‘Morals’ – where the hell did it all go wrong?


Our lovely Britain is gone forever, hasn’t it? Yep, modern Britain, though it remains one of the richest countries in the world (indeed in terms of total wealth it has been certainly classified 5th richest behind the US, China, Japan and Germany), it just isn’t a patch on what it used to be, unfortunately?

It used to be an unspoilt land with widespread open spaces, and populated by an ambitious and exploratory (though often conquered, eh?) race, including amongst them not least the poor who were in general, reliable, genuine, salt of the earth, and very moral, people. All that has been blown away though by the hurricanes of so-called “progress”, don’t you think?

There was forest that was chopped down to provide wood for fuel, for building, for ships, for implements, for weapons, for furniture, for many other things and of course to clear land. There was woods full of wild flowers like bluebells and fruit like blackberries and apples, that had to go to provide housing estates. There was hamlet and village that needed to provide more homes for families so grew into small towns. There was country town abound with their weekly cattle markets that had to become commuter centres instead.

There was big town dotted around that had to provide employment so expanded massively or merged to become cities. There was large track of beautiful countryside everywhere that was needed to be blighted to create railways, roadways, and power distribution facilities. There was farmland chunks of  galore that were sequestrated to build factories, warehouses, military facilities, airports and all else.

There was so much house building on river flood-plain land and the concreting over of other ground that it has prevented rainwater being absorbed by the land, so that widespread flooding is a constant threat and indeed an eventuality in many many communities, isn’t it?

Please don’t misunderstand the issue here, will you? No, in the past things weren’t perfect by any means, and of course people weren’t perfect either, were they?

There was excessive audacious richness, that was more than matched though by extreme poverty which was there in spades. There was a life where most people didn’t have a lot, certainly didn’t own much of value, and where life could be hard & dangerous for many, couldn’t it? There was often a lack of work and adequate income, wasn’t there?

There was much bias, unfairness, discrimination, and injustice, but also much equity, tolerance, and common justice. There was at times hunger, starvation, and death, but at others food, sufficiency and births. There was disability, sickness, infections and sometimes also death devastating families, but recovery cures, and survival. There was disease, famine, and both natural as well as man-made catastrophes, to boot, met with astounding resoluteness and spirit. There was harshness and cruelty, but as well love and kindness – with the fear of God thrown-in into the bargain.

There was often sadness and sorrow, but equally matched with happiness and hope. There was strife and despair, but there was also charity and goodness. There was the moaner and good-for-nothing’er, but the praisers and the worthy in equal measure. There was the cruel and also the caring. There was the evil matched against the pious. There was the criminal intent offset by the dedicated benefactors. There was the greedy outnumbered by the generous. There was the city slums to compare with big houses on the hill.

There was the fit but also the infirm. There was the caring communities with a life of excitement and expectation at all levels of society, but also the despair and boredom for countless others. There was certainly an early death heading for some but enjoyment of longevity destined for others.

Nevertheless, even taking all that into account, things were much better in past times, even despite some of the major problems solved since and the higher living standards nowadays sustaining the majority. You see the simple life can regularly bring greater real ‘happiness’ than material wealth only (that so many nowadays seek?), possibly? Perhaps however, that is only the view of the elder more traditional generation, not used to a soft life, do you think?

Amongst the worse of the multitude of things that have combined to create the rot in our society, has been the abject loss of morals, wouldn’t you say? We are surrounded by it on a daily basis, so it is constantly in your face, isn’t it? The most upsetting spectacle is the most common encounter of a harassed weary tired looking worn-out young woman with two kids in tow and another obviously on the way, with no ring on the finger and not a male supportive partner in sight. Oh yes, one really shouldn’t jump to conclusions about that of course, but in the majority of cases one would be right, as one parent families, brought about by immorality, casual sex, disloyalty, and personal irresponsibility or stupidity, and not least human frailty, is these days as common as muck, wouldn’t you say?

Sexual impropriety and abusive sexual misbehaviour used to be the prerogative of the elite aristocracy of old, often at the expense of the poor – how positions have reversed, eh?

