THE HARE PAIR HAVE BEEN RELEASED—out of view now in the cornfield of the Conservative Associations?


With a slight of hand that would amaze illusionist ‘Dynamo’, the Government’s Establishment have succeeded in pushing Trojan Theresa May into the BREXIT compound, haven’t they? Yep, she is just the right person they think to take-over their hopes to scupper the UK’s ‘full’ exit from the European Union, wouldn’t you say?

Despite the fact that the British people had accepted any ‘threatened’ potential consequences to themselves of Britain voting to leave the EU, our elected PMs who belligerently advocated remain, are nevertheless persisting that they don’t accept the outcome, so they are even galvanised into trying to encapsulating non-believer May as Prime Minister – the population expected more of them, and for them to allow a BREXIT campaigner to takeover negotiation for our EU exit, but we were naive weren’t we? –[The trounced by the people europhile MPs give the game away on their intentions when they talk about ‘RE-negotiating’ with the EU, when in fact we are STARTING a new separate negotiation on our Exit, aren’t we?]

Yep, the intended ‘remainers’ MPs have marshalled their forces to ensure that May marches in front and forward to the Conservative Members’ vote with a massive and dominatingly endorsement from Tory MPs – because THEY were certainly NOT going to be swayed by the public’s voice that demonstrated that their MPs were out of touch, were they? No, this arrogant maverick establishment bunch of remainers that constituted some eighty percent of May’s supporters in the second ballot, expect their opinions to be accepted by rank & file members, and for them to then shoe-in May as the next PM, don’t they?

Here we have the incredible and inedible situation, in a Country what is deemed to be the home of democracy, where a couple of hundred people have now decreed that the UK’s next prime Minister SHALL BE a woman and indeed have marked the card of one of them, eh? That is 0.001% of voters and even if you would accept that altogether they previously ‘nominally’ represented say 11 ¼ million Tory voters at last year’s general election, they are in still supporting May, mustering only about twenty percent of the UK’s voting population and that was BEFORE their original mandates got a pasting in the EU Referendum, wasn’t it? That is a disgraceful turn out of events that nevertheless will determine the entire future of our Country, surely?

Oh yes, all that simply gets considerably worst when NOW the two dominant hares are released to run into the corn towards home with just conservative members (from a dubious suspect dataset but with three quarters of it MALE anyway, eh?) around the UK get to decide on which of the two does first reach the home finishing post to become the new PM, doesn’t it? Yep, just HALF A PERCENT or less of the voting general public will choose Britain’s next Prime Minister – happy about that level of democracy are you, eh?

[If you thought that there has been bloodletting in the Conservative ranks already, just wait for the real thing in September, when it will get really vicious, eh?]






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