North Korea conflict – an insolvable problem, other than war?


Korea location                                           US 100meg bomb radii on North Korea capital

London  New York

North Korean 15meg nuclear bomb radii on London or New York?

Now, North Korea is increasing in the news and figures prominently in the headlines, doesn’t it? Yep, and for all the wrong reasons as well, eh? Basically, it is all looking like another Korean war in the making, and increasingly impending one, don’t you think?

Now, what most people in this Country don’t realise that North Korea is a belligerent warmongering outfit that is technically ‘still at war’ with South Korea, and has been so for the past sixty-four years since an armistice was signed (without a peace treaty), to halt the horrific 3 years of fighting following North Korea’s invasion of the South in an attempt to re-establish a single Korea country [Its partition had resulted from its division between Russia and America of the Japanese spoils after WW2].

Many other countries got dragged-into that so called “Forgotten War” on the behalf of the some half a million troops of South Korea – UN Command, USA (some third-of-a-million troops), UK (some 15 thousand troops), together with Canada, Turkey, Australia, Ethiopia, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Greece, France, Columbia, Belgium, South Africa, Netherlands, Luxembourg – while on the side of the North Korea’s troops of one-and-quarter-million, there was just two – China (over a-quarter-million troops) and the Soviet Union (twenty-five thousand troops).

Despite the massive two-and-a half-million casualties in total, the conflict ended in a stalemate, so hence the ongoing uneasy and unstable truce. Even that itself is jeopardised though by North Korean current Leadership ‘s undisguised pugnaciousness, extreme threatening rhetoric, unbridled & unabated ambitions to finally secure the South, its sheer utter determination to become a fully-fledged nuclear power possessing nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and also finally complete the development of the means of delivery of them using inter-continental missiles, don’t you think? That course of action is strictly against international law of course, but has not yet been halted by the inadequate United Nations or Western intervention, has it?

Well, while the South have waited fearfully and apprehensively, the North have also developed a frightening ‘conventional forces’ capability with one of the largest ground forces in the World, including at least ¾ million frontline troops, 4½ million active reservists, 5 thousand tanks, 4 thousand AF Vehicles, 2¼ thousand SP Guns, 4 ¼ thousand Towed Artillery, and 2½ thousand ML Rocket Systems, nearly 1 thousand Aircraft, and 1 thousand Naval Ships.

IF, and as it stands, WHEN this is topped-up within the next few years with a ‘fully deliverable’ nuclear arsenal, they will be fully insured against any military defeat locally. Furthermore, they will be able to certainly wipe out South Korea’s close-by capital Seoul with a nuclear warhead, land one on Japan, probably reach the UK, and or even perhaps America if they succeed in progressing to a capability of launching nuclear missiles from their submarines fleet, eh?

In such circumstances the US in particular are not going to wait-by patiently until the sword of Damocles is fully fashioned, and hanging over its head by a single hair, to put the World in constant fear, are they? And neither should the UK, do you think? The West needs, and must, do something about it and quick, surely?

However, it seems unlikely that a pre-emptive military attack with conventional missiles by the West could destroy ALL of Nortrh Korea’s nuclear arsenal or capability, as it has taken all imaginable measures to hide and protect those facilities of war, haven’t they? Now furthermore, it is almost certain than in the event of an attack on their nuclear capability North Korea would respond, but that would most likely be to retaliate against South Korea and the permanently-based some thirty-thousand American troops there, wouldn’t it?

Whether or not North Korea would risk a direct nuclear strike against the South’s capital Seoul (which indeed is easy striking distance), is questionable as that would certainly provoke the USA to wipe out their leader and entre regime itself – but the civilian consequences would be immense of course, as it was in Japan with the only atomic-bomb use that the World has suffered. Now, whether China or Russia would then feel the need to also get involved is a moot point, because at the same time as the rest of us they also want to stop the North Korean Kim dynasty’s Supreme leader of 3 years, Kim Jong-un, from continuing on his current course, don’t they?

A dozen years ago North Korea agreed to scrap all existing nuclear weapons and nuclear production facilities, but mislead everyone and instead has conducted another 4 nuclear tests – the last and most powerful just last September.

No sane or logical leader would so openly defy international will to further pursue the course that this megalomaniacal Kim has charted for his country on nuclear & missile developments, but all the evidence is that he is neither of sound mind nor straight-thinking, is he? No, so the outcome of these matters takes-on the mantle of an unpredictable future and poses a grave threat & risk of major conflict, don’t you think?

Now, you might wonder just how the hell have things reached such a perilous state, where the World could really be on the verge of a nuclear War that well might wide out us all? Well, it is because the UN talking-shop is a toothless non-entity, and weak leadership in the USA & Europe has allowed it to happen (not least because bloody-useless President Barrack Obama in ten years did sod-all about anything let alone North Korea, did he?). However, new President Donald Trump says “North Korea is a problem” and that he “is going to sort it”, so many of us think that Kim Jong needs to start to believe it, eh?

You see the big problem world powers face is that sometimes of doing NOTHING has much worst consequences than the unpalatable repercussions of taking action – as we have seen countless times in history and that would include in the most recent period of keeping our powder dry on Syria and that has resulted in a 6-year civil war, in massacres and state genocide, in practically its destruction, in massive civilian casualties, in embroiling Russia as a combatant and in in military activity, causing extreme tensions with the USA & UK, in providing a platform for the Islamic terrorist organisation ISIS, and in an ongoing worldwide refugee crisis that has already crippled Europe and drowned many thousands of fleeing men, women, and children, hasn’t it?

