BURKAS & BURKINIS – what’s going on here?


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So far the bulk of the British public have not fiercely turned against Islam despite having been shocked to the core by the savagery of Islamists and their crimes against humanity, the 2005 London bombings [52 people killed, over 700 injured], and indeed the disgusting murder of Lee Rigby two years ago, as well as further widespread atrocities committed abroad on its behalf by ISIS, has it?

Nevertheless, over a quarter of us now view Muslims with dislike and distrust – while in some other European counties that would be some half or more of their populations who have deep unfavourable attitudes to them (places like Spain, Greece, Poland, Italy, and Hungry). It is a worrying fact also that as many of a quarter of British young people think the country would be better off without Muslims, and that level of Islamophobia should be of concern to those of that religion, as that is double that of other religions such as Hindus, Sikhs, and Jews.

This is the situation in a climate where Muslims are the fastest-growing religious group in the world, and combined with this growth there is substantial migration of them taking place [now over 3 million in the UK alone, mostly in England, and over half of them not born here]. That unprecedented expansion is compounded by Islamic extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS that increasingly commit acts of terrorist violence around the World in the name of their religion. Is it any wonder then that indigenous non-Islamic populations are wary of Muslims in their midst, eh?

In Britain, Muslims (predominately ethnically Asian) have doubled their numbers since the start of this decade, resulting in the fact that one in ten children under the age of four is now from a Muslim family.

But Muslims are digging a hole for themselves here in Britain as well as in other countries, don’t you think? They are an alien religion in the UK, which is a predominately Christian Country and has been so from time immemorial. Now, the British race is these days a tolerant one and we don’t nowadays actively discriminate against other races or religions, do we? (Indeed for fifty years it has been against the law). It didn’t always be like that though, as the British have form when it comes to playing a significant part in world racial and religious intolerance – you only have to look at its record on slavery (thousands grew rich on the back of the vast scale slave trade that lasted until a couple of hundred years ago), undertaking holy war religious crusades going back a thousand years, and still going on just three hundred years ago the Catholic Church’s worldwide witch hunts and anti-heresy inquisitions (tens of thousands executed for witchcraft and well over a hundred and fifty thousand souls tortured and executed as a purge on so-called heretic depravity), as well as extensive colonialism (400 years ago in the US, English colonists of the British Empire operated bound servitude of both Europeans and Africans), as well as many other like things.

Moreover, despite the fact that there has been a population of black people in Britain for some five hundred years (though originally relatively few), there has been a strong tradition of white racism in Britain, and a history of racism against black and Asian people who often had to take the dirtiest jobs, or work the night shifts and the like. Racist campaigns were even reflected in some of the mainstream press.

After the First World War and resulting high unemployment (when there were still only about 20,000 black people in Britain), race riots erupted in the industrial areas of North East, North West, and Wales. Black workers got sacked if whites refused to work with them, and colour bars prevented them from getting lodgings, or entering some pubs, clubs and other places (mind you that often applied to the Irish as well!).

At the end of the Second World War there was a anti-Jewish riots in Liverpool & Manchester, provoked by the murders of British soldiers in Palestine by militant Zionists.

The relatively few race riots in the UK have generally been provoked and resulted from unrest in large-scale black communities [in the 1970s & 80s – Moss Side, Toxteth, Oldham, Birmingham, Bradford, Brixton, Broadwater Farm Chapeltown, Notting Hill].

The vast majority of Muslims living in the UK are of course peaceful, hard working and decent members of their communities, but there are nevertheless a significant number of religious zealots amongst them that are intent on the destruction of the British way of life and refuse to exercise the renowned level of tolerance with is a byword for our standards. Such evil, pure evil, people distort their Islamic religion and the teaching of the Koran (Quran), in arguing that it permits any assault against the kuffar (non-believers) and so wage war on their fellow citizens – they worship a god [Allah] that they ‘believe’ encourages them to indiscriminately murder undefended kuffar and indeed all and sundry innocent bystanders of all religions including theirs. Amongst them the Muslim jihadists, waging an offensive war against all non-Muslims, together with their supporters are betraying Britain as well as their religious calling, aren’t they? Islam instead of being simply a respected religion is increasing being seen simply as a violent faith to be feared and defended against, and that is a massive problem, isn’t it?

The critically serious problem that Muslims here have created for themselves here, is that they have not viciously turned on those that commit or support such vile acts, while their leaders have paid only lip service to the total condemnation of Islamist terrorism, whilst at the same time openly allowing disgusting preachers of hate and their followers to populate their Mosques and turn the minds of their young into betraying the societies which have embraced them. Indeed it is so much so that this Country is these days often accused by others of harbouring an enemy within, as we have hundreds of them fleeing this country to fight in support of the bloody ISIS murders acting in the name of religion – some god eh?

However, the British are pretty indulgent to Muslims’ bizarre dress sense and grudgingly accept their wearing of arable style garbs suitable to hot countries rather than the inclement UK, and their men’s panache for long bush black beards, which somehow their religion requires (a bit similar really to the Jewish men having to wear skull caps and having part of their penis cut off when they are children for some strange reason, eh?). We even generally accept that their women think that modesty requires them as a religious symbol to wear scarves to cover their head and hair, but what particularly gets up the Brits’ noses is the Muslim women who trounce around in public on our local streets, in towns and cities, masked by the wearing of the full face veil, the burka, as if our society is somehow dangerous to those who expose their actual faces (beauty – or lack of it perhaps?). These brainwashed females have been brought up in male dominated environments that encourage the treatment of them as second class citizens who need to be hidden away in the background. They and their male relatives pretend that it is something to do with the Islamic religion, when it is nothing of the kind, but the symbol of totalitarianism – it is simply a provocative outward sign of oppression and discrimination that is alien to our British culture and turns non-Muslims against them, when they need to fit in to our society not the other way round, don’t you think?

