Andrea Leadsom – Trick or Treat?


The underdog candidate and indeed looser, for being the next UK Prime Minister, was the one of lightness who we were told was lacking of Cabinet experience, and is of course Andrea Leadsom, who just yesterday withdrew her candidacy for the job before the vote was to go out to the Party Members.

The first the general public ever really knew about Andrea Leadsom was when they saw her on TV speaking effectively in championing the cause of BREXIT, wasn’t it? She made an immediate visual impact with her confident, knowledgeable, and very impressive performances that had many of us checking out just who she was. The fact that she stood out strikingly, despite standing alongside the likes of the instantly recognisable and major figure of Boris Johnson, merely flaunted the fact that she was possibly destined for far greater things – little did we realise that meant though being in line for being the next Prime Minister, did we?

Leadsom some years ago indeed apparently supported the UK remaining in the European Union – but that view was conditional on PM David Cameron securing the fundamental change in the EU that had been promised by her party (but that never materialised, did it?). She took a massive risk to her future House of Commons career as a junior minister, when she stepped out of line, to join up with the BREXIT crowd and play a prominent part – she most certainly faced being returned to Cameron’s backbenches immediately after the Referendum, if HE had won, eh?

A lot of play was made about Leadsom’s so called CV, with scorn thrown at her and rubbishing her high level involvement with major financial institutions. Well, most of us who know about CVs know what they are like, and would realise that while her experience might be quite valid, she couldn’t have been a major player in the world of finance because if it had been so, she wouldn’t have ditched that for a minor role as a relative pauper MP, surely?

Whatever she has done experience wise, it has been a damn sight closer to the financial world than the likes of George Osborne, who despite knowing nothing whatsoever about economics, was rewarded with the Chancellor’s job for loyalty to friend David Cameron. You see, following a respectable degree in History he sneaked into politics, and the nearest he has ever been to being in the City would be at a Fleet Street bar, and his closest involvement with a Bank being a hole-in-the-wall, yet he has been ruining (oops, sorry) running the economy for the past 6 years, hasn’t he?

With her emergence as the remaining opponent to the establishment’s favourite Theresa May, they were really-really worried that she might make it, so embarked on vicious personal attacks on her where they spotted any possible weak point on her shell, including them successfully hysterically demanding that she stood aside to allow May to walk-into No 10 unchallenged – that was showing real fear, but it proved effective, eh

Without doubt Leadsom’s outer personal shell lacked the hardess of the likes of May, so she was ill prepared for the sudden nasty onslaught against her which without doubt shattered her somewhat. In particular the orchestrated misrepresentation in the media of her beliefs on motherhood in politics, severely undermined her – but her interview naivety demonstrated her vulnerability to such attacks. Furthermore, she was being cast into the category of a Jeremy Corbyn type leader who might well win the vote out in the sticks, but then would be in conflict with the greater part of the Tory Westminster MPs. She was in a ‘lose-lose’ situation, so folded graciously while indicating she would be holding May’s shoe renowned feet to the fire over BREXIT, perhaps?

Normally we think that deep insight and laudable commitment should bring success, that courage should be rewarded, and that risk taken should reap returns in relation to the stake involved, but in Leadsom’s case that wasn’t to be, was it?

Many-many people saw Leadsom as the potential deliverer of the treat of bringing-in a breath of fresh air into the corridors of power and providing for a change an exciting vision for the Tory party and Government – but that potential was scuppered by the MPs trick, wasn’t it?

Whether Leadsom’s star will go anywhere now, will be of course be completely down to her previous rival Theresa May, isn’t it? Well, May is known to be a vindictive politician if crossed, which has been part of her survival capability in the rough and tumble of Westminster in fighting, so we will see? It is unlikely that optimistic and fresh Leadsom has done anything whatsoever yet to get up the nose of May, surely? Not only will a large tranche of Conservative MPs who wanted Leadson as leader expect her to be given a decent Cabinet role, but so will the BREXIT voting public- moreover it is unlikely that May will want to start her administration with conflict, don’t you think?


[The general public will expect to see a lot more of ‘Andrea Leadsom’ and for her to demonstrate she was a rightful contender for the Prime Minister appointment, won’t they?]

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