On-message Labour trounced in Council elections – blame the messenger?


[BBC : Taking account of boundary changes]

Conservatives: GAINED 562 councillors     GAINED 11 Councils

Labour:              LOST       382 councillors    LOST  6 Councils

LibDems:           LOST     41 councillors       LOST  0 Councils

UKIP:                  LOST     145 councillors     LOST  0 Councils

Councils gone to NOC:                                     DOWN  1 Councils

Results from: all 88 COUNCILS  [34 in England, 22 in Wales, 32 in Scotland]

(Labour lost Glasgow for the 1st time in 40 years and slump to 3rd place in Scotland. SNP lost a little ground but remain the largest party, Labour lost nearly half their seats, LibDems lost a few seats, but the Tories nearly doubling theirs to take second slot)

UPDATED Time: 6pm 5th May 2017


As many of us knew would happen, Labour’s support in the 2017 Local elections leaked like a sieve, didnt it? That is not because Labour councils have failed to deliver, not because its councillors are rubbish, not because their policies are flawed, is it? No, it is simply because the leader of the Labour party is Jeremy Corbyn, isn’t it?

Now, most people think that Corbyn is a genuine nice bloke with his heart in the right place, but they don’t want him and his ultra-left-wing cronies running things in this Country, do they? No, so they are taking it out for a start on Labour councillors, and Labour MPs will suffer a similar fate shortly, don’t you think?

Cleverly, PM Terresa May has called-for a snap General Election for early next month (in 34 days’ time) – to not only win it massively to gain a much-needed big majority in the House of Commons, and a proper mandate to negotiate BREXIT with the EU, but also timed it to expose the weakness of the current Labour party & its leader and so scupper it in these significant Council elections.

As has been said here before, Corbyn has thoughtlessly brought this catastrophe on himself, because he had it in his power to stop May in her tracks by simply refusing to agree to a General Election at this time, when it had been the Tories themselves who, for their own benefit, had brought in a 5-year fixed-term parliament, which we are barely two years into, indeed? But PRIDE overruled the HEAD when Labour acceded to Conservatives’ desire for an early election, didn’t it? And that just exposes the incompetence of the current Labour party, don’t you think.

It is said that the Council elections don’t predict the result of the General election – OK, but they are a bloody good taster nevertheless, don’t you think?

[Labour & LibDem & UKIP WIPEOUT on the cards, eh?]




Honours were WON by UKIP:

Conservative votes 34% – lost 335 seats lost control of 11 councils
Labour votes 21% – gained 291 seats gained control of 3 councils
UKIP votes 20% – gained 139 seats
LibDem votes 14% – lost 124 seats

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