Mr. Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America – lol?

dtOh yes, many of us have to hold our hands up – we got it wrong AGAIN, didn’t we? Yep, many of us ‘know-all’ smart arses couldn’t actually believed in the summer that Donald Trump would really even secure the Republican Presidential nomination through the primaries’ process, did we?

No, and as the final election of the future American President then developed since , many of us convinced ourselves (even as late as the day before here in this blog!) that he COULDN’T make an astonishing win because Hillary Clinton would trounce the blighter at polls, didn’t we? What fools some of us were, eh?

Trump against all the odds has won, and won decisively to boot – the American people have spoken, and have done so with a vengeance, haven’t they?

Yes, so Donald Trump is going to be in the White House next January – God help us all, don’t you think?

However, will he be allowed by Congress to do anything that he has promised – like building a Mexican border wall, or banning Muslims from entering America, eh? Many of us think and hope NOT – but as events have proved only the week before last, what do we know, eh? And moreover, the Republican Party now has control over BOTH houses of Congress – when most pundits thought it would be the other way around and that Hillary Clinton would be heading for the Oval Room with the Democrat Party in total control of Congress, didn’t they? [Well, Clinton DID win the ‘popular’ vote (by more than 1.7 million) with one of the largest votes ever, but Trump nevertheless was handed the keys to the White House, wasn’t he?].

Well, whatever nightmare we in Britain think we woke-up to on the Wednesday morning two weeks ago with the news about Trump, it is nothing compared to what is facing the bloody Americans by their choice of a leader, who is a moronic, bullying, abusive, woman denigrating, money obsessed, geriatric old man – indeed he is the eldest person ever first elected to that office, isn’t he?

His election success has to be seen in the context of an unbelievably divisive campaign of partisan politics between two unpopular individuals, and it was certainly unpredictable, but it now further casts an ominous black shadow over the sick attitude of the American people in general, so that fact will leave many of us others incredulous and utterly disappointed with their values, don’t you think?

Oh yes, president-elect Donald Trump is now engrossed in the presidential transition process – set up yonks ago to ensure a smooth transfer of power before a new President’s inauguration. As you can guess Trump is making a pigs-ear of it, isn’t he? Calling his style in this phase ‘unorthodox’ would be an extreme understatement. He is making a mockery of a long-standing process that is intended to prevent the potential for a leadership vacuum in America, and to ensure that the incoming President-elect, who is not yet legally empowered to affect policy, is prepared following his presidential inauguration, for a smooth peaceful transfer of power from the now lame-duck outgoing President Obama.

USA history, has demonstrated at times disastrous periods of presidential hand-overs, right from the early days of the founding fathers of Adams and Jefferson, and even notably in the 30s between Hoover and Roosevelt which indeed itself undoubtedly brought the U.S economy into a disastrous state.

Now however, we can be confident that President Barrack Obama in passing power to Trump, will do his utmost to emanate the positive and considered seamless as possible transition that George W. Bush did for him in 2008. Despite all of that just don’t expect a good outcome, will you?

Trump’s transition team and his leadership of it is nothing short of a joke – but not funny, eh? He is running things like a TV reality show on the lines of a new version of the immensely popular US ‘The Apprentice’ traditional game show of 2004 origin that he hosted at its start – interviewing candidates for the major roles in the next American Administration before announcing “your fired”, or the like?

Not satisfied with that kind of fiasco, he has further flaunted credibility by blatantly involving his own children and family in the formal transition process, and is obviously intent in also embracing them in government. He is behaving like a Roman emperor of over two thousand years ago like Augustus , rather than the democratically elected next American President albeit in a vicious election, isn’t he? Ah, but who now is going to be able to stop him, reign him in, and tell him he is doing wrong. In a word – NOBODY, eh?

Many of us have come across his likes in business – an autocratic all powerful figurehead, demonised with erratic behaviour who railroads and coerces all others, whether right or wrong, fires from the hip to eliminate anybody who disagrees or tries however casually to correct or baulk them, and certainly answers to nobody. We saw that only too clearly during Trump’s campaign, as those in his team who tried to steer him to a more publicly acceptable track, however senior quickly bit the dust, didn’t they? Yes, and you can be certain that that will be the way that he tries to run the next US Administration, don’t you think?

The most bizarre of it all, is that he gained the Presidency by using doubtful off the cuff remarks and playing the card of championing the Working ‘People’ against the Washington ‘Establishment’, while rubbishing all its individuals including senior Republicans and his critics at the heart of it (like he said “lying” Ted Cruz), and being reciprocally derogated by THEM as a phoney, a fraud, a madman who must be stopped, a narcissist, a complete idiot, an international pariah, an egomaniacal madman, etcetera, yet now he is suddenly turning to some of them to form the major planks of his administration, isn’t he? Yep, and worse still, they are prepared to serve under him, aren’t they? Sickening – but that is American politics for you, isn’t it?

It is being widely predicted by investors that Trump is going to ignore those idiots who elected him and that is why after the initial shock the financial markets have responded and shares have stabilised as the fears that his crazy policies, insulting and threatening of groups during his campaign, will prove to be simple hot air and dropped, eh?

Without any ado, Trump can independently choose and ‘appoint’ his White House staff [Chief of Staff, National Security Advisor, Communications Director, Press Secretary, and Senior advisors].

However, he WILL require Senate confirmation before he gets in place his nominees for actual ‘Cabinet’ positions  [Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General, Director of National Intelligence, CIA Director, Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Agriculture, Director, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Director, Environmental Protection Agency].

That is solely why against his electorate rhetoric, he is having to turn to the ‘old guard’ to actually form an administration, isn’t it? Embarrassingly, though not for him perhaps, he will have to put forward those who have publicly venomously voiced misgivings about his suitability of him as even as a candidate for president, let alone being one, eh?

Trump, as President-elect, has possibly caused serious damage to the future U.S. economy before he has even set foot in the corridors of power, hasn’t he? Yes, and it is widely predicted that his elevation to President itself in only a couple of months’ time will inevitably result also in interest rates going up and that will resound around the World and have a knock-on effect everywhere – so much then for the exaggerated fears of the global impact of BREXIT, eh?

To many of us, it seems ‘unlikely’ that Donald Trump will actually serve a ‘full term’ as President and that will mean that some nobody called Mike Pence, (as currently Vice-President-elect) takes over. Who the hell is that you might ask – the exact same question as will be on the lips of most of the American people as a nonentity who had previously heard of him, eh? Well, the short answer is that he is currently the Governor of Indiana, who best suit is apparently is that he is a ‘devote evangelical Christian’ – how that goes down with Trump god only knows?

Now, whether Trump will lose office say by being ‘impeached’ which is possible by his many skeletons in the cupboard, is anybody’s guess – he is currently desperately trying to settle numerous legal actions against him before his inauguration, isn’t he? Or he may simply expire due to over exertions in ongoing commitments to his sexual exploitations, perhaps? Or god forbit, he falls foul of his avid support for all nutters in America to be given guns, while the secret service may be looking the other way, perhaps?

[Honestly, there are major risks now involved for the World in the Americans in appointing as the leader of the free world, a short-tempered narcissist with utterly no political experience or public service commitment, but we are powerless in that, aren’t we?]

Seal_of_the_President_of_the_United_States_svgThe President of the United States




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