After BREXIT bring back hanging – enact ‘another’ will of the British people?



Well, it took us forty years to have our say on the European Union and be able to vote to get the hell out, hasn’t it? Yes, and apart from BREXIT, the other major matter where the will of the people has previously been totally ignored and constantly denied a voice by our elected politicians, is of course that concerning capital punishment, isn’t it? Yep, and that has been an issue for even longer than BREXIT as it has been there over 50 years, hasn’t it?

Well, most people in Britain (probably up to three quarters) believe that there should be the death penalty available within the law for murder – not all murders, but some of them, don’t you think? What most people don’t know though is that when the do-gooders got the death penalty abolished for murder in 1965, it was actually retained for treason, spying, piracy with violence, and some other state critical crimes and offences, though that also went by the board twenty-five years later-on.

Many of those favouring the reinstatement of the death penalty believe that it should be simply ‘available to the Courts’ in cases of terrorism causing deaths, child murder, rape or kidnapping, murder in furtherance of armed robbery or burglary, murder of police or prison officers, and treason.

Now, the people of these lands are these days not by nature a blood thirsty crowd baying for the return of the classless spectator sport of public executions, like were around even a couple of hundred years ago, in places like London’s Tyburn, Newgate Prison, and Smithfield, or Stafford, or Lancaster Castle, or Bury St Edmunds, or elsewhere, but nowadays regularly high-profile despicable murder cases are reported in depth by the media and that immediately incenses the public anger and fires-up its demand for the reintroduction of the death penalty, doesn’t it?

The change in statistic gathering has made things difficult to compare and see exactly what has happened with killings, but nevertheless you can be sure of one thing which is that as soon as the death penalty was abolished, the number of murders DOUBLED in the next thirty years, can’t you? Nevertheless, our out-of-touch parliamentarians have voted down all attempts to restore even a limited scope for capital punishment when the opportunity arose in those thirty years, despite that fact of murders doubling.

Last year alone we saw an over ten percent rise in the homicide rate in England and Wales, with neigh on six-hundred poor souls violently losing their lives and in addition to that number, there were another near three hundred and fifty ‘attempted’ murders. In the past year firearm offences alone have now risen to over 5,000, and that figure is dwarfed by the fact that there was ALSO six times that number of offences involving the use of knives – such high numbers, as has been on record over the past half-decade, amply demonstrates the key fact that violent crime in the UK is out of control and Britain is once again becoming a much more violent Country, doesn’t it?

It is abundantly clear to most people that the strong evidence is that the threat of the death penalty in the past used to diminish murder and deter murderers, and in particular it frightened-off offenders from carrying or using guns and knives in pursuit of their criminal acts, didn’t it?

Furthermore, the consequence of the liberal brigade, who indeed are the pacifists in the war against crime, is that our prisons are constantly overflowing with murders, bombers, rapists, arsonists, gun or knife carriers, burglars, people-traffickers, drug dealers and producers, assaulters, fraudsters, money launderers, and the like, aren’t they? Yes, and so much so that the offenders no longer even serve the time decreed by their trial judge as set for in law, because they have to be released ‘half way through’ to create a bit of space, eh?

Moreover, with the tireless work of the likes of the Howard League for Penal Reform, now our jails in modern times have become so soft, pointless, and easily survivable that a jail sentence is no longer ‘bloody well feared’ by the criminal fraternity, but when reluctantly imposed by the system, the prisoners serving time are bored out of their box, frequently take straightforwardly smuggled-in drugs, and as a result cause constant mayhem, frequently with violence thrown-in. These days life in prison is so futile that the suicide rate is astronomical with someone killing THEMSELVES every three days, no less?

This is the type of environment we are condemning murders to when we give them a mandatory so-called ‘life sentence’ instead of doing them a favour by topping them, eh? For some, doing-away with a few hundred of the evillest murderers is ‘unthinkable’, yet fate doesn’t have the same squeamishness, does it? No, because dreadfully every three or four minutes someone in the UK dies of cancer (amounting to almost nearly a couple of hundred thousand a year), while at the same time we still casually slaughter say a couple of thousand on our roads each year (mind you that rate is falling so it is half of what it used to be – while the homicide rate is doubling, eh?), and to boot sadly each year over twenty-five thousand people die under the knife in our hospitals as well, don’t they?

