Labour’s NEC meeting decided Corbyn can stand without being nominated – the judgement of Solomon denied?


RedFlagLabour THE RED FLAG

The Labour Party is in turmoil and facing certain death.

Like in the biblical story of a baby being fought over by two possible mothers and facing being split in half by Solomon to resolve the dispute, so it is with the Labour Party today after some hundred years plus of existence, when its current leader Jeremy Corbyn is fighting for it to belong to him and the Parliamentary Labour Party is warring to deny him that right.

The trauma started a little over a year ago when to the shock of the MPs, the wider labour Party membership overwhelmingly voted-in Corbyn (by 60%) as its new leader. He won substantially in terms of full Members (committed Labour), Registered Supporters (£3 interloper activists), and Affiliated Supporters (trade union associates), so he certainly had cornered the market, hadn’t he?

Now Corbyn however, is more of a very left wing loner than a mainstream extrovert leader, and the result was devastating to the hopes of the PLP in ever getting back into government, as while the new leader might be a god to those red blooded socialists in the sticks, he would go down like a lead balloon in the wider mid England electorate (Scotland is now a barren land). Nevertheless, they were stuck with him and had to knuckle down for a time and work with him in Opposition until the right opportunity arose.

Well, the time has come now. It resulted from Corbyn’s blatant personal ‘lack of commitment’ to the EU, which the MPs crankily transposed into to ‘a failure of leadership’. The members of the shadow cabinet resigned in droves, a vote of no confidence was passed overwhelmingly, and normally that would have been an effective ‘black spot’ delivery. However Corbyn refused to swallow the hemlock and was strongly coerced by his left wing controlling henchmen to hold-up alone in his front-line trench and face the incoming that would without doubt obliterate all, and destroy the Party?

The rules of labour leadership elections are plainly designed to ensure that candidates have a ‘reasonable’ level of support in the PLP (as the party is a ‘parliamentary democracy’ and originally there was no leader only a MP parliamentary chairman), and in Corbyn’s case he cannot muster that as he has only some 40 MP supporters remaining when he needs a minimum of 51. He claims that the rules shouldn’t apply to him and that he should be allowed to be included in nominations going out to the Party members, despite the fact that he won’t actually be nominated. He has threatened a legal challenge if he is not given such special treatment.

There are 33 NEC members who were to be placed in the role of Solomon yesterday – and they made a so called ‘political’ decision by secret ballot that Jeremy Corbyn should be allowed to stand without proper nomination. This is clearly an obtuse outcome following 6 hours of tense argument and one that flies in the face of any kind of logic or common sense for that matter, doesn’t it?

This is doubtlessly a momentous event as the consequence for the Labour Party’s future is diabolical, isn’t it? The Mexican stand-off between the two elements of the Party that simply HAD to be avoided if the Party was to shun an inevitable split but wasn’t, so in reality the actual decision today becomes irrelevant, surely?

A reaffirmation by the labour members of Corbyn as leader would solve nothing, would it? It would mean that the current irresolvable situation and the impasse between Corbyn and his Parliamentary Group would continue to provide an unworkable position. There can be no prospect of MPs suddenly re-finding confidence in Corbyn as the boss just because members tell them to, is there?

In decades long gone, the Labour Party came close to being dragged into the gutter by the cancerous contamination and intensive infiltration of left-wing extremists. And they have allowed it to happen again – there hasn’t been anybody strong enough or with guts enough in charge with the balls to put a stop to it – so there now seems no way back, as Corbyn and his hangers-on cretins would rather see the killing of the labour party, than give up their claim to own it for now.


[A sad end for a great party which has always had laudable ambitions for Britain, but in the end was euthanatized by the very union movement that gave it birth in the first place – how ironic, eh?]


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