“BREXIT” – where the heck is it going?

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We all know that when you order a steak in a restaurant they always ask you “how would you like it”, don’t they? By that they mean of course, how would you like it ‘cooked’, and that is really all about how long under the grill or in the frying pan the chef leaves it, doesn’t it? Now of course that timing depends not really simply on the skill of the person doing it, but more so, on just how thick the steak is, and moreover on how hot the heat source is. People’s choices range from ‘Blue’ (raw), ‘Rare’ (brown on the outside raw inside), ‘Medium Rare’ (cooked on the outside and pink inside), ‘Medium’ (just cooked all the way through), ‘Medium Well Done’ (overcooked on the outside and well cooked inside), and ‘Well Done’ (ruined!).

When the people of this Country were told last June that THEY the general public could decide if the UK should leave the EU they were given two stark choices ONLY ‘stay’ or ‘leave’. For many diverse reasons, we collectively decided to tell the EU to get stuffed and we were off, didn’t we?

Ah, but THAT was the WRONG answer from the political elite’s standpoint, wasn’t it? Yes, you see they ‘thought’ that us electorate wimps would toe the line to avoid the immediate harsh punishment threatened, an economic shock coming, or long-term pain predicted, and would agree instead to destine Britain’s descendents to a future of servitude to the whims of the gaggle of unelected faceless bureaucrats from all corners of Europe, didn’t they? So, because we didn’t, they said that it was because we were so thick that we didn’t understand the question let alone the answer expected of us, eh?

[In fact, there was no emergency harsh budget (instead doom-planner Chancellor George Osborne himself got the sack from government), the predictions of dire impacts on the economy and consumer confidence proved groundless, and the economy grew faster than had been ever estimated – however, the ‘overvalued’ (?) pound has fallen dramatically against the euro (without it must be said the associated expected increase in exports though!)].

The Labour Party’s smartarsed response to a shock defeat on BREXIT has been to pretend to accept the decision of the people, but say that they should be allowed to changed their minds like ‘they can in a General Election’ – ignoring the overwhelming fact that that opportunity only comes around every 5 years and even then, somethings cannot be undone, eh?

No doubt, as the remainers had a steak meal one evening and mulled-over what to do to circumvent the evil will of the people, some clever dick though “why don’t we treat BREXIT like a steak” and tell the voters that though they didn’t know it, but it was really like a steak and that the political elite alone should decide amongst themselves what should be served-up – hence they invented some absolutely new terminology and introduced “Soft BREXIT” which means we ‘pretend’ to leave the EU but stay in it to all intents and purposes, and Hard BREXIT which means that we actually leave the EU and form a new independent relationship with it.

Well it hasn’t stopped there of course, as the BREXIT deniers have gone on extending the options, so like a steak they are inventing all the additional levels between raw and ruined, aren’t they?

They are of course wasting their time, as the UK is set on an unassailable track under the May government to give notice to leave the EU this month, and once that is done we shall be leaving and fairly quickly, won’t we? Certainly, the EU want us to have negotiated our way out, by October next year to allow any deal to be ratified.

Oh yes, the do-gooders in the House of Lords are mucking things about by saying that EU foreigners already living here should ‘automatically’ have rights of residence, albeit at the abandonment and expense of British people who have moved into Europe who could get booted out and forced to have to return to UK? [We host three times as many EU citizens resident here as we have living there].

Of course, the Lords have been put up to it by the bitter remainers, who are trying to delay things as long as possible in the hope of scuppering BREXIT altogether – but they are on a fool’s errand as May is intent on completing her mission, don’t you think?

[It is unlikely the Lords will invoke a ping-pong stand-off to deny the Commons on this particular issue when the Bill is returned to them without their amendments in a week or two’s time [May will be determined to get this done and dusted before 25th March as that is when the EU is holding a 60th anniversary celebration leaders’ summit that will plan for the future (which she doesn’t intend to attend because we should have handed in our notice, eh?)]

Now, there is an awful lot of hot air around about Britain negotiating a “good deal” with the EU. That belies the true fact that there will be NO DEAL done whatsoever, good or bad, eh? That is simply because the EU as an organisation is just incapable of making deals about virtually anything under the sun because there are 27 countries in it, all with different axes to grind and at least one of the blighters will disagree with at least one of EVERY proposal that is put to them about the UK’s leaving package, won’t they?

Mind you, if the EU try to  screw us up, it will only hasten its demise, don’t you think?

However, many believe that the powerhouses in the EU who export massively to UK will not ‘cut-off-their-nose to spite their face’ (as the saying goes) and so will support a trade-deal, BUT two things come into play on that. First, that any softening of treatment towards leaver Britain will be seen as a sign of weakness to be exploited by other dissatisfied disgruntled member states tempted to follow in our footsteps along the same path – so they will take a hardline stance, won’t they? Second, they will not have the final say as any one member can veto it and all countries have an equal vote whether or not they have anything to gain or lose, don’t they?

The unelected rulers of the EU have already shown their colours by immediately ruling out any preparatory discussions (let alone negotiations) about Britain leaving, until we formally give notice by invoking article 50 and its process. That is all designed to make our task as difficult as possible, particularly as David Cameron had blocked even the Civil Service from making any plans for BREXIT whatsoever (one of the most inexcusable irresponsible innate actions ever of any Prime Minister of this wonderful Country, eh?).

Moreover, the UK will be (and already are being), excluded from the EU’s internal gatherings about our leaving – that itself must actually be illegal while we remain members, as there is no provision for a full member Country to be discriminated against whether leaving of not, is there? Mind you, that simply could be used by us to ditch some of the rules that are imposed on us by being a member – such as say signing other trade-deals before ‘leaving-day’ (and we certainly do need to urgently replace the Single Market with other arrangements to minimise disruption to business and trade, don’t we?).

Major players, like France, also make it plain that Britain cannot expect to retain ANY deemed ‘benefits’ of being a member, when we leave {mind you they would be happy for themselves to continue to gain the perks they get from the UK’s involvement with the EU – like military ties and security information sharing (things we are good at and they are useless at, eh?)].

Of course, France itself may well be put into turmoil next month IF Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front, after the 1st round election, finally gets on the ballot paper for a run-off to become President of France in May. Then if she makes it all that way (so just as with Donald Trump you had better believe it, as there is a real chance of that – as much as forty percent?) Britain will suddenly acquire an unexpected strong ally, as she is not only in favour of ditching the EU’s flagship of the euro currency, but indeed also calling a Referendum about France’s exit from the EU (FREXIT?) – she is of the opinion that the EU is done for, both financially and politically, isn’t she?


[What our great Country needs just now is that ALL British , ALL EU residents, ALL legal immigrants, and ALL asylum seekers, join forces to make BREXIT work – for ALL of our sakes, don’t you think?]

One thought on ““BREXIT” – where the heck is it going?

  1. Seems like years ago we voted out but nothing seems to be happening quickly!?! PM said trigger leaving in March & it’s already the first week of March!!? Get us out of this cumbersome expensive Union and set the UK free for pastures new, and a better quality of living!! Amen.


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