No one knows what BREXIT means – what a load of RUBBISH?

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The latest fallacy frequently peddled by the BREXIT deniers is that there is utter confusion over what it actually means. Annoyingly, this facade is regularly and frequently compounded by media commentators giving it ongoing credence – and that is playing into the hands of those morons who are intent on overturning the decision of the British nation to ditch the bloody European Union as quick as possible, doesn’t it?

Many of those who voted to Remain were fired-up by their own personal self-interests and were not motivated by any loyalty to Britain or thinking seriously about the future for other families in this Country, were they?

The runt of them were the elite and the rich who are making capital by the UK being in the EU and remaining in its stocks. They are unreconciled and are still trying to water down BREXIT and will do so if we let them get away with it, but they can get stuffed, can’t they? They are desperately planning to deploy delaying tactics to Britain giving notice to the EU (invoking Article 50), even demanding a second referendum, as they calculate that by doing so the matter will be overtaken by other events [they are all at it – Ministers, parliamentarians, and not least top civil servants]. Well that is not going to happen, is it? Dream on all the arrogant disaffected losers who won’t accept the result of the people’s referendum, as the UK now is heading for the Exit door at last.

The impertinence of some who should know better is alarming, as they don’t seem to realise that our democracy utterly relies on the accepted legitimacy of the ballot box.

The pretender to the Labour Leadership throne Owen Smith is one of them, isn’t he? He is promising to ditch BREXIT if he gets power, but there is a fat chance of that, isn’t there? His insulting stance on that will go down like a lead balloon in the heartlands of his party and with the disenfranchised workers, many for the first time in a lifetime who came out to vote and send a warning shot across the bows of politicians of all parties that they want an end to the EU membership fiasco. Mind you Smith is full of hot air promises (like end homelessness in 5 years, impose a wealth tax, end university tuition fees, terminate inequality, fix the railways, enforce new workers’ rights, invoke green energy, amongst others) and it seems that the only thing that he hasn’t promised yet is that everyone will win the lottery if he gets elected – but there is still time for that yet as his campaign isn’t over, don’t you think?

It was the man & woman in the street who gave them all their comeuppance and stuck two fingers up at the Establishment who had threatened them with fire and brimstones if they dared to vote LEAVE – well the true blooded courageous Brits weathered the storm and decisively told the Government and all its hangers on where to get off, didn’t they?

That is not to say there will not be some small pain involved in getting out of the EU – if you have a thorn sticking in your skin, you have to feel a momentary discomfort when you pull it out, but then it passes and your skin will quickly heal, won’t it?

Some still claim that the UK is wandering into BREXIT, and a load of crap is being talked about negotiating our way out of the EU, isn’t there? What is there to negotiate? We simply resign (summoning Article 50) and then they can bugger off, can’t they? We should get on with it and do that BEFORE the end of the year – why wait? We are allowed 2 years to extract ourselves from the EU’s clutches, but why dilly-dally that long – we should get out next year 2017, surely?

Once we formally tell them we are leaving, the UK will be excluded from the corridors of EU power – and we have seen that already when as soon as the UK’s Referendum result was known, PM David Cameron was dropped like a stone from the Leaders’ meeting, wasn’t he?

So the very FIRST thing the UK should do is to halt paying our ludicrously excessive membership fee to the EU, and tell them we will not pay into the EU budget in future.

It would be only right and proper though to pay into the EU the moneys to cover our fair share of its CURRENT administrative costs, plus the amount that is currently being returned to the UK in terms of grants that already exists and are set up. NO further grants should be applied for, so it should be relatively easy to establish what Britain’s net contribution needs to be [The Government ought to make a commitment in Parliament to honour existing EU grants when we leave until the end of the current parliament, so there is no question of the recipients losing out, don’t you think?].

The SECOND thing is that the UK withdraws immediately and forthwith from the EU restriction on making independent trade agreements. We need to trade with other countries and it would be foolhardy for our economy to wait for the final EU goodbye to have all that set up and actually running. What can the EU do about it if we do just that – throw us out, eh?

The THIRD requirement is to signal the complete withdrawal of the UK from the Single Market and try to negotiate a standalone trade deal with the EU. If that proves problematical, Britain should trade with individual EU countries and them with us on the basis of conducting trade under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules– the other EU countries will be the biggest losers as all would face tariffs if they go that way, won’t they? [Over a hundred nations are signed-up to the WTO].

Britain needs to make it plain that it will NOT join the European Economic Area (EEA) and will NEVER continue to accept the free movement of people, whether working or not.

The FOURTH matter is to ditch the EU’s Common Fisheries and Agriculture Polices, which are total alien to our Country.

The FIFTH matter is ditch ALL new EU legislation and regulation and don’t be restricted any longer by previous EU edicts (like on VAT), and free ourselves from its bureaucracy.

The SIXTH action need is to legislate our own Bill of Rights, scrap our Human Rights Act, and ignore any past or future judgements by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and quit from its jurisdiction immediately.

The SEVENTH objective is to take back control of Britain’s destiny as the voters told the Executive


[As the Prime Minister has said BREXIT means BREXIT and it is as simple as that – ditch the European Union NOW]


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