You ‘voted’ for BREXIT, you ‘won’ the vote, you were ‘promised’ it – but will you actually ‘get’ it?

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You well all know that the Government didn’t expect you to win the Referendum vote, so you equally can be quite certain that they don’t really want to deliver the promised result, can’t you?

The Establishment are desperate to backslide on activating ‘full’ ‘BREXIT and what they are going to try to do is to stitch us up by giving us a sop of a ‘bit’ of BREXIT, mixed with a heavy helping of continuing ‘European Union’, don’t you think?

You might expect the so called ‘leaving negotiations’ to be fully fudged so that the UK ‘stays’ in the EU with some kind of Associate membership that still gives up our sovereignty and accept the EU’s laws and court supremacy, gets us to continue to pay large sums of money into the EU to be given to develop other countries without our sanction, keep us in the single market but allow us a bit of latitude on free movement of EU immigrants for a few years, but nevertheless drag us into increased political and financial control, and suffer by the EU’s ongoing commitment to the dire euro currency, without doubt?

The bad loser Remainers are even taking to the streets to moan about the result, claiming that it is unfair, and demanding a rerun attempt to overturn the overwhelming ‘Leave’ decision, aren’t they? Yet this after a voting system that they had fully endorsed previously, so wouldn’t let it be changed to a modern voting system that required fifty percent to win, which moreover they were more than happy with before they LOST the Referendum, eh? They were perfectly ecstatic that the Conservatives won the General Election last year with ONLY 37% of the vote that put them in power for 5 years with David Cameron as Prime Minister, while they bitch now when BREXIT attracted a full 52% of the vote and gained SIX MILLION more votes indeed than Tories did to win that actual Election (they didn’t champion a rerun of that one ,did they?).

The stitch-up started with Cameron, who had previously religiously sworn to ‘lead the leave’ negations if the Government lost, but he stacked immediately instead, didn’t he? Did you wonder why? Well, because he knew he wouldn’t be able to get away with a fudged BREXIT, so he has set out to ensure that they shoe-horn in somebody else to do the dirty work, hasn’t he?

They are intent on deploying ALL their resources to get a ‘non-BREXIT believer’ into pole position as the next PM, so that she can secure and get away with only a partial exit from the EU – without taking to the streets there will be nothing we can do about it (and we don’t go that far as Brits, do we?).


[See a further follow-on blog to be published here within the next 24 hours on the Conservative Leader selection progress – The Conservative Leadership Election 2016 – a stitch-up of the ‘Electorate’s’ Voice?


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