A Terrorist attack in London – the naivety of the response?


Just two weeks ago, about this time on Wednesday afternoon, a lone-wolf deranged Muslim terrorist, no doubt inspired by others and terrorist propaganda, carried out an 82 second attack at the heart of British democracy in Westminster London. The atrocity started with him deliberately mowing down crowds of many dozens of pedestrians on the pavement of Westminster Bridge using a heavy powerful 4×4 hire car [resulting in 4 killed and 50 injured], it continued with him running into the Palace Yard of Parliament before knifing to death an unarmed police officer supervising entry there, and finished with the perpetrator being fatally wounded by chest shot fired by a plain-clothed armed protection officer.

Such an attack was not completely ‘unexpected’ of course (the UK’s threat level for terrorism is currently set at an attack “highly likely”, so only one below the maximum of “expected imminently”), as despite over the past few years numerous potential terrorists in Britain being detected, so their plots thwarted by our outstanding security forces [13 plots foiled since 2013 alone], the authorities as we all did, knew that it was only a matter of time before one of these sickening evil people would escape the widespread trawler net, because there are so many of them, the ability to detect them is becoming increasingly more difficult, and the opportunities for their such disgusting actions, legion aren’t there?

We know that, using a big vehicle as a lethal weapon, and knives & the likes as further murder tools, in public places is now ISIS’ preferred method of terrorist community attack, by employing or urging isolated individuals or small groups, because that is all readily available, so avoids the need for ‘difficult to obtain’ guns and explosives, or indeed gaining access to security sensitive areas. Such low-tech basic attacks are not only not defendable against, but are just as effective in creating terror and getting far-reaching attention as more sophisticated atrocities by organised gangs using bombs & bullets, aren’t they?

[In 2013 in South London, Drummer Lee Rigby was first mowed-down and knocked unconscious by a car, then stabbed to death by two killers; 86 people were massacred in a lorry attack in Nice last summer; last December, 12 were killed and 56 wounded when an Tunisian Islamic State jihadist ploughed into a Christmas market crowd in Berlin; In January, 4 Israeli soldiers were killed and 16 injured when mowed down by a truck in Israel by a terrorist – less than an hour after that attack, a Jerusalem court imposed a gag order on the investigation].

Now, in every country and just everybody in the British population, including from the top to bottom, from politics’ PM to lowest minister, from senior cop to rookie, from TV producer to runner, from newspaper editor to trainee reporter, knows full well that the sole purpose of a terrorist act by a perpetrator is quite simple – to gain widespread publicity for their cause.

The more vile the terrorist act, the more outrageous, the more sickening, the more violent, the more visible, the more unstoppable, the more public, the more races amongst the victims, the more gruesome, the more high profile, the more the sufferers & families & friends, the more the nationalities, the more abnormal & unacceptable the behaviour, the more the faiths, the more the involvement of police & emergency services, the more the innocent, the more inhuman, the more the elderly, the more the disruption, the more outpouring of grief, the more killed & injured, the more uncertainty, and the more women & children hit, the greater the publicity generated, isn’t it?

For extremists the measure of success is not simply the number of dead souls & injured bodies, but how much worldwide publicity their acts generate, and therefore how much fear and terror gets injected into many people’s minds and souls, isn’t it?

Knowing all that then, how has Britain dealt with this latest atrocity? Well unbelievable, by giving it the maximum publicity and media airtime possible, of course, eh?

As news of the attack broke and with the terrorist dead, our TVs and airways were taken over by reporting of the dreadful incident, with live on the spot outside broadcasts from the scene – repeatedly beamed around the globe. Video clips & stills from passersby’s mobile phones were played and re-played incessantly on the main TV channels with all normal programmes ditched, and similar radio interviews equally repeated – to ensure this terrorist and his murderous actions got the maximum exposure, for god’s sake! Everyone and their dog was interviewed and their accounts broadcast whether or not they were an eye-witness, or at the actual scene, or simply in any nearby toilet, at the time.

Parliament itself went into lockdown with hundreds of people quarantined inside for hours on end. The Prime Minister was surreptitiously whisked-away by her bodyguards to a place of safety in 10 Downing Street by an armoured car. Both the sittings of the House of Commons and the House of Lords were suspended for the rest of the day [MPs were corralled in the House chamber for ages and later hoards of people were transferred from Parliament and herded into Westminster Abbey]. In Scotland, their parliament sitting was also suspended (when they were debating breaking-away from the Union, indeed), and in Wales their Assembly was equally suspended. In short there was mayhem.

That night PM Theresa May then made a floodlit special broadcast from outside Number 10 to reassure the population that we as a Country were not going to allow a vile terrorist to disrupt or normal lives and advised that we should just get on with things as usual and act normally, eh?

However, the following day the normal ‘planned’ business of the House of Commons was basically abandoned, to be replaced by a pontificating debate by MPs about the previous day’s attack. Much television programming was binned, so that the debating chamber’s full proceedings could be transmitted live to all in the UK and moreover around the world – a terrorist’s dream?

MPs boasted that we would not allow such an attack to deflect us from ordinary life (despite the very fact that THEY themselves were not getting on with their job, eh?), and we even had to experience the ‘naivety’ of a senior Labour ex-Minister no less, saying the terrorist had “failed” in his quest [some failure when he more than bloody-well achieved his objective with 4 dead & 50 injured (some critically or severely) from 12 different nationalities, massive disruption caused, untold publicity generated, and sheer terror, don’t you think?

