‘Triumphant Trump’ – now “trounced chump”?


It surprised many people across the water here in the UK, that President Donald Trump in his first few days in office, did exactly what he said he would and in the first week kicked-off some Executive Orders on ‘immigration’, wall building and a few other things to boot, didn’t it?

However, what none of us really expected, was for him to actually break the law, did we? Well, apparently, that is exactly what he has done in banning entry from seven predominately Muslim countries (Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan) for an interim period of 90 days to invoke extreme vetting, and other more widespread restrictions. The very fact that he was planning this move upset most of the populations outside America, and when he actually did it, it caused widespread condemnation around the World and indeed demonstrations in many places across the States as well.

It has to be said immediately here, that a number of identified and ‘convicted’ terrorists have indeed been able to infiltrate into the USA (moreover from the proscribed countries), by posing as claimed refugees or as students [perhaps there is no surprise in that, with that being a common ploy, eh?]. Such people (reportedly over 70 in the past fifteen years when indeed 65% of convicted terrorist there in the US are foreign born) dispersed themselves in over a dozen States (including those States surprisingly currently opposing Trump’s ban) before they were apprehended and indeed a third of them were even allowed to become US citizens, no less? It can’t be said that Trump is ‘off his head’ in wanting to block this kind of immigrant, can it?

However, the US Courts have told Trump in no uncertain terms that the execution of his plan is illegal – it is against the American Constitution indeed. His biggest problem is that he previously promoted his plan as being the introduction of a “Muslim ban” and he stupidly now moans that people shouldn’t interpret his Order as being that – it seems to be ‘exactly that’, wouldn’t you say?

This is all a bit worrying though, because it raises some disturbing issues and furthermore it tells us some unpalatable things that we would rather not be aware of, eh?

For a start, it demonstrates that Trump expects to get his own way BIG TIME, no matter what. Of course, that is not good news in a “Democracy” as it smacks of the behaviour of a third-world tin pot dictator and not the duly elected President of the United States of America, acting also in his role as the Leader of the Free-World. So, he NOT as he claimed making America great again, anything but, and he is attracting ridicule on its peoples from all and sundry for them even having elected him in the first place, isn’t he?

Then as well, there is the total arrogance of the man. Now, he has made it self evident that he is full of self-importance shit (no modesty traits there, are there?), but it beggars belief that when he was explicitly told by the acting Attorney General (the highest law officer in in the Land) that his immigration Order was illegal so wouldn’t be enforced by their lawyers if implemented, not only did he ignore her, but he sacked her on the spot for her bare-faced cheek in opposing him (sounds like the actions of a dictator, eh?).

He then went ahead regardless, only to have the indignity and ignominy of being trounced on his Executive Order in a number of States at both the lower Courts AND the Courts of Appeal which immediately squashed his ban. Currently, Trump has baulked at taking things further by trying to have their rulings overturned by the Supreme Court – but that is only because he knows full well that he will be given a further drubbing there, as that top legal panel is made-up of so-called ‘moderates’ who will not be legally backing such a ban, will they? The further consequence for Trump in his embarking on this particular unedifying course of action is that during the process he has rubbished the American legal system and its courts, which will have made him lifelong enemies far and wide across ALL the States, don’t you think?

Now, while Trump’s Order ‘ought’ to have been legal, if properly framed, because the President really does have the lawful right to suspend entry of non-naturalised foreigners if he considers it to be in the national interest, he obviously didn’t do it right, did he? No, he relied on drafting it on the back of a fag packet in conjunction with his sycophantic cronies and closest hangers-on, without consultation with those that mattered, or the relevant departments, or the legal eagles that would have kept him on the right track, eh?

Just remember as well though, that there is a ‘bit’ of a similarity (if not much) to 2011 when President Obama in the wake of an incident of terrorists getting in, banned (albeit unannounced) the issuing of visas for refugees from Iraq for 6 months, won’t you?

One would expect outspoken Trump to return to the table with a recast and recouched Executive Order to achieve nearly exactly the same objective, that no doubt will be deemed to be legal if challenged, but the considerable damage to his already dubious standing has already been done, hasn’t it?

The very worst thing about these events though is that it has shown-up the Presidency as being specifically impotent when it comes to even running its own Country, when the persona promoted around the World is that it is of omnipotent world power status – now that is a very scary fact when we live in an extremely scary world that relies for its safety and stability, on America having unlimited power under the direct control of its President, isn’t it?

Yep, it is highly dangerous when we have the likes of Vladimir Putin elbowing his way back onto the World stage to restore Russia’s past dominance, with actions like destabilising Ukraine including annexing Crimea (unpunished), and latterly militarily intervening on behalf of tyrant Assad in Syria which included genocide and  the civilian massacre of civilians in Aleppo with the practical destruction of that city (unpunished); then as well there is the emergence of China even as an increasingly significant economic world power, together with its aggressive behaviour creating significant risk of armed conflict resulting from escalating territorial disputes in the South China Sea – not to mention of course North Korea and its fatman madman despotic leader Kim Jong-un and his latest outrage and provocation by launching, in blatant breach of UN resolutions, an intermediate-range ballistic missile in the direction of Japan to travel over 300 miles, that landed in the Sea of Japan (to meaningfully coincide with its PM’s state visit to Trump in the States).

Well, many of us casual observers outside of the USA had come to realise a very long time ago, that the job of President of the United States was not all that it was cracked-up to be, didn’t we? Yes, we had seen just that over the past 8 years alone, when mr nice guy Barrack Obama had his wings well and truly clipped, so despite all his lofty aspiring promises, he actually achieved sod-all for America nor indeed for anywhere else, in two full terms as President, eh?


[As aptly demonstrated everywhere, human rights laws have now taken over the World, so what started as a worthy humanitarian movement has grown into an uncontrollable monster that is set to devour us all, perhaps?]

Seal_of_the_President_of_the_United_States_svgThe President of the United States




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