Without being mercenary about it, you have to be aware of the financial costs of banging someone up for the rest of their life, particularly if it is in a mental unit and there are over sixty of those b’s so assigned – take for example one of the vilest killers, sentenced just a year after hanging absolution, who is depraved Moors murderer Ian Brady, convicted as the sexual torturer and killer of 5 children, who alone has cost us about fifteen million pounds over the past 50 years with his jail and psychiatric incarcerations (Wormwood Scrubs, Durham, Gartree prisons & now for 30 years Ashworth secure mental unit), his legal shenanigans (multiple failed actions), and his hunger strike (over sixteen years now) and this is a killer who WANTS to DIE – surely such monies could be better spent, don’t you think?

We have about six thousand of these wicked murderers in our prisons, but a couple of hundred of the evil blighters are released each year – but they are quickly replaced by an even much greater number of newly convicted murderers, aren’t they? Yep, some three hundred or more of them, with the total cost uncalculatable and the authorities won’t tell us, but the total fee doesn’t stop there does it, as when the released killers are out, in probably just over fifteen years or so, they have to be monitored for life at significant expense by the Probation Service, don’t they? Oh yes, it should also be mentioned here that there is the further even BIGGER problem that once a killer, always a killer, eh? Shouldn’t life mean life for murderers, don’t you think?

Well, the indisputable fact is that the risk CANNOT be managed, so some of those killers released from prison on a ‘life-licence’ by the inadequate Parole Board, do go on to murder yet again – in recent times we know it is certainly over 30, but the Justice authorities won’t publish and make that data available, will they? Despite killing again after release the repeated murderer still simply goes back to jail – is that acceptable, eh?

A few murderers indeed kill again while still incarcerated (like Victor Castigador an illegal Filipino immigrant), but we have clear examples of those allowed out ‘on licence’, some whom despite getting murder ‘life sentences’ and their family often being against release, who repeat murder again (often in similar ways to the first time) – some within weeks of release.

These include the likes of knifeman David Baxendale (stabbed a man to death in Spain, served just 8-years in jail there before deportation and allowed out on licence here to give him the opportunity to hack to death an innocent mother with three children), or psychopathic Paul Brumfitt (served just 15-years for two so called ‘manslaughter’ killings before being allowed to wander the streets again and within four years murder, dismember & burn a teenage prostitute when he was released), or Marc Chivers (a murderer convicted of killing his girlfriend was released after 15 years from a German jail and deported, but less than a year later throttled to death a woman friend here), or rejection adverse Shaun Clarke (drowned and electrocuted his estranged-partner a mother of two, and 5-years from having been released from prison after 15-years, he committed his second murder 20-years after the first by knifing a woman who refused a relationship), or David Cook (jailed for violently killing his first victim 30 years ago and when he got out after 21-years he strangled someone again 6-years afterwards), or Andrew Dawson (a killer released after 28 years who within weeks of freedom chopped and butchered another 2 strangers to death), or hitman Paul Glen (released after just 13-years for a well planned murder yet 2-years down the line went-on to kill the wrong man in a bungled hit), or sexual deviant Royston Jackson (strangled a boy teenager, was released from prison after 20-years, only to strangle another man two years later), or George Johnson (who robbed and hacked a man to death, released after 20 years, then 5 years later violently battered to death an old lady and smashed her skull), or dangerous gay Desmond Lee (served only 14 years of a life sentence for murdering his landlady and then violently killed once more 5-years later), or Mark Leicester (murdered his ex-girlfriend so jailed for life, but was given ‘day release’ from prison, absconded and killed another woman), or Ian McLoughlin (serving 25-years for two murders, was in a catastrophic failure, given jail ‘day release’, so committed a robbery and stabbed to death an innocent man investigating), or past prison absconder David Mitchell (murdered his ex-partner, served 23-years, and less than 18-months after being released from prison, killed again by beating and strangulation of a man), or Michael Smith (given a life sentence 40-years ago for the strangulation murder of his fiancée, got out after thirty and murdered again to steal money within a year of being released), or giant sized Douglas Gary Vinter (served only 8 years in jail for a knife murder, and then after 8 years outside, he kidnapped and stabbed to death his estranged wife and attempted to commit yet another murder while in prison for that – for which he got a third life sentence), or evil serial murderer Ernest Wright (of the reoffending criminal classes who was banged-up for 26 years for an iron bar murder, but a decade after being freed carried-out a determined shotgun killing).

