All the establishment’s big guns were blazing–well they weren’t needed to coerce Tory Party Members though were they?


Theresa May will be our next British Prime Minister in a couple of day’s time, and that has been instant determined today, so hopefully she will now have everyone’s support, won’t she?

Understandably, if disappointingly for some, Andrea Leadson decided this was not her time and today with some credibility handed over the Conservative Leadership role to May

Without doubt, the usual culprits from the institutional forces were geared-up to put pressure on constituency Conservative organisation to select ‘old hat’ Theresa May as the next Prime Minister – and they were employing dirty tricks and a manipulative media to undermine ‘fresh out of the blocks’ Andrea Leadsom’s challenge for the role of the next Prime Minister?

It wasn’t in the event needed when the Members were kept out of the decision making anyway, weren’t they?

Anyone who has come within any type of close contact with Britain’s political elite will tell you that they work within a slimy sleazy environment, where the end simply justifies the means, won’t they? Our politicians expect us public to be naive enough to believe that it is the bloody overseas foreign regimes that have dirty hands and employ dubious practices when it comes to democracy, don’t they? Well, in fact to the contrary, we recognise that our lot are tarred with the same brush, are all in it for themselves and associates, but are just more ‘well prepared’ and ‘better equipped’ at getting away with it, wouldn’t you say?

The successful game plan was to get May into power, as she is somebody they thought could most easily be leant-on to simply continue the past years of laissez–faire approach and lack of any coherent political vision, plus to boot railroading the UK’s population into accepting some of the dire consequences of being in the European Union and being inexorably associated with the disastrous euro currency as well, don’t you think?

However, the news on the wire was that she can be an awkward cuss who can be both pedantic in reaching decisions and uncompromisingly inflexible later on – so as the saying goes perhaps they ‘should have been careful for what they had wish for’, eh?

The in parallel denegation of Leadson as too young and too inexperienced for the job, flies in face of logical fact when the likes of Cameron and Blair, the last two publically elected PMs, were even a bit younger than her (some ten years) and what is more had NEVER held a functional ministerial let alone a Cabinet post BEFORE being handled the responsibility of establishing the Government and running the Country – so why were they trying to imply that it couldn’t be done again by Leadson, do you think?

Leadsom might just have been the force needed to turn a government ‘In power but not in control’ into one with the strategic vision it requires to meet the challenges ahead, perhaps? Now we will never know, eh?

Make no mistake however the winner in this game , May is more than capable enough of forming and running the government, but perhaps only as a short term stabiliser without being able to embark-on the undoubted political brilliance of Cameron. However, as somebody who had abandoned her own beliefs in what was best for the Country, in favour of her career continuance by switching to the Remain side, she will suffer as a suspect fifth columnist to actually deliver full BREXIT – but to her credit she has strenuously promised the nation that she will do it, so that should be graciously accepted for now, certainly?.

The Country is now looking to Theresa May as Prime Minister to get the UK quickly out of the stranglehold of the EU and to fully embrace the newly acquired opportunities of being independent again, rather than simply managing the wildly embellished risks that the public were presented with by the Government before the Referendum (when voters had subsequently accepted potential downturns when they determinately voted ‘leave’)


[Theresa May’s first Cabinet team will give us all the best clues as to her future direction for the Country – if she reappoints ‘George Osborne’ as Chancellor you will know we are heading into Armageddon territory, don’t you think?]


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