No one knows what BREXIT means – what a load of RUBBISH?

  The latest fallacy frequently peddled by the BREXIT deniers is that there is utter confusion over what it actually means. Annoyingly, this facade is regularly and frequently compounded by media commentators giving it ongoing credence – and that is playing into the hands of those morons who are intent on overturning the decision of […]

The disgraceful state of Association Football in England – the incompetent Football Association’s name in the frame?

Some month ago a post here identified where the FA had to go to resuscitate English football and questioned if it would actually happen this time. Well the answer is that it won’t. [see ‘WHERE THE FA HAVE TO GO TO RESUSCITATE ENGLISH FOOTBALL – BUT WILL IT HAPPEN THIS TIME?’] Now, the Football Association […]

Drowning after drowning after drowning – what to make of it all?

Just recently the English newspapers and media have reported the ongoing tragedies of men. women, and children on the beaches losing their lives to the sea. Oh yes these latest deaths may make the headlines, but they are the tip of the iceberg, aren’t they? Yes, we get over a hundred and fifty deaths on […]

Corbyn verses Smith for the Labour Party Leadership – a ‘lame duck’ verses a ‘chancer’?

‘An ineffectual or unsuccessful person’ verses ‘a person who exploits any opportunity to further their own ends’?   It is painful to watch the Labour party pulling itself apart, don’t you think? Here we have a political dynamo that emerged over a century ago through the Unions from the downtrodden working classes which has since […]

Art lovers – village idiots?

‘Normal’ people are expected to look-up to often the upper crust rich elite who populate the so-called art world, aren’t they? The ‘Arts’ these days has apparently moved-on from being just the traditional two biggest visual fine arts of painting and sculpture, to include a multitude of skills in crafts, photography, ceramics, amid all kind […]