UK General Election 2017 ‘mayhem’ – a downright waste of time and an unnecessary squandering of a massive amount of EVERYBODY’S money?

Well, we are in touching distance of another General Election in the UK, aren’t we? Yep, less than three weeks, the party manifestos are all out now, as if anyone (except the political commentators, or even SOME candidates), actually give a dam, cares, reads them, or takes any notice at all of them, eh?), and the hordes of incompetent ‘born-liar’ politicians (they are ALL innately ‘economical with the truth’, aren’t they?) are on the stomping grounds, desperately trying to get our vote (whether or not they have a snowball’s in hell chance of winning anyway?), aren’t they?

So, in all the tracks around the UK, the selected candidates are in their coloured coats, muzzled (in case they try to tell the voters any truths), and the hare is on its way to spring the trap doors open on the 8th June, when the runners will streak for the finishing line, balking all others wherever possible (without getting disqualified), in a race lasting a day where the sole winning runner takes all, and the most successful head owner heads up the dubious political HOC sport for some 5 years, eh?

You see, in this Country we have a so-called “democracy”. Now that is ‘supposed’ to mean that the British population call the shots and those chosen by them to run the UK do their bidding, doesn’t it? Certainly, but you don’t really think that the rich and powerful (or vice-versa) are ACTUALLY going to allow that, do you? Of course NOT, so the system is carefully rigged to give an outward impression of ‘the voice of the people’ being paramount, but dream-on everybody.

It all starts with each party telling the Country what they COULD do IF they were in charge and had ABSOLUTE control over events. They present a whole package of ‘wish-list’ items, but your vote is supposed to, and has to, ‘buy-in’ to purchase it ALL – so its an all or nothing choice (good and bad ideas all rolled into one, you see?). Now you might expect this to be some type of contract between the population and the chosen government (as all important matters are a subject of contract in our society, eh?). But you would be completely and utterly WRONG because the elected government doesn’t actually feel obliged in the end to carry-through on absolutely everything promised, and they feel no shame about any prevarification or weakness in performing that duty, or backslidinge, or failure, do they? No, you see, there is nothing you can do about it until the next sodden election comes around (by when they hope that us voters have long forgotten their dodged and broken promises of the last General Election, don’t they?).

That is only part of the bad news of course, as the politicians deliberately and willfully ignore what the general public really and actually want, in preference to what THEY desire ideologically for themselves, so those matters that we ORDINARY PEOPLE may crave are never ever on offer, are they? That, for example is the sole reason why the UK has been progressively deeper immersed in the European Union for the past bleeding 44 years, and indeed suffocated to near death by it, without ever a single vote from a member of the public having been cast in favour of it all. The politicians have claimed throughout however that they ‘somehow’ (innately?) KNEW that it was in fact, the will of the British people, so they didn’t need a vote to confirm it, but when, at an overdue last, the people were finally given a Referendum on the bleeding matter, the politicians and the EU got their right comeuppances, didn’t they? Yes, WE voted ‘LEAVE’ with massive numbers voting throughout the land (it has to be said, unmatched by ANY General Election turnout, moreover), didn’t we?

You will appreciate that our erstwhile politicians forever insist that because we are a parliamentary democracy, with constituency elected MPs, there is no need for Countrywide referendums on specific issues. But of course, “they would say that wouldn’t they”, because it means that THEY, and they alone, always retain the upper hand, and they solely make ALL the decisions, while the real voice of the people is never actually heard at all, is it? They will do just anything that prevents power passing to the actual electorate, won’t they?

Yes, so General Elections remained rigged in favour of the historic ‘two party’ system, which allows either Conservative or Labour to hold the reins of power – and they hold-onto them like grim death, don’t they? By having us stick with an ‘unfair’ ‘outdated’ ‘archaic’ scheme, whereby the Country still votes by area in a ‘first-past-the-post’ system, it has three effects, doesn’t it?

Firstly, it means that any MP elected, only has the biggest single ‘following’ and almost certainly NOT the support of the MAJORITY of their constituants.

Secondly, the smaller or fringe parties (or independents), get fewer MPs than they should be entitled to, given their number of supporters in the land. [so say if you get the likes of UKIP polling around fifteen percent of the national vote, which would deam a representation level in parliament of say 90 seats, but in practice they achieve just a single 1, whle it is similar for the Greens, but oustandingly generous for Scotland’s SNP who get 50 MPs with only a blessed five percent of the vote, democratically unfair or WHAT?

Thirdly, governments regularly get into power despite NOT having the most support in the Country – the so named “popular vote” counts for nothing, doesn’t it? Our governments and MPs can get elected when supported by only a third or less of the voting public and that doesn’t result in fair representation of the people, and makes things unacceptably “undemocratic”, surely?

