The ‘unsavoury unelectable’ Donald Trump verses the ‘savy unliked’ Hillary Clinton – so who will make President of the United States in 27 days time?

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Well in America the second of the 3 ‘head-to-head’ Presidential debates between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton has taken place, hasn’t it? Yes, last Sunday evening (time-wise in the early hours of Monday morning in the UK) there was a divisive confrontation between the pair – in New York this time. It was expected to be significant not only or least because Trump had succeeded in dramatically shortening Clinton’s lead in the polls, but because a damaging expose video about Trump’s grotty abusive sexual attitude towards women had been released into the media just a few days before. Now, that had caused a situation whereby a raft of senior Republican icons (like former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Arizona Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain , former California Gov. and film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Congress’ House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, and some others – even House Speaker Republican Paul Ryan won’t now endorse Trump), have all revoked or withdrawn their support from their party’s Presidential nominee – mind you these were all people who well knew of lewd Trump’s debased, unhinged background, but nevertheless they were prepared to continue to endorse him while they considered he had a good chance of securing the White House for their Party, weren’t they? [That politics for you, eh?].

Many had expected that this debate would finally be Trumps swansong, but it didn’t turn out like that – no, it was simply a boring ninety minute pointless confrontational discussion that went off like a damp squib, didn’t it? Slimeball Trump defended his highly objectionable bragging comments about groping the opposite sex, by claiming that it was only locker room banter (when most of us men used to the locker room have been never experienced such femail demeaning behaviour), and then used his situation to try to attack Clinton by saying that her husband Bill Clinton had done worse. Now, while that may well be true, he is not running for President, is he? [No, but as United States President he did get impeached for sexual and perjury misdemeanours – but HE got acquitted by Congress (he was the second sitting President formally impeached who was subsequently found not guilty)].

As we all might have expected, a focused Clinton performed throughout in a controlled and unflustered manner, while an insulting uninformed Trump continually wandered around the stage like a demented caged zoo animal.

There was zero actually policy disclosed by Trump but only boasts of how good he would be, without any clue as to how he would achieve it. He had the bare faced cheek to warn all that ‘Clinton will put-up your taxes’ which is a bit rich coming from someone who apparently has avoided paying fedral taxes for some twenty years, eh? He made another faux pas by claiming that Clinton had never done ANYTHING in her political career – that simply gave her the opportunity to recite the list of numerous Congressional bills she as a Senator has been able to bring into law, as well as a track record of successful foreign negotiations (while Trump has been noticeably totally absent from any type of public service, hasn’t he?). Trump claimed that the mistakenly recorded conversation was just word talk and that he wasn’t the kind of person that the expose showed, and that gave Clinton the chance to respond that he was ‘exactly that kind of person’ (but most of us has already sussed out that as well, hadn’t we?). She also tellingly recorded her view that Trump is unfit to be President of the United States.

The pundits will say that Clinton won on this debate (like the first), but in fact Trump was able to meet his prime objective there which was to ride the storm and satisfy his loyal public band of ‘disgruntled with the Establishment’ followers – as he has to sway other voters as well, that though will not be enough to win the Presidency, will it?

The Trump tape released by the Washington Post was of course over a decade old, but it is said that there are further damaging footages that are likely to now come to light as Trump has been a serial offender for salacious, discriminative and disrespectful language. Now doubtlessly, the Clinton camp will keep well out of that of course to avoid getting trapped in a quicksand of dirty exposures, but the media will be scouring Trump archived recordings, e-mails and the like, to make them further headlines, won’t they?

American voters are swayed by people’s character and temperament, so despite Trump’s sincere (?) apology, nevertheless all this furore has hit Trump’s chances hard, as the polls are currently showing – his support has fallen back so he is no longer on level pegging, and he is certainly now about five points behind Hillary Clinton. Moreover, it seems highly likely that she will galvanise further support on the actual polling day when voters have their real say, while many registered Republicans may not to turn out or at least not to cast their vote for their official candidate Donald Trump. eh? [Trump is even haemorrhaging support in previously solid ‘Republican’ voting States, isn’t he?]


[Hillary Clinton has one of the poorest popular ratings (c50%) of any Presidential candidate, but Donald Trump’s is unbelievably lower (c40%)]


[The US Electoral College decides who wins the American Presidential election.

It consists of 538 electors, with a majority of 270 electoral votes being required to elect the President.

Each state is worth a number of electoral votes equal to the size of its Congressional delegation, and in all but Nebraska and Maine the winner of the popular vote in each state wins all of the electoral college votes on offer].



[The World is clearly very much paying attention to who just might be the next US President. Britain has particular concerns as well, because it has had a long-term predominantly close relationship with America

 usaflags           Seal_of_the_President_of_the_United_States_svgThe President of the United States




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