“O BREXIT, BREXIT, wherefore art thou BREXIT”?

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For the first time in more than 40 years, the population of the UK has been allowed to have its say on a major policy matter of great concern to us, when we were finally allowed to vote on being in the European Union – a political merger of countries that had metamorphosed the Common Market into a totally different species (and a matter regarding which we the people of Britain had no say whatsoever), and which has proved to be a disastrous experiment in trying to artificially bolt together twenty-eight totally different races and diverse countries on this continent, hasn’t it?

Despite the glaring and obvious truth about the damage the EU was doing to our traditional society and the growing antipathy towards it of the general public, our increasingly out of touch politicians have persisted for decades that we the British people were ‘committed’ to the EU and wanted to remain part of its bizarre project and its sad journey into oblivion, haven’t they?

However, when the working rank & file people here were actually eventually allowed to express their judgment on 23rd June, they have given the powers that be a clear instruction, didn’t they? YES, they want this Country to ditch the EU and get on with going back to being an independent, sovereign, and outward-looking global trading nation, didn’t they? Notwithstanding that, some of our senior politicians still in key positions and their fellow travellers are still BREXIT deniers, who are trying to trounce the democracy on which our political system is based and is utterly dependant for its validity.

Not only are they claiming now that the voters were so thick that they ‘didn’t understand’ what they were voting on (so should be ignored, eh?), but they are trying to invent a new terminology and talk about ‘hard’ BREXIT (which simply means a ‘clean’ break and that we do actually LEAVE the EU) and ‘soft’ BREXIT (which simply means a ‘dirty’ break and that we only PRETEND to leave the EU).

In that category we have the likes of the new Chancellor, one Philip Hammond, who as Foreign Secretary played a sickening major part in the Government’s ‘Project Fear’ campaign to coerce our people into voting for Remain, and is now relentlessly carrying on the fight and now as Chancellor using the Treasury to continue to rubbish this Country’s ability to stand on its own two feet (it must be said in defiance and direct contrast to his Prime Minister Teresa May‘s strong message that we WILL make a success of BREXIT). In still talking down the British economy (saying it faces big trouble and a massive fall in GDP as well as a weak negotiating position on our EU exit arrangements), he is following exactly in the footsteps of his ghastly predecessor George Osborne, who disgustingly for the man charged with looking after our finical wellbeing, threatened all and sundry with an ‘immediate’ harsh urgent Budget if they dared to defy him and to vote Leave. (Is it any wonder then that the rest of the World listened when we voted to disobey him, whence the Markets were totally spooked – resulting in an abrupt (though albeit temporary) crash, eh?).

Turn the rocks over and out scuttle-out the in-denial Europhiles of the likes of the LibDems, with no-hoper current so called leader Tim Farron and past his sell-by date Paddy Ashdown playacting in saying they accept BREXIT, but contradictorily demanding a Referendum rerun, for us to retain membership of the single market or the Customs Union (which would prevent us from doing worldwide free trade deals), to continuing with membership fees, to carry-on accepting EU laws, and moreover agreeing to EU unfettered immigration – precisely all the things we voted AGAINST in the referendum, eh? [Mr Nobody Farron should face a charge of Treason for meeting up with the EU’s negotiator and trying to manipulate the future possible revocation of the UK’s triggering of Article 50 to give notice of our departure, surely?]

Oh yes, the despicable LibDems have just won the STONGLY Remain voting Richmond constituency by-election with a newly recruited, wet behind the ears woman, who trounced the respected long standing MP, on a platform of promising to vote against BREXIT in Parliament to overturn the will of the people, and to support the interest of her constituents against the interest of her country – disgusting, eh?

Or, despairing strident Scot Nicola Sturgeon, who despite the SNP actually LOOSING the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ Scottish independence referendum, is now demanding nevertheless that Scotland is a separate country from Britain and that she should dictate to the UK what is done regarding EU membership, notwithstanding the fact that it is not a devolved function. Unless she gets her way, she says she will call a second Scottish referendum, ignoring the basic fact that she doesn’t have the power to do so, as that is only in the gift of Westminster, isn’t it?