So you see that a lot of people have lost their lives at the hands of those murderers who shouldn’t have been around or able to kill then, wouldn’t you say?

Furthermore, did you know in the UK that 1 of every 7 murders are carried out by those released by the Courts ‘on bail’ while awaiting trial, eh?

Oh yes, because we are in the EU, we even have hundreds of convicted foreign murderers who are allowed to come here, living incognito and unsupervised, who are liable to commit murder again here – like Latvian Arnis Zalkalns (convicted of murdering his wife but served only 7-years before moving to the UK and killing a teenage girl 7-years afterwards), or Lithuanian Raimondas Jakstas (served just 5-years for beating his wife to death, moved to Britain and attempted to attack a neighbour who he threatened to kill with a large kitchen knife – a murder was prevented only by the victim barricaded his flat door).

Those British murderer apologists who refuse to countenance the reintroduction of the death penalty here are nevertheless potentially simply imposing a transferred death sentence on other unsuspecting innocent people who WILL be murdered later, aren’t they? Is that logical or fair, do you think?

We in this Country can’t even protect our citizens by locking-up every murderer for life (a ‘whole-life’ sentence) because the EU and do-gooders in our midst say it is inhumane and as is always trotted-out it ‘breaches the human rights” of the murder – what about the killed victim’s human rights, eh?

While we in Britain are also currently ‘prohibited’ by the European Union from restoring capital punishment in our Country, following BREXIT we will once again be able to take back control and have that decision taken here. But the general public should be allowed at least a voice about the reintroduction of hanging, and it should not simply be allowed to be the privileged Members of Parliament to override the will of the people.


[The UK is not alone since capital punishment is these days a controversial issue in many other countries, but which British party will promise a referendum on the matter at the next election – they can expect to win by a landslide, eh?]


Amongst those that many believe should have faced the death penalty, in addition to those identified above, includes a number of the vilest and most dangerous killers still alive, who are considered too unsafe to ever release, including the likes of Soham school caretaker Ian Huntley (a suspected serial sex offender who went on to murder two 10-year-old schoolgirls and given a false alibi by girlfriend Maxine Carr), the four-time killer and cannibalistic Robert Maudsley (committed a murder and received a life sentence, whereupon he went on to kill 3 more times while imprisoned and has to be kept in solitary confinement to prevent more murders), contract killer John Childs (who carried out separate hits on 4 people), ex-policeman Dennis Nilsen (a killer of 15 young men who he dismembered and disposed of their body parts of and was caught when he blocked a drain), Arthur Hutchinson (while on the run from a rape charge he invaded a wedding reception and knifed to death the bride’s father, mother, brother and raped the sister), convicted sex attacker and rapist Anthony Entwistle (abducted, raped and strangled a sixteen-year-old girl only a couple of weeks after early release from a 10year rape sentence), predator Victor Miller (sexually assaulted then battered to death a teenager and considered unsafe to release), railway killer John Duffy (killed 3 women and raped countless others together with accomplice David Mulcahy), Rosemary West (murdered at least 10 women and girls in conjunction with husband Fred West), man in black Peter Moore (murdered 4 men in seemingly sexually motivated attacks), the Sneinton Strangler Mark Hobson (with 2 accomplices who were also convicted, killed 3 homeless women in pursuit of his ambition to become Nottingham’s first serial killer),  William Horncy (killed a millionaire, his wife, mother-in-law and two sons – the sons’ bodies were never found).

Others have already died in prison like Brady’s accomplice Myra Hindley (5 child murders), serial killer pretend gay Colin Ireland (tortured and murdered 5 men men), paedophile Robert Black (a serial abductor who raped and killed 4 girls under 11years-old and was suspected of other child murders whose bodies have never been found), notorious GP Harold Shipman (convicted of killing 15 female patients with morphine but the total was probably over 215), paedophile Colin Hatch (killed a young boy while on parole for sexual assault – murdered in his cell by Damien Fowkes).

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