgusting tax avoidance success; or the inability of most justice systems to do anything to halt the uncontrollable influx of illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, economic migrants, and unaccompanied children; or the disturbing failure of our Country’s judiciary to make the United Kingdom’s ‘unfair’ bedroom tax, the ‘illegal’ bedroom tax.

Or, the injustice of a one year old baby boy dead because of being badly let down by the NHS and the broken system, whereby no one is punished and there is absoplutely no retribution whilst the authorities get away with fighting against the parents to hide the truth; or ex spy Russian Alexander Litvinenko, despite being here in UK on political asylum and British citizen, was subsequently murdered by a lethal dose of radiation poisoning with a lingering & certain death, in ‘safe haven’ (?) London (without much doubt administered by another Russian who was subsequently protected by that state so that he cannot face justice).

Or, the unmitigated disaster of the Iraq War and the subsequent unbelievable failure to publish the Chilcot Report on it, in any kind of meaningful timescale, whereby the guilty have escaped any kind of justice, which was disgraceful; or again on the World justice stage, the shooting down of civilian airliner, Malaysian airlines flight MH17, with the loss of life of the entire 298 men, women, and children, where we know that in truth it was in fact the Russians who did it (in a bungled attempt to illegally down a Ukraine military aeroplane), but no country or world organisation will even attempt never mind suceed to get justice for the dead and their families; or the unbridled corruption of FIFA & World Football, that was allowed to go on unreported, unchallenged, and unpunished for decades upon decades and which has left the football world in the mire; or the drug cheats in Athletics who hardly ever get really punished for denigrating their sport and defrauding the paying public spectators, yet are allowed to return, supposedly rehabilitated, but often in reality to cheat again.

Or, the abject failure of the World justice mechanisms, to defeat terrorism in all its forms, and in particular the current crude, evil, barbarism, of Islamic ISIS; or the unacceptable behaviour of our governments in NOT invoking an essential ‘full public enquiry’ into the U.K Miners Strike of 1984, which seems to have invoked illegal actions and abuse of power by the Thatcher government, a subsequent political whitewash & cover-up, misuse of the police, combined with unacceptable & unnecessary violence dished-out BY the police no less, and the non-independence of the judiciary to do anything about it; or the crass failure of our justice system to stop the avoidable explosion that made ‘hippy crack’ the new preferred drug of the young; or the disturbing case where South Africa’s strong case against an extremely rich, previously medically well man, Shrien Dewani, for the murder there of his wife Annie Hindocha, collapsed simply because of failed justice by our flawed legal system here that allowed him to avoid forced extradition for a whole four years on the excuse of severe illness, by which time the evidence was extremely cold.



[Just don’t expect anything to change, will you? The British criminal justice system is well and truly  ‘broken’ and will remain broken, because the ones who pay the price are those at the bottom, while those at the top and in power, with their families and cronies, are all isolated & insulated from its effects, don’t you think?].




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