Moreover, the perpetrator was stupidly simply classified there as a ‘coward’, as being the ultimate most derogatory description they could come up with, no less? That itself shows complete ignorance of the majority of these international terrorists, as they may be categorised as many things (like evil, contemptible, unspeakable, heartless, brutal, despicable, cruel, disgusting, loathsome, violent, shameless, revolting, callous, foul, cold blooded, wicked, sinful, depraved, sickening, vile, inhuman, repugnant, ruthless, merciless, depraved, wanton, etc), but ‘coward’ doesn’t fit the bill, does it? No, most of them go out to use extreme unlawful violence, usually against defenceless innocent civilians, on the pretext of defending the Islamic religion, not only ‘expecting’ but hoping to die in the process (as they have been led to falsely believe that such martyrdom will ensure them a wonderful place in their heaven, don’t they?) – that doesn’t count as cowardice, which involves a yellow-belly eagerness to avoid pain, danger, and certainly death, doesn’t it?

Our MPs together with other spokespeople have stressed that Muslims & Islam should not be blamed. Who the hell should be blamed then, eh? The Pope and Catholics? No, the followers of that Islamic  religion have to shoulder part of the responsibility because they as a community have consistently failed to act to root out the cancer in their midst, haven’t they? They even allow hate preachers to spread their vile message in their Mosques which are supposed to be a place of peace and worship of Allah, don’t they?

Since that disgusting terrorist action, every single English newspaper has been full, each and every day, of pictures and reports about or emanating from that attack. News of it has also been incessantly on our TV screens with special ‘in-depth’ reports and major programmes about it broadcast into the bargain. Even as you read this, the broadcasts will be going on.

Wonderful propaganda for the Islamic terrorists of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, don’t you think? Furthermore, that also inspires further atrocities here and abroad – for example it was related to the Italian police’s arrest of four ex-Kosovo jihadist suspected plotters in Venice just a week later (last Thursday), who had been motivated by the Westminster attack.

Furthermore (and understandably), the security services and the police have been fully and utterly diverted from their normal duties by the need to fully investigate Westminster attack. Indeed, the police pulled in a dozen of the perpetrator’s contacts and arrested them (some bailed) on suspicion of being involved in some manner or other – but they have ALL been released without charge, haven’t they?

You see, in this Country (unfortunately?), people only get done if the police can gather detailed evidence of ‘illegal’ action (and people simply being a known danger doesn’t count, as the law has to wait until they actually act and become planners or perpetrators themselves – then of course it is too late, isn’t it?). Now, to obtain such evidence the police’s hands are tied (both of them to boot, eh?)) by the liberal do-gooders and human rights nutters, who consistently block & fudge the necessary powers, together with the internet search facilitators and irresponsible media platforms of the likes of Google, Yahoo, U-tube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, who provide both publicity facilities and military standard encryption secrecy and refuse these days to cooperate to expose terrorists, murderers, and their like – they prefer to protect their bottom line obscene profits rather than the British public, don’t they? The Government should both withdraw all cooperation with the blighters and also make life difficult for THEM, don’t you think?

Such reporting that has happened over the latest incident, will not minimise the risk of reoccurrence of such an incident but will maximise it, so make it almost certain that it will be copied and will happen again – well done the British media, don’t you think?

While the media’s reporting of terrorists’ activities is well over-the-top, they do nevertheless have the excuse that their role is to report matters where they can, so you have to ask yourself WHY they are allowed to do so – WHY is it LEGAL, eh?

Many of the older generation who were around at the time of the World Wars, will have heard of D Notices, which were introduced by the government in 1912 as a means of advising the media of issues where public disclosure of information would damage UK national security. Adhering to such D-notices, which are now renamed DSMA notices, has always been a “request” not to publish or broadcast something, and as such have no ‘legal standing’ whatsoever.

You might though begin to wonder then, why even that system hasn’t been used to halt the excessive publicity and detail put out about terrorist acts? Well, the answer to that could well be that it is down to the fact that the Committee which considers such matters and issues the D-Notices, is dominated by the very money-making media it is intended to “advise” [newspapers (national, regional, local, online), the broadcasters (TV & Radio), the internet, the publishers (book, periodicals), the Press Association, the Society of Editors] which provides three quarters of the members [these days, 15 from the media set against and outvoting just 5 representing the government’s security ministries, eh?].

The do-gooders play their usual destructive role in such matters as they moan about the great restraints the British media is under – which has resulted in most of D-Notices being withdrawn to the extent of their being currently ONLY 5 semi-permanent Notices [covering 1. Military Operations, Plans & Capabilities); 2. Nuclear & Non-Nuclear Weapon Systems & Equipment; 3. Military Counter-Terrorist Forces, Special Forces, and Intelligence Agency Operations, Activities and Communication Methods and Techniques; 4. Physical Property and Assets; 5. Personnel and their Families who work in Sensitive Positions].

So, Terrorism itself, with its suicide killers, airliner downings, train & bus blowings-up, building and street bombings, people gunning’s-down, indiscriminate shootings, videoed beheadings, public knifings, selective murders, vehicle—ramming attacks, and the like, doesn’t get a look-in, does it? No, all of that it appears, doesn’t threaten so-called ‘national security’ so the terrorists are allowed unhindered to achieve their goal of spreading terror through massive free publicity, and despite the escalating rise in international terrorism, there has been NO NEW D Notice issued to deal with it, has there? That is despite the very fact that the media are allowed to ignore all or part of a D-notice as it is only advice and not law – why has the Government not brought in an actual law to make it an offence to give undue publicity to acts of terrorism?

Because police haven’t been able to gather the necessary evidence (like where WhatsApp have refused to help disclose who the perpetrator contacted minutes before he began his murderous attack in London?), it is being suggested that he may have simply been a violent nutcase. Whatever the truth of that, the underlying indisputable fact is that ISIS and its terrorism has been given a massive shot in the arm by the excessive publicity provided to them by our media, don’t you think?


[Withdrawal of the lifeblood of publicity is the ONLY way to cause terrorism to wither and die, isn’t it?]

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