Last month, as a warning, Trump moved a naval strike force of super aircraft carrier & warships to the Western Pacific and into the waters off the Korean peninsula, plus a guided missile submarine docked at the South Korean naval base. Just last week the US has taken controversial protective action in defence of South Korea (at some substantial cost), by installing, commissioning, and making operational, a sophisticated missile defence system [The Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system (Thaad)], capable of detecting and destroying missiles in mid-flight – China are not happy to have that facility siting on their doorstep, are they?

Also, this week the US air force conducted a ‘show-of-force’ training exercise (in conjunction with South Korea and Japan), by deploying a pair of strategic supersonic bombers flying over the peninsula

There is some hope that China will at last make a stand, and apply pressure to reign-in Jong’s and North Korea’s aggressive ambitions. You see Korea is not an island as many people seem to think, but it is part of the Southeast Asia mainland, with North Korea actually bordering China (a river border nearly a thousand miles long) – and China certainly doesn’t want trouble on one of its borders, does it?

In the past China and North Korea have had a very good neighbourly relationship, but that has certainly cooled in recent years, as has its cooperation and assistance on defence. However, the Chinese had in the past delivered significant foreign aid direct to North Korea, as well as being its major trading partner (providing at least half of its imports and being a market for nearly half its exports as well – all totally in excess of five billion pounds’ sterling).

However, China has apparently just recently ended financial aid to North Korea and also restricted coal imports from it for this year (when coal is that nation’s top export). In the past China had also severed its links with its foreign exchange banks.

The Chinese would be extremely unlikely to support any incursion by the North into the South.

[Some twenty years after the North Korea’s invasion of the South, and the resulting bloody war, they wanted to try again when Kim’s grandfather was still at the helm, but that plan was quickly scotched by the Chinese at the time, wasn’t it?].

Things are so much on thin ice now that apparently, the mega rich and resource abundant of America (particularly the smart-arses of the technical world and the like, who you would expect to know better, eh?) are on a mission to be ‘survivors’ in the event of a nuclear attack or war and consequentially the meltdown of civilisation. It is called Survivalism. To those afflicted it’s like apocalypse insurance (or perhaps that should be ‘assurance’?).

As well as buying stocked underground bedrock bunkers with air-filtration equipment to outlast the rest of us after a doomsday nuclear bomb, they are also snapping up far of islands and remote safe (?) areas as escape havens, and equipping them with self-sufficiency equipment like solar panels and generators (just where they think they will get the necessary running oil from, is anyone’s guess?), together with protective equipment like gas masks and the like. [Some sados are even undertaking corrective laser eye-surgery in case Specsavers is blown to smithereens, eh?]

One purpose built survival condo structure is designed to sustain 70 people for five years, eh?

For the less extreme, that would include also building safe rooms to avoid the descent into chaos following civil unrest, weather natural disasters like an earthquake or epidemic, or undetected terrorist actions like detonation of a dirty bomb – somewhere to hole-up for a year with its own supplies of food & water.

What these over-rich idiots don’t seem to know is that you don’t get any siren warning that a nuclear missile is on its way, and even if you were in the know, it doesn’t carry a destination display on the front, so there is no way of knowing where it is targeted and will explode, is there? Also, one needs to understand what actually happens when it goes off and how far its effects are, don’t you?

Now since the two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan 72 years ago this evil nuclear technology has moved on apace, so the original devastating 20kilotons airburst explosive power has become an estimated 100megatons (so FIVE THOUSAND TIMES MORE POWERFUL, good god!).

The first thing that happens on detonation is of course the explosive blast-wave, which causes most of the devastation with its ‘stronger than a hurricane’ wind instantly flattening much in its path for some 4 miles and travelling faster than the speed of sound (so you won’t hear it coming but EVERYBODY that close will be killed, eh); the ongoing air blast wave then continues, but at up to half power, for a further further 2½ miles (with the collapse of most residential buildings and widespread fatalities), so say 6 ½ miles in total; that all is accompanied by the ‘Flash’ of thermal radiation which locally causes a fireball traveling as far as 1½ miles (horrific and causing temporary blindness , retina burns, and fires naturally ), matched with severe radiation reaching 2 miles (likely to kill the majority of people it encounters, when death is very likely and can range from hours to weeks); other thermal radiation levels extend to over 20 miles (causing pain nerve destruction, 3rd degree burns to all layers of the skin, severe scarring, disablement and amputations). Then of course there is the problem that the area matter is rendered radioactive with also a large amount of radioactive dust released into the environment and spreading its contamination indiscriminately far and wide, eh?

In basic summary then, large urban areas are completely levelled, in others most civilian buildings are destroyed, and further out moderately damaged, private and public transport is crushed, immediate fires, burns experienced  at third degree level, lethal doses or acute levels of radiation delivered, and wide further  contamination.

Now, anybody of sound mind, who happens to be within twenty miles or so, of a strike from one of the latest nuclear missiles, would chose to be at the epicentre of the explosion, don’t you think? At least you wouldn’t know anything at all about it or your demise, would you? The further you are away, you can expect a horrific painful and possibly long lingering death, can’t you?

In a future full nuclear war engagement, there won’t be one single warhead but multiple ‘’targeted’ ones at that, even from a single missile, won’t there? That is a known fact, and not a pie in the sky prediction, isn’t it?

Those silly money amassed individuals who think that their normally un-spendable quantity of money can allow them to escape the worst consequences of the world we live in, that us others poorer others can’t avoid, are living in cloud cuckoo land, don’t you think? Perhaps, they could better spend their unused wealth on ensuring any such conflicts are avoided, and so then get-on with their indulgent lives without the burden of constant fear and survivalism, that the rest of us enjoy every day anyway , eh?


[North Korea seems determined to hold the World to nuclear ransom, so the most likely outcome is war, conventional or nuclear, so we need to face-up to it , surely?]

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