The ‘Civil Liberties’ of Terrorists – much more important than the ‘Lives’ of innocent British men, women, and children victims?


A further terrorist plot succeeded in London last Saturday night – no surprise there then as we all knew that the authorities aren’t actually in control of that aspect of our lives anymore, didn’t we?

How did we know, then? Because they have told us so, and told us so, time and time again, haven’t they? The authorities, the security services, the police, the armed forces and all others involved here, are simply overwhelmed by the uncontainable growth and widespread scope of the terrorism problem in this Country, and are dearth of ideas on how to tackle it, aren’t they? The problem is not the responsibility of the ordinary Muslim in this Country but their leaders have to do more to exclude and ostracise the maverick extremists, don’t they?

Certainly there is a problem, and that is mainly because of the bloody liberal moderate do-gooders persistent demanding of ‘equal human rights’ for the clearly ‘inhuman’, and their constantly undermining of any effective action or punitive response to their evil intentions and actions, isn’t it?

This latest murderous attack was of course simply a copycat repeat of that which took place just two-and-a half months ago at London’s Westminster Bridge, which is just a couple of miles away from this one that started on London Bridge. Both involved the use of a heavy vehicle to mow down pedestrians, followed by knife weapon attacks, and in this one which seven people were killed and forty-eight wounded by 3 jihadist terrorists (who were shot dead by police within 10 minutes of the atrocity).

In respect of this latest attack, properties have been raided, and initially a dozen people had been arrested, but you didn’t expect too much to come of that though, did you? No, the liberal brigade has ensured that it is impossibly difficulty to gather sufficient evidence to charge and convict a terrorist’s fellow travellers, accomplices, and supporters, particularly with the actual perpetrators already dead.

A major gap in our law (that should apply across the whole criminal justice system spectrum and not just terrorism), is the extension of the law of conspiracy so it is an offence that a person “knew” or “should have known” about an offence committed or planned. Application of that principle would prevent all kinds of low life getting away with it by claiming the other person was solely responsible for a crime, and for terrorists’ partners, families, and associates saying “no comment” or that they didn’t notice knives and bombs being assembled, eh?

[ALL those arrested after the London Bridge outrage were released without charge within 48 hrs, just as following the Westminster assault, all 12 suspects arrested after that attack were released without charge as well].

It is quite clear that the three jihadist intended a pseudo-martyrdom, as they all wore fake suicide vests to ensure that they were killed by armed police in a hail of bullets – as indeed happened (and so, cynically unlike their victims, didn’t suffer).

These kinds of attacks will continue ‘undetected’ in advance of course, because they are virtually unnoticeable, as little strategic planning is involved or cell style organisation that would become visible to the authorities and security forces.

We now face a domino effect in this kind of act of violence because the media is allowed by the authorities unfettered opportunity to publicise such actions and that is exactly what the terrorists are prepared to die for, isn’t it? Once again, everyone has played into the hands of ISIS by publically claiming that we will not let them win by disrupting our society and then doing just that very thing, by for example even suspending election campaigning for a day, and generating news upon news upon news about what has happened and being investigated day after day after day.

Posts here have previously warned about all this and indeed predicted that the Westminster attack would be copied, as that was a very successful publicity stunt generator for ISIS, wasn’t it? Yet still the media churns out endless news of this new atrocity that will certainly inspire other like-minded cretins, to do similar attacks.

Now, we all know that the current Labour leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbot are terrorist embracers and try to thwart all the UK terrorist legislation, but if there is anybody who should hang their head in shame over the London Bridge bombing, it is one Nick Clegg, ex-leader of the LibDems and addicted europhile, wouldn’t you say? He is the one that as Deputy PM in the past coalition government demanded a watering-down of terrorist laws and in particular the cancellation of the well effective Control Orders that allowed ‘known’ extremists to be properly monitored and prevented from perpetrating crimes by stopping them living in the communities they can radicalise and having access to the facilities (like computers, smart phones, and communications) to plan and execute their crimes.

Clegg even had the audacity to give a TV interview yesterday claiming that the terrorist who gained entry from the EU should have been stopped, as he was on a watch list reportedly provided by Italy, ignoring the basic fact that there are so many of the blighters they all can’t be closely monitored and then promoted staying-in the EU so that we would receive such information in the future. The idiot unbelievably doesn’t seem to realise that WHEN Britain is OUT of the blessed EU, their bloody terrorist won’t be able to come into this Country AT ALL to commit carnage, will they?

This Country needs to enact its own human rights legislation (and we are better placed than any country to do just that, aren’t we?) to halt the oppressive laws that prevent our politicians from protecting their citizens, wouldn’t you say?



[Withdrawal of the lifeblood of publicity is the ONLY way to cause terrorism to wither and die, isn’t it?]

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