What we should be doing now, is to at last stop the substantial financial subsisting of the Scots, which is a millstone around the neck of the rest of Britain, isn’t it? Then perhaps Sturgeon would simply focus and concentrate her efforts on carrying out her own solely Scots-elected remit, which doesn’t include interference with Britain’s international treaties, particularly as she has no actual status within the sovereign British Parliament, does she?

We also see pretend Remainer and pretend Commons Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn hoping the current BREXIT tussle will result in an imminent General Election – that is like a turkey voting for Christmas though, isn’t it?

Then as part of the Remainers ongoing attempt to overturn the result of the EU Referendum, we have the bizarre situation whereby an immensely rich Guyana born bloody semi-foreigner Gina Miller, together with some other self-serving billionaires, forced a successful High Court legal challenge to the Government last month on giving the EU our required leave notice (Article 50), which the Country had voted for on 23 June.

Not only that, but the Government’s application to the Supreme Court, being heard now, to have that ruling overturned, is likely to be equally and decisively thrown out, isn’t it? Yep, the Courts are renowned for their obtuseness and can be relied-on to thwart and ignore the true will of the people can’t they, eh? However, we have to respect all citizens’ rights and the rule of law on this, don’t we?

Yesterday, the Government surprisingly bent to the pressures from the BREXIT deniers, so committed to outlining their ‘main’ strategy and objectives in the upcoming EU negotiations. The demands for such details is of course intended by those that oppose BREXIT to undermine the Country’s ability to achieve a clean break with the European Union – but as everyone in business knows it is totally absurd to disclose a negotiation position in advance of the event, as that is like a poker player stupidly showing some of their cards before the start of a card game, isn’t it. Certainly, on the other side, the EU’s negotiator has made it quite plain that he is positively not going to disclose their negotiating position in advance, hasn’t he?

Today’s events in Parliament took what has been an unexpected course with the Government having agreed with the Opposition in advance to accept Labour’s motion for a BREXIT plan to be lodged, while in return they agreed to an amendment for the triggering of article 50 by the end of March ‘whatever’, as per Terresa May’s original plan date. So, that is indeed what happened earlier this evening with substantial majorities to enact both of the agreements. Politics works in devious ways, doesn’t it?

Now, Labour are putting forward five conditions that they ‘require’ to be in such a BREXIT plan:

  1. the plan must include enough detail to allow clarification on access to the single market or the customs union and transition arrangements
  2. the plan must include enough detail to allow it to be scrutinised effectively by Parliament
  3. the plan must provide enough detail to allow the Office for Budget Responsibility to cost it
  4. the plan must provide enough detail to allow Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland authorities to be satisfied their issues are covered
  5. the plan must provide enough detail to allow it to be acceptable to all the population

What a load of tosh, eh? If Terresa May delivers that pile of crap she had better plan her departure from no 10 Downing Street, don’t you think?

  • there can be NO prediction about access to the EU market before negotiations are underway because the UK cannot accept the current single market conditions, and the EU will not commit at this stage to vary them
  • those in Parliament who want the detail are not intent on scrutinising it but are Remainers intent on dissecting it and thwarting it
  • in recent times the OBR have not only failed to effectively cost anything correctly in the economy, but also have an axe to grind in having economically rubbished the prospects of BREXIT before the Referendum
  • you can’t have a plan that satisfies the losers in a national vote, just like a CONSERVATIVE Government can’t implement its polices and satisfy the LABOUR supporters as they voted against the plans in the first place at the General Election, didn’t they?


[Well, it is crunch time for Britain NOW when we will now see if Terresa May is simply a ‘lightweight’ Prime Minister, as some political adversaries claim, or is she as she asserts is a powerhouse that will successfully deliver the full  BREXIT that the British people voted for, eh?]


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