Labour ‘s distressing death throes – coming soon in Stoke and Copeland?

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Two of Labour’s MPs resigned their seats last month to gain more meaningful employment, as they knew that their Party and therefore themselves had been given the last rites by entrenched high priest leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Consequently, that has resulted in two by-elections coming-up on the same day in a couple of weeks’ time in Stoke-on-Trent Central and Cumbrian Copeland respectively. Now, statistically it is virtually unheard of for an Opposition to lose a seat to the Government in mid-term (hasn’t happened in thirty-five years), but these are not normal times, are they? No, certainly not, because Labour is anything but a credible and effective Opposition, it is riddled from the very ”kitchen-cabinet’ top to its basic ‘grass-roots’ bottom with division and uncertainty, there has been widespread infiltration by a hard-left entryist conspiratorial Trotskyist-like mob organisation (Momentum), and it is led by a Leader who is despised, denigrated and denied by most of its MPs in the Commons, wouldn’t you say?

Now, following Labour’s ‘dire’ parliamentary by-election results last December in Richmond Park London (lost deposit) and Sleaford Lincolnshire (4th behind Tories/UKIP/LibDems), the fresh challenges in both their long-term held seats of Stoke and Copeland, look to be insurmountable, don’t they? It will be bad but the big question is “just how bad?”, isn’t it?

If one trusts the bookies, or indeed the polls (but who in their right mind ‘would’, eh?) you can EXPECT Labour to dramatically LOSE BOTH of these currently up-for-grab seats and that will simply heap further humiliation on Corbyn’s ‘Zero-percent Labour Party’, won’t it? However, if perhaps you are brave and of the gambling instinct, you can make a few bob on these pending results, don’t you think?

Nevertheless, turning to Labour’s heartland city Stoke, while indeed the Tories themselves have no realistic chance, it would seem to most casual observers, that fresh UKIP leader Paul Nuttall will enthusiastically promote the ‘working class’ image to capitalize on BREXIT, and Labour’s wishy-washy policy on it in a constituency ‘desperate’ to get out of the EU, to seismically steal the seat, and also make history as the first UKIP MP elected in his own right (rather than be a Conservative defector MP).

Well, it is said that the fearful Labour lot there, may be considering trying to outsmart and thwart UKIP by working together with the LibDems, but the most sensible of us would discount that as being like them committing hari-kari, surely?

However, Labour’s outspoken candidate there is reportedly destined to make it a bloody wipeout of himself by having in the past made it plain that he obviously decries the very BREXIT supporters, who are now his potential electorate, by belittling them and categorizing the majority of them, amongst other things as racists, and that is surely unrecoverable in a constituency so much in favour of BREXIT, wouldn’t you say? With the dice now so stacked against them, it is difficult to see how Labour, despite its massive 5 thousand majority (16½%), will be able to turn-round such a difficulty, though not an unbelievably impossible situation, in just 18 days time, isn’t it?

When it comes to Copeland, it is of course a totally different kettle of fish, as the Conservatives were hot on the heels of Labour at the last General Election two years ago, notwithstanding that UKIP had taken a small bite out of their vote – but at the same time a much bigger chunk out of Labour’s. Well, with only a couple of thousand votes to find, the Tories have got to fancy their chances here, particularly as UKIP might to some extent become less relevant there having achieved a BREXIT vote in last summer’s referendum, wouldn’t you say? Labour’s seemingly insurmountable problem in Copeland is that not only is Corbyn seen as an incompetent chap but his domineering anti-nuclear outpourings does not endear him in a constituency that has a strong nuclear past revolving around Sellafield, and an economy that has become highly and widely dependent on that industry which is set to falter even further as even nuclear reprocessing work ends, whence a new nuclear power station is well wished-for. The Tories do have to overcome a 6 1/2 % majority but that is clearly achievable, particularly if there is a high turnout, which is likely to scupper Labour

Now there is a lot of media hysteria involved in these two by-elections and that is directed towards them actually being the killer blow for Jeremy Corbyn. Now, we all know that just won’t happen will it, and that is simply because he with just a very few parliamentary comrades, are all galvanized by his Momentum entourage, who have their jaws clamped firmly on the mouth and throat of the Labour Party and they are going to hang on like grim death until it can no longer draw breath, aren’t they? Oh yes, there will inevitably be a few jerks of its tail and involuntary twitches and kicks from its limbs but with its mouth enclosed, so unable to scream-out, and its suffocation inevitable, we are unfortunately just witnessing its death throes – but that will take a considerable number of months of a slow lingering death and that demise will doubtlessly encompass this summer’s local elections, when Labour’s frailty will really come home to roost, don’t you think?


[These two significant by-elections are at least likely to be memorable to many of us, rather than crucial, perhaps?]


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