Mr. Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, is keeping his electoral promises – so he is NO kind of ‘POLITICIAN’ is he?


During both the American Primaries and the subsequent US countrywide electioneering against Hillary Clinton, sleazy Donald Trump made it crystal clear to the voters, and indeed the World’s watching audience, just what type of roughneck President he intended to be, and moreover amongst other things he was extremely explicit about his eye-wateringly harsh objectives when it came to excluding Muslims from entering the USA to prevent potential terrorism, and building a border wall with Mexico to thwart illegal immigrants, didn’t he?

Many of us, including most of the World leaders, were aghast at the man’s unbelievable crassness and extreme policies, so just ‘knew’ that he would get short-shrift from the American peoples, didn’t we? Yep, we predicted that Trump wouldn’t even secure the Republican Presidential nomination, let alone when he did, go on to get the Presidency as well, but we all got it totally wrong, didn’t we? He simply had an unexpected but stunning victory that shocked and astounded us all, didn’t it?

All and sundry have recently further predicted that ‘the Trump in power’, would be much different, much more conciliatory, much more reasonable, much more constrained, than the Trump on the campaign trail, eh?

Well, well, well, President Trump had been in the Oval Office for just 8 days when he exercised his political power late on Friday (early celebration of Chinese New Year, perhaps?) by signing a unilateral Executive Order on ‘immigration’.

This Order has the effect of “immediately” turning-back from entry to the United States at border controls (all airports, seaports, and other land entry control points) ‘all’ Muslims entering from seven specific countries, whether or not they hold a valid visa (so have managed to satisfy all and sundry to get it). This is an interim order lasting for just 90 days, but it seems to fully apply to all the citizens (whatever religion) of the Muslim-majority countries of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Furthermore, it also bars “indefinitely” refugees from war-torn Syria.

It is early days yet to know how this is all going to work-out in practice, as America will in reality always apply the rule of law, however, with the liberal brigade incensed and in full flow with demonstrations, street protests and legal actions, it has certainly caused absolute chaos for now, hasn’t it?

This follows -on of course from his first-day of such executive actions which were to initiate the build of an ‘impassable’ wall on the southern border with Mexico, while also revoking Federal money to financially punish cities that don’t currently deport illegal immigrants, eh?

Well, not surprising when there are an estimated half a million illegal entries into the United States from Mexico EACH YEAR, is it?

[Many conveniently forget that a decade ago, George W Bush put in place plans to erect such border fences and indeed some 650 miles of steel & concrete fence or vehicle barriers were constructed over 4 years before monies ran out (? typical of Obama’s floundering of course), with cost about £2¼ million per mile) – so not such a new or obscure or disgusting idea then, eh?].

Trump has also issued directives that are intended to commence a rollback of Obamacare, and revoke funding of foreign abortion services

It has to be said straight-away, that there is a long way to go before the President can ‘fully’ have his way on implementing all such issues – there has to be substantial funding for some things (like a thousand-mile wall), and there will need to be laws changes to boot, wont there? That requires him to get many such things through Congress, but certainly don’t bet on him failing to do that – he is not mister ‘nice guy’ like Barack Obama who can be fobbed off, is he? Certainly not, he will crucify those who try to block his mandate from the people, won’t he?

Now, surely all of these things cannot have brought any level of surprise to anyone, can they? No, they are exactly the platform on which the American people duly and substantially elected him, aren’t they? So why then is there such “shock & horror” being expressed around the World and indeed even here in Britain as well, about Trump’s actions, do you think?

It is all sour grapes, wouldn’t you say? There is even  a petition to stop the ‘announced’ state visit  to the UK by President Trump later this year, and that may even be debated in Parliament, after amassing more than 500,000 signatures (with incompetent out-of-touch Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn naturally supporting it, no doubt in the hope that it will help his party’s ‘BREXIT denial’ stance by getting Britain the loss of the US’ trade agreement support?).

Certainly, in the UK, we all seem to have succumbed to an unsavoury reality and have come to reluctantly accept that ALL our politicians, of whatever persuasion, are a crowd of self-serving compulsive liars, who never ever can be trusted to actually deliver what they promised to get elected. What a breath of fresh air Trump is in that respect, don’t you think?

Of course, many of us in Great Britain don’t actually like Trump, don’t support Trump, don’t wish Trump was US President, don’t agree with Trump’s actions, but nevertheless as ‘genuine’ believers in democracy, we accept his right to carry the things through that he has been elected to do. Indeed, we even might envy our cousin Americans, who now have a man who as the UK renowned common idiomatic phrase saying goes “does what it says on the tin” (which was a famous advertising slogan initiated by Ronseal here in the 1990s)

The only UK politician who can match Trump for honest credibility in his utterings is one Nigel Farage ex-UKIP leader and not surprisingly then a supporter, confidant, and friend of Donald Trump – and what more so is someone who publicly supported him well before he got anywhere near being  the leader of the free world, eh?

[In all honestly, we face major risks now in the Americans in having appointing as the leader of the free world, a short-tempered narcissist with utterly no political experience or public service commitment, but we have to live with that, don’t we?]

Seal_of_the_President_of_the_United_States_svgThe President of the United States




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