The Football Association now admits that the England International team is at crisis point – how comes they have only just noticed?

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Anyone who knows anything ‘whatsoever’ about English football appreciates that it has been in the cacky for not one or two, but numerous decades, wouldn’t you say?

England’s team at this summer’s Euro Finals in France were a bloody shameful shower, and ALL their performances were dire. Their appearance at this tournament was indeed a total embarrassment for all the loyal English supporters of what is a supposedly world class team, don’t you think?

Well then, who do you blame?

The first set of individuals who are blatantly at fault HAS to be the bleeding players, who in France trotted onto the park and after failure again, again, again and again trotted-off, without a care in the world, nor even sporting red faces, surely? These guys are highly paid league professionals, with reputations to aspire to, but who in reality don’t give a damn when it comes to playing for their Country, do they? No, they are simply happy with their undeserved riches back home, and the adoration bestowed them by a fawning public at club level, who are desperate for local supremacy in derby environments. When you compare England’s international players’ attitude against that of the likes of the Icelandic hero players, who turned out not to be on-leave fishermen, but ambition driven, dedicated sharks, taking-down floundering opponents like England.

The Welsh also showed what fighting spirit is all about and where guts and determination can get you, when deep down you actually really care about the result, wouldn’t you agree?

Our squad slunk home AGAIN with no sycophantic football obsessed media at hand, nor celebratory open-bus top city tours to boot, with them trying to play gods to thousands of supporters, eh? No, they unashamedly smooched-off in their, unaffordable to others, luxury exotic motor cars, to their multimillion pound abodes to be greeted by their receptive and awaiting WAGS, who love them dearly solely because of their sweaty smell, their frequent cheating with other woman, their drunken violence and public misbehaviour, and nothing whatsoever to do with their millions in the bank and the further millions to follow, eh?

Now the players do have a bit of an excuse in that they never got to perform in a settled England team with an established play system, but that hardly explains their demonstrable disgusting lack of commitment and non-application, particularly when the chips were down, does it?

OK then, second in the frame is the England Manager, mr serial loser Roy Hodgson, who has carelessly blooded, coached and trained all the players over four years, selected the squads for three major international tournaments, promised total success, played his best teams – but delivered a damp squib of unrelenting failures EVERY time, didn’t he? Yet this is the non-wonder guy that kept being given a contract for the job on the basis of him delivering ‘potential’ success NEXT TIME, eh?

His attitude to the latest fiasco in France, is summed-up by his opening comment when summoned to the UK press conference on the Euro debacle with “I don’t know why I am here”. You see despite extracting a three and a half million annual salary plus god knows how much more in enormous expenses and travelling the world in pursuit of his international football management duties, he doesn’t feel that he is ‘in anyway’ accountable for our team’s failure, after failure, after failure, does he?

Historic readers of this blog will know well, that there have been over the past three years numerous posts here that have exposed Hodgson’s total lack of nous and credibility for the task of England manager, and have warned that at ALL THREE tournaments, England would come away with a bloody nose – as it turned out, unfortunately? Nevertheless, he has been allowed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, and turned out not ‘football to die for’ but ‘dead on the ground football’, wouldn’t you say?

It is ironic that Hodgson’s parting shot was to claim, as some kind of remarkable outstanding success, that he fielded the ‘youngest’ squad in France which was therefore an exciting prospect for the future – he completely misses the point that any village idiot can select young players by looking at their passport ages but if they are proven ‘losers’ then that it augers anything but well for the future of English football, surely? That kind of thinking is the reason we have ended up with a crap team, wouldn’t you say?

But perhaps the third and greatest shower involved in all these scenes of disaster, are the hundred and fifty year old Football Association’s duffers, who are the highly remunerated faceless puppeteers, whom have tirelessly pulled the totally wrong strings to make their dunce managers successfully dance to the right tune. They make theirunbelievably base decisions behind closed doors without any accountability whatsoever, nor with any form of public consent, and moreover indeed flying in the face of English football’s widespread opinion. When subsequently the shit hits the fan they make neither apology nor amends, do they? In any ‘normal’ organisation the decision makers at the top get the preverbal boot when they screw-up and they don’t simply carryon regardless, do they? Contrastingly, those at the FA simply ‘eventually’ sack the manager and his so called coaching team – and then set about employing another incompetent cohort under a new centurion who is never worthy of being primus pilus (first spear), but they do so at even greater expense, don’t they?


[A few years ago, footballer Ashley Cole called the FA “a bunch of twats” and was fined £90,000 for his trouble – the truth hurts, eh?]




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