The UK General Election – an eccentric loser verses an accomplished survivor?

In only a couple of day’s time, the people of this wonderful Country will have decided its future at one of the most crucial times in its history, won’t they? Yep, that is because the UK currently faces a major challenge to its whole future economic success when negotiating its extraction from the European Union, and then moreover because it’s whole existence and way of life is threatened by an increasingly enormous gang of locally bred and immigrant extremists & terrorists, who openly despise our values and way of life, so are intent on destroying it.

Oh yes, we have been here before though in circumstances of a similar nature, haven’t we? Certainly, a General Election in June, taking place against a backdrop of terrorism and its ongoing threat, in an uncertain unstable environment with the World powers of America, Russia, and China causing widespread major concerns, and with a very socialist Labour party led by a public unpopular distrusted leader, trying to replace a entrenched Tory party under a generally popular believed-in leader, with the NHS operating in crisis mode, and the British economy facing a turbulent future. But this great Country rides the surf on the crest of such waves, as the past shows, doesn’t it

Despite all the hoo-ha in the media just now about the minor parties and their erstwhile leaders, who all have a snowball in hells chance of doing ANYTHING or even influencing something, that they have put in their misleading manifestos, or claimed in their debate and interview pontificating, there are only two parties and two individuals who actually matter – and those are Labour and Conservative, and Jeremy Corbyn & Theresa May.

It is just about conceivable (probably after a spliff?) that Corbyn could replace May as our Prime Minister next Friday morning, so nevertheless that outcome still has to be considered during the current campaign, doesn’t it? While the polls are all over the place and so put the Tories ahead of Labour by a wide range of 1 to 12 percent, creating lurid headlines that the gap between the two parties is “narrowing”, but they all basically conclude that May is heading back to Downing Street, don’t they.

However, Corbyn is certainly doing better than May in the public’s eye, but discerningly he is damaging her standing as PM by some of his outbursts & assertions. The latest one is a total disgrace, when he accused her of being accountable in some way for the London Bridge terrorist attack last Saturday, and indeed calling for her resignation because of the previous austerity action’s forced drop in police numbers in many places [but not actually in London where this attack occurred but somewhere under Mayor Boris Johnson where they have remained high, eh?]. Not only has the number of police got not an iota to do with preventing this specific attack, but their rapid response and action in quickly taking-out the 3 perpetrators, was exemplary and saved many lives. His unreasonable and politically cynical denigration of the Prime Minister on this simply detracts from the responsibility of the scumbags who carried-out the atrocity [as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said].

Compare that with Corbyn’s contribution to the Country’s security and safety on our streets that included voting against EVERY single piece of terrorist legislation in parliament, and just a couple of years ago vigorously opposing a police ‘shoot to kill’ approach to terrorists on the streets – so though he is now trying to ‘fudge it’, he is against precisely the exemplary action of the armed police last weekend who took-out these 3 terrorists and saved countless lives of Londoners and overseas visitors, isn’t he?

He is aided and abetted of course by his loyal, terrorist indulgent, sidekick Diane Abbot [unbelievably as a lightweight, elevated to ‘Shadow’ Home Secretary – so supposedly potentially the next one to take the real office?), who also votes against the laws intended to protect us all, and she also opposes constraining extremist Muslim organisations to boot, doesn’t she? Yes, shortly before 9/11 twin towers attack, she opposed banning Al-Qaeda and 20 other terrorist groups and later even voted against legislation to make it an offence to glorify the commission or preparation of acts of terrorism. Now she wants to be trusted to be put in charge of our fight against terrorism in the UK, eh?

All these matters will doubtlessly be taking into account by the general electorate, but there are the parties with their announced policies and there are those leading them who have to be relied-on to implement those policies, aren’t there? Yep, and as far as that goes, we do know already that Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, who now seeks our votes to reach the greatest of the UK’s High Offices of State, Prime Minister, has always been outside mainstream politics, as a rebel eccentric maverick who has consistently failed to support his party but instead has supported numerous failed initiatives throughout his long political career, while the Conservatives’ Theresa May fights this election as an experienced and accomplished politician, a loyal party activist and indeed ex-Chair, who has even survived in the known graveyard post of Office of State Home Secretary, before becoming PM last summer. It is a wobbly situation and a sharp choice is facing us all, doesn’t  it?

(The Great  Offices of State in the United Kingdom are the four most senior and prestigious posts in the British government. They are the  Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary).

[Whatever your personal views, if you have a vote in the UK’s 2017 General Election, use it and employ your best judgement in doing so, won’t you?]


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