Finally the sentence is delivered for murderer Oscar Pistorius –about time but another travesty too, surely?

reevaReeva Steenkamp murdered by Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to only 6 years in jail for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp – an insult to common justice, surely?

Any hope and prayers we might have had for Judge Masipa to do what is right to administer justice for Reeva Steenkamp, were dashed again today when once more she has shown scant regard for South African law. This is a judge who not only has been exposed by the highest criminal court in SA as not correctly applying the law, but also had invoked excessive leniency in his previous sentencing. The fact that she has been charged with this responsibility for sentencing Pistorius, simply makes a mockery of the SA justice system, and makes it a laughing stock across the World, doesn’t it? [Without compelling reasons (and there aren’t ANY), the MANDATORY minimum sentence is 15 years, but that has been ignored, and the judge has now given him only one more year for the ‘murder’ than she decided on when she originally found him guilty of ‘manslaughter’ – a MUCH less serious conviction. Her justification is that he had shown ‘remorse’ when nothing is further from the truth, since he has NEVER admitted ANY responsibility and consistently insisted in court that it was simply an accident that could have happened to anybody, no less?

Previously, to gain sympathy at his sentencing hearing, Oscar Pistorius had demonstrated staggering on his bare stumps , but they didn’t show him running like a hare in the Olympics did they? No, that would have belied the assertion that he was a poor, incapable, pitiful, individual, wouldn’t you say?

Pistorius even employed a psychologist to give evidence that imprisonment could be ‘harmful’, and to say that he was so broken that he was ‘incapable’ of giving evidence at this hearing – yet he had recently given a TV interview where he clearly recounted his rehearsed lying account of what happened that night, and moreover that was in an articulated manner, interspersed with smiling and laughing, to boot? No sign of being broken, there then?

The apologists for Oscar Pistorius are legion and some rewrite history to turn Pistorius into some kind of modern-day saint who has done nothing wrong, when the inescapable simple fact is that he is a disgusting, lying, gun worshiping, scum murderer, no less.

One of them disgustingly wrote at length that Pistorius’ was ‘robbed’ of his right to a fair and impartial trial, that his conviction was one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in recent history and his treatment a gross violation of his human rights. On the other hand, and indeed in reality, in the nearly three-and-a-half years since he virtually blew-off Reeva’s head with a zombie blaster as he terms it, ‘money no object’ Pistorius has used the entire SA legal process relentlessly to avoid jail-time, and moreover has been out free on bail much-much more time than he has ever spent banged-up, hasn’t he? Yep, he was released from prison having served less than a year in an unbelievably cushy unit, so he has been freed on bail for two-and-a half years of all the time – unbelievable?

People who followed the detail of his actual trial, came to believe that Pistorius did NOT

tell the truth – and that was the conclusion also of the trial judge Masipa, who nevertheless let him off with a manslaughter conviction and gave him only a potential 10 months jail time for being a killer.

Because of his lies, lies, and lies, we don’t know what actually happened, but many believe that the most likely explanation (as the Police suspected) is that Pistorius shot his girlfriend in a state of wild rage brought on by some kind of event (significantly on Valentine night indeed?) – that verdict would be then the difference between the standard of proof required in a criminal matter (beyond reasonable doubt) and in civil matters (on the balance of probabilities). We don’t know much about their real relationship and we can NOT trust Pistorius’ account of course, but it is pretty clear that he did not love her in a lasting way (nor vice-versa), isn’t it? There is little credibility in the claim that Pistorius killed her in the erroneous belief that he was protecting HER from an intruder, is there?

It finally took the highest criminal court in South Africa, the Supreme Court of Appeal, to ultimately confirm the overturn of the ridiculous original conviction (on points of law and not retrying the case) and replace it with a murder conviction. Despite that, Pistorius has remained free – he must be the only killer in the whole wide World, who is allowed to walk the streets for over a year before his trial and for a further six months after his conviction of murder before being sent down, isn’t he? That is South African justice for you on a rich white celebrity even in the modern age, eh?

Those who misguidedly have continued to voice support to Pistorius, amongst other things, have accused the media of bias and character assassination causing public malevolence, a catalogue of obnoxious reporting using his suffering for the entertainment of the masses, and creating a desire for revenge. The truth however is that Pistorius’ flawed character was not only exposed at his trial, but also by the subsequent revelations of those who knew him well, that amplified the evidence that he was a self-centered egoist, who had an abusive nature, erupted into angry possessive rages, showed violent mood swings, and was particularly scary when in possession of a gun. So he is anything but the loving, caring, non-aggressive, pussy cat, man which his camp and supporters pretend, is he?

You see, Pistorius is portrayed by his defenders, as a man that didn’t deserve a witch-hunt because he was a man broken by grief and remorse, when all the evidence is to the contrary, and the ones broken are Reeva’s parents and others. He has ‘ducked’ and ‘dived’ and never accepted responsibility for his murderous actions, but he has taken every possible legal turn available to the SA white & rich to avoid the consequences, hasn’t he? Because of his personal profile, his disability (which ought to be dismissed out of hand as irrelevant in a murder), with his and family money, he has been able to drive a coach and horses through the inadequate SA justice and penal system that seems to be over-indulgent to the likes of him, don’t you think?

Pistorius HAS certainly had the advantage of being treated differently to others by the legal system, particularly coloured murderers, and many in SA are angry that he has been dealt with so leniently, not least women’s organisation in a country where domestic abuse and violence by men against women is endemic and tolerated by the authorities. Countless observers outside of SA are dismayed that such a wonderful country has failed in front of a watching World audience to deliver justice for an innocent young murdered woman, aren’t they?

It is neither harsh nor inappropriate retribution to treat Pistorius under the law that prohibits murder and deems that those convicted of such a crime should be locked-up for a long while, as that is what they deserve – and Pistorius is well within that category, isn’t he?

If Pistorius had been correctly sentenced and if matters there in SA then followed their normal course where Pistorius is involved, he would have been allowed to appeal his sentence, and they would have let him out on even more bail, don’t you think? As it stands he will be relieved at such a short cushy sentence, so perhaps that is it forever now, unless the Prosecution appeal – ‘possible’ as Pistorius will most likely be back on the streets on parole in just 3 years time, eh??

In the past, numerous world sporting icons indeed have bitten the dust because of their excessively bad behaviour or illegal actions, so Pistorius is no different, just worse – with luck he will rot away in jail , so we won’t have to write about him here ever again, and Reeva will safely be with her maker, eh?


[When Nelson Mandela advised “You will achieve more in this world through acts o mercy than you will through acts of retribution”, it was not an invitation to people to murder and escape the consequences was it?]









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