It is abundantly clear that true democracy would be better served if a ‘modern’ electoral system was introduced – like the Single Transferable Vote [STV] system that has been used in many elections for over 50 years (and certainly NOT an ‘Alternative Vote’ method which may well avoid tactical voting, but certainly doesn’t ensure a properly mandated winner, does it?), because then no MP would get elected without at least the support of half of their people voting, instead of some ‘two thirds’ of the blighters currently grabbing a Commons seat without that level of public acceptance, eh?

Well that said, we shouldn’t be having another bleeding General Election this soon, as it is supposed nowadays to be a fixed-term parliament of 5 years, isn’t it? Historically though, Prime Ministers have been able to manipulate things and call an election whenever it has suited their own “re-election” purpose, but then the new current rules were expected to prevent that very thing, weren’t they?

Since the last election, less than just two years ago, the Labour Party has though been in total and utter disarray, with a Leader Jeremy Corbyn, seemingly being well out of touch with its traditional electorate, and demonstrably not even carrying the confidence of the bulk of his MPs, to boot?

That was much too good a chance for PM Theresa May to miss wasn’t it, so she called a snap General Election, despite NOT having the unilateral discretion of the past to do so? Well, she simply banked on the fact that Corbyn, although in no shape to fight an early election, would nevertheless, readily acceed to one, rather than thwart her game by saying no, because he simply wished to avoid the indignity of turning down a election fight – electorial suicide for the Labour Party, though?

You see May cleverly employed the equivalent of the jungle trick for catching a monkey, carried out by placing a peanut in a tethered jar with a narrow neck; the monkey can put its hand in the jar and clasp the nut, but then the resulting fist is too wide to be extracted; however, the monkey is so stupidly committed to having the nut, that it will not let go of it and give it up, so it cannot escape and would rather be caught, with all that’s untold consequences, indeed? So will be Corbyn’s fate be (as well as his party’s), wouldn’t you say?

May is so widely popular amongst the population, and far ahead in the polls indeed that she is has been able to turn it into presidential style election, between herself and Mr Corbyn, and anything else but a contest between Conservative and Labour. While most parties heading for an election usually pepper their action promises with juicy bribes aimed at susceptable voters (in practice, NOT always doled-out, though?) to mask the sour that comes with the sweet (while the really painful steps are well camaflaged with statements of the kind “we currently have no plans to ……”, aren’t they?), the Tories can afford to give themselves a bit of wriggle-room by abandoning (to the ire of many?) some previous commitments that got them elected the last twice, eh?

Oh yes, it is said that the Tory vote is ‘wavering’ because the older voters are unhappy with such elements of the party’s manifesto, but you have to take into account, the very fact is that it tends to be the oldies who are the most keen for May alone to secure BREXIT with as good as possible a deal [when even many Remainers will vote Tory for that very reason (is that tempting to even some three-quarters of the voters?)- though many of us think there won’t be any kind of deal available with the EU, so we will have to be able to walk away), hence they will not be abandoning her for Corbyn on voting day will they, do you think?

While May will fight this election on a BREXIT defining issue, Corbyn has chosen to fight it on a tax the rich issue – Labour’s attack slogan of “for the many and not the few” might have gone down better, as a less confrontational one, if it had been ‘for the many as well as the few’, don’t you think?

[Labour support has been down at 26% and even if they really have added 9 points and the Tories themselves have dropped to 44% (so the gap is halved, as one of the latest polls claim), May WILL still be back in Downing Street for another full five years, and moreover with a comfortable majority (which she certainly doesn’t have just now, with only 17, does she?].

Well now, without being too complacent, it still seems, it is just ‘how big’ a victory (even if not a landslide?) that the Tories obtain on June 8th, isin’t it? The glaring fact of the matter is that May’s Government is the only one that is willing for Britain to actually leave the EU, despite that being what the majority people of all party persuasions massively voted for. Those who voted for BREXIT are more than prepared to vote Tory NOW to achieve that single outcome, whatever their past or prefered political leanings were. Most people want us to ‘Take Back Control’, and see that as the Country’s only possible future, but can and will Britain actually do it, they wonder?

All the other parties ‘CLAIM’ that they accept the result of the EU Referendum, but in reality are BREXIT deniers who wish to derail it, so are determined to upset the applecart by trying to scupper negotiations (ensuring we are offered by the EU the most disadvantageous terms imaginable), or rejecting at the 12th hour any agreement reached with the EU, or even invoking another Referendum to get a second bite of the cherry, no less?

All that is not going to wash with the voters, so you can expect Labour [albeit still totally incoherent on BREXIT], the LibDems [hoping (in vain?) that they will get support from Remainers if they claim they can trounce BREXIT (and failing that, are in desperation turning to the druggies)], and the SNP [who want to break-up the Union to get independence (so they can pass Scotland over to the EU), as well as squash BREXIT in the meantime], all to feel the heat in a few weeks time, don’t you think? Unfortunately(?), UKIP are also going to the wall a bit, because not only has May stolen their thunder, but they now have not a single MP whatsoever at Westminster, and into the bargain they have put in place a new leader, who seems to have single-handedly trashed the brand?

