The ‘brand new’ Theresa May Government – what to think?


Remainers in Cabinet: 18              Leavers in Cabinet: 7

Remainers sacked: 5             Leavers sacked: 5

All the political pundits, never mind the unknowing general public, got a massive shock with not only the speed at which Prime Minister Theresa May put her stamp on the Government, but with the unexpected level of bloodletting – one suspects that some old scores were settled, eh?

Probably the most significant thing for this Country future was her immediate removal of little rich boy George Osborne from the corridors of power. It would appear that she told him in no uncertain terms he was a bleeding awful Chancellor who had survived for 6 years only because he was a mate of David Cameron, before she told him to bog-off out of the backdoor of No11?

Arguably Osborne has been the worst, most dishonourable, chancer, of a British Chancellor of the Exchequer in modern history, eh? Not only did he waste much of his effort intrusively interfering in the running of other departments, but if he had spent as much time and energy in the Treasury power base as he did plotting to get the PM job, the UK economy might just have been in a better place, wouldn’t you say?

He has furthermore been severely infected with the debilitating infection of cronyism that has indeed blighted the Cameron administration.

His flagship policy of clearing the deficit was scuttled simply because when he set off, he with his other strategies also snuffed out the growth it depended-on. So the Nation has suffered miserably and unnecessarily for six years with his deep austerity cure delivered by numerous painful needles, to no avail?

Notwithstanding this and his many other blatant failures like on even dealing with structural problems, his embarrassing performances on Budget Day when he has been subsequently forced to backtrack, is unprecedented, isn’t it?

Like in Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the emperor with new clothes that didn’t actually exist, Osborne’s associates, sycophantic followers, supporters, and allies have inexplicably lauded him as a great saviour of the finances of the Country – it has taken not a child but Theresa May to tell him the truth that he was wearing no clothes, hasn’t it?

His dumbing down of Britain as part of his crackpot project fear was disgustingly inappropriate from a person charged with promoting and protecting the image of our Country’s finances, and that was only matched by his abject failure to even show his face to calm the markets after the Referendum result and his undignified behaviour since, wasn’t it? In doing so he has dragged the hard won reputation of the Treasury into gutter with him, unfortunately? Now he is done for politically, wouldn’t you say?

Big ideas man Michael Gove not unexpectedly got his comeuppance for underhand disloyalty, which just shows you what principles can do to destroy you in the nasty world of party politics, don’t you think?

Somewhat unknown Stephen Crabb voluntarily bit the dust though, because it had been disclosed that either he couldn’t keep it in his trousers or he didn’t intend nor want to – but May probably didn’t mind as she didn’t need an over ambitious bloke in Cabinet stirring-up things, did she?

Some other so called ‘big beasts’ might now be looking to focus more on their external interests instead of scamming from substantial governmental incomes and expenses, including the likes of from the Notting Hill set, policy deciding guru, and now ex-Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Letwin (of tennis court plumbing mis-claimed expenses and breach of data protection rules, fame) who now admits that the previous government has (deliberately?) handicapped BREXIT by ensuring that the UK enters the phase of establishing new trade negotiations around the world with ZERO British trade negotiators – the ones we have are all apparently working for the EU (perhaps against our interests?); or strident loudmouth incompetent Nicky Morgan, Oxbridge and of the privileged classes, exposed as statistically challenged, who as Education secretary showed how easy it was to get jostled off course; or even John Whittingdale admirer of a sex worker but not exposed as such by the supposedly intrusive media, which we were assured was not influenced by him being the Cabinet minister overseeing their control, eh?

A surprising disappointment was her retention in the Cabinet of Jeremy Hunt (have to be careful with the spelling, eh?), who retained his post as Health Secretary. One can only assume that May has already abandoned all hope of the NHS recovering its own health, and will make Hunt the sacrificial lamb when the time comes to allot blame in a year or so’ time, don’t you think?

On the BREXIT side of things, old codger and titular leader of its campaign, David Davis has been put in charge of the political exit handling. While he is certainly a heavyweight politician, he is hardly Mr Dynamism, is he?

Bringing in prominent Leave supporter Liam Fox from the cold of his exile for his previous inexplicable misplaced favouritism misbehaviour when Defence Secretary is pretty unfathomable, isn’t it? He has often been described as the darling of the Tory right, but his following was shown to be anything but great when he came bottom of the pile in the leadership election with a derisory 16 votes, surely?

What qualities Amber Rudd, a shrill Remainer, who has been around for a mere half a dozen years, brings to the table other than obnoxious behaviour, or how the hell she has got the job of Home Secretary, nobody knows, eh? One might even assume that May is handing over the poisoned chalice to terminate the rocketing career of an Osborne protégée, perhaps?

As everyone expected May promoted second in line for election to the Tory leadership earlier this week Andrea Leadsom into the Cabinet, as Environment Secretary, but that is of some dubious news as it turns out that while being a strong supporter of BREXIT she is also one of Fox Hunting and is keen also to sell of our forests which is hardly encouraging for our environment from someone in her new role, eh? Perhaps she will let the forests go to the big bidding Arabs who don’t have any as they have let theirs go (joke)?

True to form, David Cameron, as a parting two fingers salute to the normal public, has had the cheek to instruct civil servants to give large undeserved bonuses to his overpaid, ineffective, moronic, unnecessarily large gang of political advisors – the pen-pushers though made him put it in writing so it is on the record, didn’t they?

We can now expect Cameron to further get away with bestowing undeserved honours on his mates and hangers-on, as well as further stacking the overpopulated Lords with even more people who will not be welcomed there, eh?


[The unregulated prime ministerial appointments to the Lords (236 peers from Cameron alone by last year) is not only are extremely costly to this Country, but it is seriously damaging to parliament]



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