This is a follow-on blog from the previously published The Football Association now admits that the England International team is at crisis point – how comes they have only just noticed?]


The Football Association, the governing body of football, are running about like headless chickens now to find a manager to head up the England National team, aren’t they?

This simply sums-up the utter incompetence of those in charge of the so-called ‘beautiful game’ in this Country. A few weeks ago, serial loser manager Roy Hodgson finally got the proverbial boot after another doomed finals play-offs, this time at the Euro 2016’s in France, so certainly a new manager is required – but NOT so desperately, surely?

No, all that is needed is an-interim manager to hold the fort and keep the sear warm, that being someone who is definitely NOT in line for the job (aka Chelsea FC a couple of times in recent years, eh?).

The next major tournament is not until the World Cup in Russia in two years time, yet the FA are already interviewing feeble, improbable, loser type, (opps, sorry) feasible, potential, winner-type, candidates and sending out feelers across the globe, no less? You see, the FA has form and with head-in-the-sand attitude always insists in employing an incompetent ‘loser’ manager at enormous expense, with scant regard to the interests of English football nor opinions of the pundits, and certainly not the views of the football public, eh? No they are a law unto themselves, and take their unbelievably baseless decisions about English football behind closed doors without any accountability nor fear of retribution when they fail and get it all wrong – as they always do?

Their current campaign to put a new manager in place (a simple ‘tick in the box’ exercise for them, you see) illustrates exactly why they have no idea how to run a major business – oh yes make no mistake about it, it is a bloody big business these days, and not your simple a minor sport agency nowadays, is it? No, it itself rakes in more than three-hundred-and-fifty million smackers a year, doesn’t it?

People who know about running a major corporation’s flagship branch or product will tell you that it is important to start with some kind of mission statement, then what is called a strategic plan to execute the mission, followed by a structure to execute the plan, and finally find somebody to put in charge who buys into it all and is capable of running the show – so it is with organising a the England football team?

BUT however if you are merely running a well supported market stall, you don’t need any of that stuff, just a wing and a prayer – so it is with organising a the England football team, wouldn’t you say?

Having failed for decade upon decade to deliver a successful football heretage to the Nation, or to even field an England team worthy of this Country, the FA needed to get serious this time when the writing is on the cards. don’t you think?

The objective should be to build a structure that will deliver success after say a 5-10 year period, with no further attempts at another quick fix. So for a start the FA need to build a fresh new totally English only set up and get some backbone back into our football. That means one hundred percent English players, staff and facilities, doesn’t it? It is time to bring some prided of being English back into the sport, surely?

In future ALL players who pull-on an England shirt, at whatever level, MUST also play in England, so those who wish to live and play overseas should enjoy that liberty, while as a consequence forgetting to expect to represent their Country while they do so. Players should no longer be paid to represent England – they get quite enough financial spin-off from that massive honour already, don’t you think?

We need a CEO charged with the responsibility of growing football from ground level roots up, and that means the FA & their underlings the League Authorities using the massive millions coming into the game to provide local facilities for young kids (like the Germans do) and abandoning current the ridiculous league club academy system that totally embroils young children from seven and ‘coaches’ them incessantly before it throws them on the scrapheap at sixteen (and no doubt teaches them on the way how to cheat like the professionals – and spit like a trouper, as well?). All the big money is currently channelled into paying obscene millions to players (most of them foreigners who don’t even pay much tax) and their bloodsucking agents, but certainly not into local football.

The FA should appoint an England manager who operates under the CEO but holds unilateral responsibility in selecting and training a semi-permanently named squad of 24 players from which the England team for international matches would then be subsequently be selected [registered English players should record if they wish to be considered for the squad].The man for the job should be a suitably qualified bloke with all the relevant badges of course, but should be from the younger group, so would unlikely to be a proven hero from a Premiership club. The role does not require the skills inherent in running a major club where buying and selling players constitutes a major part, as well does the politics of dealing with megalomaniacal foreign owners, or for that matter in satisfying braying supporters clubs, eh?

What is needed in the England camp is a talent that can be expected, with appropriate support, to grow into the job, start with a clean slate, and provide a modernising, progressive, player environment and a set-up that will produce a stable team, which is essential in bringing about an exciting and outstanding football outcome downstream.

The last manager’s idea of football management at international level was to select the top eleven players who he considered the best in around at a particular point in the season, and play them. He gave scant regard to sticking to a system and even less to players playing in their normal positions, nor indeed in creating an actual team – lowly Leicester won the Premiership with a TEAM performance with one that most certainly was the cheapest around and did not include eleven top players, didn’t they?

The current head bloke nowadays at the FA is one Greg Dyke and that is a name many will probably recognise, but not necessarily in a football context , eh? Oh yes, he has been around the block in the media world for donkey’s years, but is likely best known for being sent-off after his disastrous play as top man at the BBC. What does he actual know about football or bring to the realms of association football, then? In a word, NOTHING.

Indeed, there are men in the FA who do know about football, but they have undoubtedly abdicated their responsibilities – not least to the commercial interests of the Premier League. The FA have allowed our football to be taken over by foreign interests in a manner that would never be allowed elsewhere, and the nation overcrowded by overseas managers. As a consequence English players are denied the opportunities to develop into world class players, and the FA says they are tackling the problem, but in reality they are tinkering about the edges, aren’t they?.

Will the Football Association now change tack, change course, take advantage indeed of a brisk prevailing wind and get the England team back on an even keel. Dream on everybody, they will immediately go for broke, they will quickly appoint a totally unsuitable candidate past his sell-by date, they will pay an unbelievable inappropriate amount of money for meaningless results, they will inject another loser into the job as England Manager, they will expect immediate results, they will con the supporters again and get away with it, without doubt eh?

[Sadly the voices of true football supporters will be muted by those at the FA keen to keep it an over expensive game to justify their own high incomes from the sport, don’t you think?]


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