Getting Type 2 Diabetes – should it be an offence?

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Those following the UK news recently will have heard that there is now a fast-growing health threat and major crisis developing in Britain with massive increases in those suffering with type 2 diabetes. In twenty years it has doubled, so it currently accounts for 90% of diabetics, and there are today probably four million actually diagnosed with the condition, with countless others still undiagnosed, as well as another seven or eight million well on the way to it with prediabetes – 1 in 3 people currently have that and ten percent of those will go on to become diabetic, so before long we will reach five million, won’t we? In the UK, there are now three times the number of diabetes cases as ALL cancers combined, so what does that tell you?

It’s even occurring in British children as well – ten years ago there used to be none with diabetes 2, but already there are already some five hundred of these sorryful kids and that number will increase exponentially as childhood obesity and overweightness, (imported from our American cousins, eh?), kicks in even further – nearly half of them are in that state, and things are getting worse all the time and all down to disgracefully bad parenting, isn’t it? Furthermore, it is more aggressive in children giving increased lifetime complications, such as cirrhosis of the liver, heart attack, and kidney disease.

Now you may not know though, that is not actually an ‘illness’ as such, because it is a medical condition that is normally ‘self inflicted’ – nevertheless it makes people ill, sometimes very seriously ill, sometimes requiring toe or limb amputations, and sometimes it is life threatening. Overall it is costing our health service a fortune one way or another, and it is also crippling it to the extent that it could bankrupt it so even bring about its final demise – this epidemic is now costing the NHS more than £10bn year, which is some ten per cent of the its whole budget, with one person diagnosed with diabetes 2 every couple of minutes.

Now, diabetes 2 is a body functioning condition whereby the pancreas organ that produces insulin gets furred up with fat because people are well overweight, and it doesn’t produce enough to meet the particular person’s needs. Significantly insulin is required in the body to use the glucose (sugar) in the person’s blood (created from food and drink) to transfer it as much needed energy into all the cells around the body. Well, this lack of insulin in us idiots with type 2 diabetes is bad news, very bad news for us, particularly as frequently we continue to consume food in excess of our needs and our body’s ability to process it due to lack of natural insulin. The blood glucose level simply rises to very high or even extreme levels that can’t be coped with (despite the fact that the body will store as much as it can as more fat and dumps it in urine), damaging many cell functions around the body – thereby clogging up arteries and veins which can lead to deadly complications, and shortened life. It leads to the furring up of small blood vessels which can rapidly escalate to loss of blood supply causing tissue death and gangrene, meaning toes, feet, fingers, hands, and limbs have to be surgically amputated to save life.

That diabetic condition can also regularly cause blindness because irreparable blood vessel damage destroys the eye retina function and consequential loss of optic nerve vision, and that for decades was THE major cause of blindness, which is only now being reduced by increased eye screening and medical intervention – in England alone, over a thousand new are blinded each year, with a further some five thousand at risk of diabetic-related vision loss, eh?

Such diabetic people have simply progressively increased their weight and become severely overweight or obese. Obesity itself also brings about a shed load of other serious and life threatening medical problems as well as a diverse inability to adequately cope as normal in society.

Of course, many people might say that individuals are entitled to plot their own course through life and decide themselves how they live it. However, that is not always acceptable to our community and that for example that is why drug taking is against the law and is incessantly stamped-on (albeit unsuccessfully at significant cost) and precipitous action forces addicts into the criminal classes.

However, sad people who have through their own selfishness, sheer indulgence, and continuing addiction to food, give themselves type 2 diabetes, expect to be treated by their communities as a ‘sufferer’ (like say a cancer patient or someone hit with a serious illness contracted through no fault of their own), and expect us all to feel sorry for them and be happy that they are ruining out health service by costing it so many billions with their need for ongoing medical help, frequent treatment, life-saving surgery, and copious daily drugs. Well, the truthful answer is that those of us who are in the know about this situation are NOT happy and in fact are pretty pissed-off, aren’t we?