There may well not be just a single thing that has brought around this plethora of unmarried single mothers with their hoards of kids to nurture, often fathered by multiple absent men (more than matched of course by similar numbers of despicable males who beget multiple children leaving a variety of un-financially supported women, eh?), but there is certainly ONE major catalytic culprit, don’t you think? Yes, it is the bloody ‘contraceptive’ PILL no less, isn’t it?

Before the pill, (which many are still convinced ‘liberated’ women, when in fact and reality it has ‘enslaved’ them), our society was a much different place, wasn’t it. The concept of the pill was quite simple really, and that was to confuse a woman’s body into evaluating that it was pregnant ‘already’ and therefore use its built in mechanisms to stop getting pregnant a ‘second time’ – and the medical ‘break-through’ worked a treat, didn’t it?

Before that time, women were shit-scared of getting an unwanted pregnancy so avoided sex, particularly if they were unmarried and without a male partner to support her and a child, which also bought great shame on the entire family [however, there is no longer and such a thing as ‘shame’ in British society though, is there?]. Hence, young courting girls were successfully able to avoid boys’ nature desire for consensual sex by voicing their ‘unavoidable’ fear of pregnancy.

Courting young men were equally shit-scared of getting a girl pregnant, as it singled them out in the society of the day as a licentious waster or total useless plonker, and possibly would lead to an enforced marriage, or certainly at least community ridicule and expensive payments to support the child which would be enforced rigorously by the courts.

Now when the pill came in all that went by the board, didn’t it? Yep, males were able then to discount any responsibility for a woman getting pregnant, because it suddenly became HER duty solely not to get pregnant, didn’t it? Now furthermore, women had no valid excuse to say no to sex did they, and they didn’t, even the previously responsible ones.

Nowadays, the shameless cretins who do get a woman pregnant, consider it is a sign of their great virility and manhood so boast about it on the likes of Facebook, and take boundless pleasure in telling the World that they have got their way with multiple women, have left them with unsupported children, and have moved-on to fresh new pastures – and all without many of them having done a man-day’s work in their bloody lives (magic, eh?).

You see, our Country’s State Welfare system introduced after the War to provide a safety net for the struggling ‘few’ who have temporarily fallen on hard times, is now widely permanently abused by the ‘many’ – both men and women alike, who indulge in casual sex to create children without any trace of responsibility whatsoever amongst them.

We are currently handing out over twenty-one million pounds in child benefit alone and there are a growing number of over three thousand so called super-sized families with eight or more children milking it

We now live in a society where there are an entrenched group of people who believe or think, that the rest of the Community, made-up of strangers really, should be their providers, while they don’t need to bother at all to support themselves or their offspring and their chosen lifestyle (which often includes drinking, smoking and drugs, no less?), from cradle to grave, wouldn’t you say? Undeniably, we have whole families that live their entire lives without working, making a living, or earning a penny in the process, and moreover even never truly trying to. Abuse of a woeful Welfare State, that with the best will in the world, simply wanted to HELP its citizens, but NOT to become a way of life, surely?

Those people self-justify their sponging behaviour by convincing themselves that is just the State, without understanding that the State in reality just equals other People, doesn’t it?

For have for example the mid-thirties year old, renowned and dubbed, “shameless mum” living a lavish lifestyle in Liverpool, who is now onto child number 13, begat with 4 different fathers [the first 6 with two different men, then 6 with another, and now 1 with her current male love (who also has had another child elsewhere)], so she still pulls-in some forty or more thousand pounds in bumper benefits claims (equivalent say of £56,000-a-year salary), as well as being provided with substantial accommodation by the council for her brood (and 5 dogs) – well, she learned to milk the system early as she became a single mum at age just 17 while living in a homeless hostel in Kent, didn’t she? [A few years ago, when actually married, they reportedly actually brought in £60,000 a year with benefits, because they managed to dodge the £26,000 per year benefits cap].

She has  willingly previously admitted that she’d spent £1,300 on birthday presents for her son’s sixth birthday – which included a petrol quad bike with a personalised number plate costing £500, plus a bouncy castle for £650, as she likes to make her children feel ‘truly special’, you see?! The other year they took a £7,000 taxpayer-funded jaunt to Menorca, Spain, as well?