In Britain normal people are extremely uneasy when encountering those in the burka covering the face, as it is an intimidating disguise, and is reminiscent of masked robbers, as well as bombers and other murderous terrorists. When people see those dressed like this in a public place like a shopping arcade or an airport, on a bus, a train or a plane, not only do they become nervous, if not panicky, but the hackles go up as well. Certainly, it is furthermore a type of dress that can be used (and has been) by men masquerading as women to commit crimes or escape justice. It is completely unacceptable, as it is seen as an insulting rejection and blatant condemnation of our non-judgmental, free and vibrant Western society of which we are rightly proud, eh?

Some of these moronic women have the audacity lately to parade themselves on tourist beaches wearing a form of the burka as a full body covering swimsuit – nicknamed the burkini. This is totally insensitive and deliberately provocative when those wearing such a garment are fully aware of the murderous terrorist atrocities committed in public places, including beaches, by depraved terrorists in the name of Islam. (In Tunisia there was a botched attack on a Sousse beach by suicide bomber, followed two years later on another beach by the shooting dead of 38 tourists including 30 British).

It is an unnecessarily confrontational and a blatant style of brazenly religiously swimwear attire that is offensive to the non-religious or non-Muslim, but otherwise moral and law abiding beachgoers, isn’t it? It is certainly a manner of dress that is likely to create public order crowd trouble when emotions are running high, so it has caused some beach resort authorities in France to ban it this summer, as ordinary people see it as implying support for terrorist groups (whether intended or not), which are at war with Western societies. [Some two hundred and forty people killed in France by Islamic attacks since January last year, and the fears of planned fresh attacks are creditable, real, and currently being thwarted, aren’t they?].

The wearing of the burkini carries with it the implication that Western women who wear normal bikini swimwear on the beach are provocative sluts and that unnecessarily causes widespread reactive upset and anger, doesn’t it?

In past years, anyone who has been to Indonesia, which has the biggest population of Muslims in the World (at well over two hundred million), will know that very few women there in fact wear the burka – so we know that it is not any kind of religious pre-requisite in what is that most pious of countries, don’t we?

It often seems to many, that Islam in the UK is incompatible with true British values, and that is highly resented, particularly when so many Muslims seek to making sharia law the official law to overthrow that of the land as set by our elected parliament, don’t you think? Like other religions, Islam needs to accept the separation of faith and law which is the basic foundation of a Western secular society

Then we have the unacceptable practice of British imams also issuing fatwa’s (supposedly a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a legal scholar and not by political groups), but we all know that fatwa’s have been easily and widely abused by Muslim extremists and are much used to promote violence and even murder against specific individuals. [Death fatwa’s have been issued against writers who have said unlike’d things about Islam or their prophet Mohammed and that includes such threats to the likes of British Indian novelist Salman Rushdie – resulting in one of his translators being stabbed to death, another beaten and stabbed, his publisher shot, and in attacking another translator 37 unconnected guests were killed when their hotel was torched by revengeful Muslims]. In such circumstances, no one is safe in Britain nor elsewhere, particularly non-Muslims, from the retribution of Islamic religious fanatics, if accused of being an enemy of Islam. Fatwa’s have no place in British society and Muslims living here should fully understand that, shouldn’t they?

So far the UK has always been a safe haven for followers of the Islamic faith, but to keep it that way, Muslims need to understand that they have to integrate better, accept our traditional way of life, keep a lower profile, and be seen to not be a threat to civilized life in Britain, if they are to avoid the charge that they are trying to turn Britain from a nominal Christian country, but predominately secular state, into part of an Islamic anti-American and anti-Zionist Eurabia (European Arabia).

There is an increasingly strong attitude and mounting sense in Britain these days that some Muslims who want to be outside our UK society and don’t like the environment in which they currently live, should leave immediately and go to live in a country in which they feel is more comfortable to their beliefs and aspirations, don’t you think? It appears that British Muslims are more hostile towards their host society and Western values than in other European counties like Germany, France or Spain, and that doesn’t auger well, does it?

That being said, many old stock Brits are sick and tired of other racial and religious groups now taking the piss and excessively abusing British indulgence. Others, mainly of foreign origin, seem intent at antagonising local populations by importing customs and behaviours that are utterly foreign to their adopted locality, and imposing them willy-nilly without any regard to the anger and annoyance caused to the locality and neighbours.

This Country seems to be on verge of an anti Muslim backlash as it fears being endangered by those taking extreme ideological positions, which is worrying to those of us who have friends, close acquaintances, work beside, or do business with those of that faith, isn’t it? That kind of backlash will make life extremely difficult for law-abiding Muslims, and that needs to be avoided,

The dominant vote of the British people in last June’s European Referendum to leave the EU was certainly a decisive indication that they had had enough of both foreign chaotic immigration and the imbedding here of foreign cultures, combined with their non-integration, so Muslims should be mindful of that kind of warning signal – they need to work in closer harmony with their local populations, keep their heads down more, and take effective steps within their own communities to out and exclude the terrorists in their midst, as well as prevent the radicalisation of their impressionable gullible young men and women, surely? Or they will pay the consequences, don’t you think?


[In 2005, a man bystander told a Somalian-born immigrant, ISIS inspired extremist, during a Leytonstone tube station crazed knife attack, for ideological reasons, attempting to cut the throat of an innocent random civilian stranger “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv” – that is what imams and ordinary Muslims needed and still need to tell all their militant miscreants, if they are to protect their religion and way of life in Britain, isn’t it?]

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