Corbyn verses Smith for the Labour Party Leadership – a ‘lame duck’ verses a ‘chancer’?

‘An ineffectual or unsuccessful person’ verses ‘a person who exploits any opportunity to further their own ends’?



It is painful to watch the Labour party pulling itself apart, don’t you think? Here we have a political dynamo that emerged over a century ago through the Unions from the downtrodden working classes which has since done so much to make this Country a much more social justice successful one.

Just under a year ago rebel Jeremy Corbyn with the connivance of the nowadays out of kilter Unions, suddenly appeared out of the smoke of the implosion of Labour’s unexpected defeat at the 2015 General election. It was a severe shock to the Nation when he emerged from hiding and his hibernation on the backbenches to seize control of the Party and restart a campaign to drag it to the ‘unelectable’ left, wasn’t it?

Previous Leader Ed Miliband, just like his elder brother David five years earlier, had suddenly abandoned both his post and his duty to the Party (a captain who abandoned his stricken ship), whence the so called powerhouses of the previous shadow cabinet just stood idly by, then and since, to let a serial renegade with no management experience or capability, take the reins to head the Party like lemmings, towards the edge of a crevasse for mindlessly electoral mass suicide – which is not just a mythical misconception in Labour’s case, is it?

The MPs and the Parliamentary Labour Party [PLP] knew immediately quite well that a malevolent genie had been let out of the bottle, and that they would be heading for the Job Centre at the next General election unless he was ditched well before then. When the time was ripe they passed a vote of no confidence in Corbyn, expecting him to go, and put the survival of the Party above his own agenda, didn’t they? Yep, but however by then Corbyn himself was a prisoner of his left-wing extremists, and they wouldn’t let him would they? As far as his cronies are concerned the destruction of the Party is a price well worth paying to hold transient power over it, it would seem? So now the Party is thrown into the turmoil of a destructive internal leadership election, instead of holding the Theresa May Government of the day into account, eh?

The hard left has constantly tried like a cuckoo to surreptitiously deposit their alien eggs in the Labour nest, to seize the levers of power, take over the organisation with their activists, and then inject their cancerous objectives to replace true Labour dogma. In the Eighties it was Trotskyist Militant as the Trojan Horse that the Party spent nigh on a decade trying to expunge – when we saw the likes of Militant’s prominent Derek Hatton of Liverpool City Council fame and law breaking, being lambasted by Labour Leader Neil Kinnock recounting in 1985 “the grotesque chaos of a Labour council – a Labour council – hiring taxis to scuttle round a city handing out redundancy notices to its own workers”

Labour’s new fifth columnists’ interloper is supposed ‘grassroots’ left-wing organisation Momentum, with twelve thousand members (and 60,000 supporters?), which was set up last year in the wake of Corbyn’s elevation to the Leadership, but to avoid the fate of Militant, they sign-up to ‘the values and aims of the Labour Party’ – that of course is a non-demonstrable commitment, isn’t it? It is a bit like any career criminal in the dock swearing on the Bible to tell the whole truth, eh? Momentum (a party within a party?) is an easy to jump on passing wagon and infiltrating Trotskyists & the like are and will be doing just that, wont they?

It doesn’t matter who wins this leadership election next month, does it? Either of these men could exist as a ‘fringe’ party leader, but both are totally un-credible as a Prime Minister or even as leader of the official Opposition, surely?

Welshman challenger Owen Smith is someone who nobody had previously heard of and is anything but a Party heavyweight. He simply skulked out of the shadows to snatch the challenge right from Angela Eagle, who was the ONLY one of the disgruntled MPs to have the balls to show her head above the parapet, to take-on Corbyn, and to publicly face the ire and threats from his verbal and potentially physically abusive supporters, wasn’t she? Smith’s decision to enter the fray caused Eagle to withdraw to avoid splitting the anti-Corbyn vote within the Membership, and that is a pity as she would have provided a much better Opposition leader facing up to May than chancer Owen ever would.

Owen as a massive supporter of the EU, has admitted that he would be prepared to shit on the Nations decision for BREXIT, and that shows exactly what a moronic politician he is and how little he supports democracy in this Country, doesn’t it? Furthermore, he is a pussy when it comes to dealing with IS, so that doesn’t go down well, does it?

Just to be clear though, there is absolutely no way that Owen will be able to wrestle the leadership crown from Corbyn, as Momentum has already got the Labour membership electorate sewn up (despite their newest 130,000 members being barred from voting – despite appeals to the Courts, eh?).

In six weeks, Corbyn will come back to the Commons with an even greater mandate to face the same pack of MPs, who don’t back him, won’t be led by him, and would have zilch credibility if they then serve under him. The Parliamentary Opposition will continue to be stuffed for another four years, and that will discredit the ongoing credibility of our historic democracy, won’t it?


[All except Corbyn and his heavies predict that his return to the Commons as leader will be the early coup d’état for this historic party, eh?]


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