Today the Americans will elect as ‘President’ either a moronic bullying woman denigrating old man ‘Donald Trump’, or a widely distrusted aged female cheated-on wife ‘Hillary Clinton’ – what depths has USA politics descended into?

clinton_100CLINTON trump_100 TRUMP

After the many-many months of unsavory electioneering in the US primaries and then the nasty vitriolic national campaigns of the emerged two selected candidates Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican) – albeit mainly at the latter’s instigation – the day has now arrived now for the voters to make their final decision on who is going to be their President for the next four years, hasn’t it? Yes, and the rest of us await in trepidation for the result, don’t we?

Most people this side of the water are astounded that the likes of Trump ever got into the final race for the White House at all, and that the experienced Republican Party, who have furnished eighteen past Presidents including Abraham Lincoln, actually allowed an incompetent inexperienced mudslinging interloper to railroad their nomination, eh?

Both parties need to do something about their rules on who can stand as their candidates because both of them allowed people to emerge as potential candidates in the role defining primaries who had no real right to represent their ‘claimed’ parties. They had Trump running a brutal acrimonious whirlwind campaign when he was a man standing as a supposedly Republican, despite the fact that he has never done anything for anybody other than himself in his life and certainly has previously contributed zero to that party, but has played a significant part in the past months in demeaning it not least because it was a party that couldn’t reign him in – consequently it is unlikely to reestablish its credibility for many years to come, don’t you think? Trump is a political outsider who has NEVER held office before or even attempted to do so. Moreover, he was a rich typical draft dodger, who now expects to be elected to be Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces with his finger on the nuclear button. eh?

Then there was Bernie Saunders trying to seize the Democrat crown when in actual fact he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing – a respected long standing ‘independent’ senator who cynically took on the Democrat mantle simple to satisfy his personal ambition of getting the chance to stand for President – though he didn’t make it, as Clinton was much too savvy and well connected to allow that, wasn’t she?

Disgustingly, Trump has publically on TV refused to say that if he lost that he would accept the result, meaning that he is likely to refused to accept the will of the American people – what does that tell you about the man, eh? He repeatedly announces that the entire election has been rigged by a system that is against him – a ploy to get-in his excuses for losing, early?

Typically, he had even claimed that the Republican nomination process itself was rigged against him – despite the fact that it was set-up long before he ever threw his hat in the ring as a potential candidate, and he made it crystal clear that he would not accept the result if he didn’t win – what does that tell you about the man, eh?

Trump is nothing less than a nasty, full of bitterness thug, who has spent months alienating millions of US citizens as well as disgusting much of the World into the bargain, with his outpourings of bile.

In the most divisive Presidential election confrontation in history, a struggling ‘non-tax paying’ Trump has had the gall to persist with despicable spurious allegations that Clinton is a ‘criminal’ and a ‘crook’, who he intends to lock-up IF, God forbid, he ever becomes President – his vile behaviour and utterings are such that they certainly would not be tolerated in this Country and indeed would get HIM locked-up here!

Just as his third wife Melania Trump “borrowed” Michelle Obama’s speech at the Republican’s July nomination Convention, Trump has purloined the phrase “Make America Great Again” as his prime campaign slogan, hasn’t he? Yep, Republican President Ronald Reagan used it first in 1980 and it was also used subsequently, tough-in-cheek, by Democrat President Bill Clinton.

As for Clinton, she with strength and commitment, has always been seen over here as the one building widespread support as the most competent person in the running this time, and she certainly will be a stronger President than mr nice guy Barrack Obama – who wouldn’t be, though? He has done as much to discredit black leaders as Nelson Mandela did to resurrect their image after the likes of the African despots like Idi Amin (Uganda), Charles Taylor (Liberia), Colonel Gaddafi (Libya), and infamous Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe). He has to carry the can for the fact that Vladimir Putin has got away with Russia’s interventions in Chechen, Georgia, and latterly intervention in eastern Ukraine and annexing Crimea   and now the atrocities being increasingly committed by his warplanes in Syria.

Most of us observers, as well as pollsters, believe that Hillary Clinton will soon be the next and forty-fifth President of the United States and the 1st woman in post – but that is not really the point is it? No, it is that America who used to be an inspirational to the World has now become a laughing stock of democracy when someone like Donald Trump can get so close to the Oval office and Putin can with impunity use military power to pursue an aggressive foreign policy.


[Hillary Clinton will resoundingly win hands down the votes of Women, Blacks, and Hispanics, which will give Donald Trump an awfully big task to round-up enough disenchanted with the establishment White voters, to give her a run for her money, eh?]




[The US Electoral College decides who wins the American Presidential election.

It consists of 538 electors, with a majority of 270 electoral votes being required to elect the President.

Each state is worth a number of electoral votes equal to the size of its Congressional delegation, and in all but Nebraska and Maine the winner of the popular vote in each state wins all of the electoral college votes on offer].



[The World is clearly very much paying attention to who just might be the next US President. Britain has particular concerns as well, because it has had a long-term predominantly close relationship with America

 usaflags           Seal_of_the_President_of_the_United_States_svgThe President of the United States




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