Your money well spent, do you think? Her view though is that the rest of us who don’t like it can ‘get stuffed’, as she is just taking what the government (YOU) are prepared to give her eh?

She is nevertheless just one of at least ten households here that claim child benefit for 13 or more children.

ALL romantic relationships have their ups and downs, but a married couple is expected to take the rough with the smooth, aren’t they? You see, marriage is a legally binding contract like EVERYTHING else deemed IMPORTANT in our society. Indeed, a contract applies in many if not most aspects of our lives (written, verbal, or implied, although we often don’t realise it, eh?) – even like the most basic of things like food shopping, as well?

However, that applecart has been well and truly overturned by the do-gooders of the past who some fifty years ago insisted that divorce should be made easy-peasy – before then, it was extremely difficult because there had to be PROOF of unfaithfulness or the grounds of desertion, drunkenness, or insanity.

Nowadays, a coach and horses is driven through even the ‘intended’ law restrictions, so it is virtually divorce by demand, isn’t it? Yep, so consequently Britain has the HIGHEST divorce rate in Europe, and there are well over a hundred-thousand of them every bloody year – oh yes, the numbers are certainly falling, but that isn’t actually good news, BECAUSE the single reason for that, is that the number of new marriages is falling at an even greater rate, you see?

Unbelievably, some 45% of first marriages head for the divorce court, while even (should have known better?) some 30% of second marriages also go to the wall. Is that really what the do-gooders intended, eh?

This whole situation arises where apparently, it is ‘cool’ to cohabit (it used to be called “living in sin”, didn’t it?) , instead of making the commitment of marriage – so cohabiting couple families (so with no contract in place) are now the fastest expanding family type, so the one-parent families abound is compounded by that, surely? [It seems that cohabiting couples are twice as likely to split-up than married ones].

There are about nineteen million families in the UK and some three-and-a half million of them are cohabiting couple families, as well as another two million lone parent families. Is it any wonder then that nearly 40% of births occur ‘outside’ marriage, with many of those kids probably heading for a broken home – in our Nation of broken families, last year there were some four million (or one in three children) in that category, indeed? [Children from broken homes are said to be ten-fold more likely to commit crimes].

Another sad consequence of all this, in conjunction with our loose morals, is the dreadful number of abortions carried out on women and girls. They have been going up for a decade and are at a five-year high now, so close to two-hundred thousand a year.

You see the blessed ‘Liberal’  do-gooders, again of half a century ago, against heated debate, brought-in an Abortion Act to supposedly ‘save’ lives lost by use of backstreet abortionists. Well, it hasn’t helped matters in that way very much has it, as such illegal abortions actually cost the lives of very few females then because mortalities were rare, not least since many so called ‘back-street abortions were actually carried out ‘illegally’ by ‘skilled professional’ nurses and doctors using surgical instruments in sterile conditions? Nowadays many women lose their lives not in abortion operations but in consequential suicide, instead?

It is a ‘disguised’ (and disgusting)  fact that abortion (against the original intention) is in reality ‘available on demand’, it is said so that a woman can control her own body – which obviously doesn’t seem to have actually happened when she copulated with a man to create a new life, which we now allow her to terminate willy-nilly, almost up to the moment of the birth of a viable child. You see it is not deemed to be a child until it is born, it has no rights, so it can simply be erased, as just another method of late contraception, eh?

If the baby was in fact born even for a second, killing it would be a dastardly murder, wouldn’t it? Heigh ho!, some forty percent of abortions are carried out on women who have already had 1 or more abortions – that is their “right-to-choose”, you see?

The loss of any kind of sexual morality in this wonderful Country of ours, has been relentlessly driven forward by a despicable out of control and unregulated media with the so called entertainment outlets of Cinema, Theatre, TV, Social media, and Internet, with their utterly shocking and obscene outpourings, that have totally undermined all forms of respectability and moral perception here (particularly amongst the young and impressionable) in our society, wouldn’t you say?


[Can anything be done now about this Country’s decent into the basement of  abysmal morals? Unfortunately NOT – regrettably the evil genie is out of the bottle these days, and it won’t go back in will it, eh? Other countries beware!]

Any comments appreciated

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