The time and human energy that is now going to be wasted on an unwarented and unproductive General Election, will be more than matched by the hundreds of millions of pounds that will be spent and squandered in the process, all of which could have been put to better use (like helping the NHS out of its financial hole?). It is impossible to pin it down accurately, but probably some forty or fifty millions will be outlayed by the political parties alone, the same amount by individual candidates and national party organisations, with that ‘total’ sum more than equalled by that outlaid by the State (and that just actually means all OUR money, of course?). That furthermore is compounded by lost output and manhours that the population will incur in actually being involved in voting, eh? On top of that there are all the media costs ramped-up to deal with the whole sad mind-numbing election process – many of us would rather have a cut in the BBC TV licence fee, wouldn’t we?

Many of us may not find it appropriate to vote for any of our available candidates in this General Election so will need to vote but ‘spoil it’ won’t we?

That would happen when if say, we strongly favour BREXIT so support the Conservatives on that, but despise other of their policies, or indeed we have a right lazy, ineffective, plonker, as a Tory candidate for our constituency (and there are so many of them about, aren’t there?), or we ‘like’ most of Labour policies but wouldn’t trust (and even hate?) Jeremy Corbyn to run a village fete let alone the Country (and there is many of that ilk, don’t you think?) – The latest exposure (last weekend before the Manchester ISIS outrage on Monday night) of the full extent of Corbyn’s previous support of, and interaction with, IRA terrorism, will certainly have scuppered any credibility he might have had beforehand, when now the threat of terrorism in the UK is at the maximum level, wouldn’t you say?

What the Party manifestos found MOST important [in THEIR party’s view]?

CONSERVATIVES: BREXITEXIT single market & customs union but seek a comparable trade deal; NHS – increase spending; Immigration – cut net increase to 10s of thousands and penalise firms employing non-EU workers; Elderly – pay for own care if owning substantial assets (£100,000), limit automatic pension increase to that of UK inflation or wage rises; Education – scrap free school meals for infants but provide free breakfasts instead; Economy & Tax – further delay austerity’s deficit reduction/eradication for at least another 5 years, CUT corporation tax again, while personal tax allowances do also rise (including for the most well paid); Foxhunting (the one ‘critically’ important?) – MPs alone to be allowed to reintroduce the ‘sport’ (?) of chasing and killing of wild animals for fun [an activity apparently essential for the ‘survival’ of the endangered species of the horsey landed gentry?].

LABOUR: BREXIT – insist there MUST be some kind of ‘final deal’ struck with the EU, with MPs alone then being able to overturn the Referendum and scuttle Britain leaving the EU; NHS – increase funding, terminate previous pay cap, stop hospital car parking charges; Immigration – impose no controls whatsoever, everybody invited-in; Elderly – pension age to stick at 66, retain pension triple lock that includes a minimum 2½ increase annually, continue winter fuel allowance for all including the richest; Education –free school meals for all primary kids, reduction of class sizes for under 8s, bring to an end university tuition fees; Economy & Tax –remove deficit over 5 years, RAISE corporation tax, lower personal tax for some big earners and increase it for bigger earners do; Nationalisation (the one ‘critically’ important?) – bring back into public ownership the railways, water, royal mail [a commitment apparently essential for the ‘survival’ of the endangered species of the socialist working class?].

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS: BREXITREMAIN in single market & customs union, second Referendum on final deal being able to overturn the first Referendum and scuttle Britain leaving the EU; NHS terminate previous pay cap, improve mental healthcare to reach standard of physical; Immigration – promote the benefits and fund; Elderly – limit own payment for social care irrespective of owning substantial assets, retain pension triple lock that includes a minimum 2½ increase annually; Education – scrap free school meals for infants but provide free breakfasts instead; Economy & Tax – remove deficit over 3 years, REVERSE previous cuts in corporation and capital gains tax, increase income tax to pay for NHS and social care; Druggies (the one ‘critically’ important?) – support the afflicted by allowing them to legally buy drugs (well starting with cannabis to be exact) and then taxing the blighters for the privileged [a compassionate act apparently essential for the ‘survival’ of the endangered species of the idiot do-gooders of the middle classes?].

Well, well, well, no concern there then for PROMINANCE of the one thing that the British population would say was THE paramount problem worrying us all the most in recent years –TERRORISM?


[It may not be a normal British trait (“not in the blood”, as they say), but there could well be riots on the streets of the UK, if PM Theresa May proves to have conned the British people about BREXIT, so doesn’t fully extract us from the dreadful European Union’s clutches (or for that matter, ever even pays their despicable and criminal randsom demands which are aka the likes of those of the cyber attacker gangs, wouldn’t you say?)]


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