Type 2 diabetics are food addict gluttons who should be placed in the same category as promiscuous irresponsible sexually transmitted decease carriers, alcohol dependent or drunk alcoholics, irresponsible big idiot gamblers, sad nicotine reliant smokers, wide-eyed nose destroyed glue sniffers, or spaced-out class A drug addicts, those groups who generally are all to be abhorred and pitied, and certainly not like type 2 diabetics as currently seen as simply ill normal neighbourly people, surely? Well, they need to wise up and get their destructive act in order, don’t you think?

How then has this gloomy unacceptable state of affairs come about? Well, primary through ignorance – the gross ignorance of the bulk of Britain’s population about this type of diabetes, and those individuals who have been seduced into an extremely unhealthy lifestyle of gluttony, overindulgence in alcohol, sedentary behaviour, and frequently a lazy addiction to fast-food.

The medical profession, and in particular GPs and their Surgery Nurses, must shoulder the predominant blame for their patients’ ignorance, shouldn’t they? For decades, they will have frequently treated their registered patients, yet will have ‘never’ ventured to harass them about their increasing overweight – they have fudged the issue as they didn’t like to embarrass or upset patients you see, eh? Even when it is detected that they are heading for type 2 diabetes (pre-diabetes diagnosed), the gloves are still not off in the consulting room and the patients are not given the necessary rollicking that would get them to mend their ways before it is too late – so they carry-on and hit the buffers, don’t they?

The other inexcusable mistake made by the medical establishment is to internally and publically promulgate the conclusion that type 2 diabetes is a ratchet type condition that is irreversible – that is to say that once someone has type 2 diabetes; they will tell everyone it whilst treatable, is currently a lifelong illness that cannot be fully reversed. What a load of bollocks, eh? It is fairly common that those diagnosed with pre-diabetes who then responsibly alter their diet and exercise regimes, revert to normality in terms of their body’s insulin and blood glucose level balancing – despite that the bulk go on though to hit type 2 diabetes, don’t they?

Some small research years ago however also indicates that the same reversal can be achieved by some with full blown diabetes 2 – but you see they have a much greater, even if similar task, to recover their body’s ability to get things back to normal and free themselves of diabetes, but that simply requires perhaps much greater motivation, determination, willpower, and commitment to achieve the goal, doesn’t it?

Moreover, there is absolutely no excuse for those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes needing any kind of medication, or indeed of allowing its progressing to more serious conditions like limb damage – they simply have to cut severely their calorie intake and take a modicum of exercise like having a few manageable walks each day to reactivate body functions, don’t they?

Doctors need to stop proscribing massive doses of medications like Metformin and tell their patients to bog-off and lose weight or get struck-off. All those with type 2 need to do with their doctor’s help, is to achieve a ‘substantial’ weight loss over ANY timescale – perhaps but not necessarily, by going on a strict and harsh diet, with a bit of gentle exercise activity to burn calories, and suffer some hunger for just a month, and their diabetes problems will suddenly significantly diminish and if they go on to lose just fifteen percent of their body weight most might even completely crack and cure their diabetes [That means a person at say 17 stone with diabetes 2 needs to lose about 2½ stone – and a steady weight lose over 6 months could in fact be the most effective for the particular individual in the long term in retaining an acceptable body weight].

Many people might for some time get away with a bit excessive intake of sugars, carbohydrate, protein, or even alcohol, but NOBODY can get away with indulging daily with ALL three forever – no, there is a price to pay with their health and frequently these days in the UK that definitely includes type 2 diabetes in seems.

There is a simple solution to this crisis though, isn’t there? Yep, make diabetes type 2 ‘illegal’ and lock-up anybody who gets it in specially built food-free prisons, and impose massive fines on those diagnosed with prediabetes. That will solve the problem, won’t it?


[Type 2 diabetes which is ‘self-inflicted’ should not be confused with Type 1 diabetes which is an ‘unavoidable’ autoimmune genuine medical disease with debilitating severe illness problem that your born with – requiring daily intravenous injection of insulin to prevent collapse, coma, and sometimes indeed death].

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