This is a follow-on blog from the previously published “The Football Association now admits that the England International team is at crisis point – how comes they have only just noticed?] The Football Association, the governing body of football, are running about like headless chickens now to find a manager to head up the England […]

The ‘brand new’ Theresa May Government – what to think?

Remainers in Cabinet: 18              Leavers in Cabinet: 7 Remainers sacked: 5             Leavers sacked: 5 All the political pundits, never mind the unknowing general public, got a massive shock with not only the speed at which Prime Minister Theresa May put her stamp on the Government, but with the unexpected level of bloodletting – one suspects […]

‘Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition ‘– who the bloody hell is it?

   THE RED FLAG We have a convention in the UK Parliament that the leader of the second largest political party of MPs (not if in the government though) becomes the Leader of the Opposition. This brings with it substantial power, privileges, and democratic influence, not to forget of course financial rewards and considerable patronage, […]

Theresa May – FACT or FICTION?

The front runner candidate (indeed winner), for being the next UK Prime Minister, was the one of gravitas who we were told reeks of Cabinet experience, and is of course Theresa May. However, if the truth be known she logs up only half a dozen years at that, and that ALL has been in a […]

Labour’s NEC meeting decided Corbyn can stand without being nominated – the judgement of Solomon denied?

   THE RED FLAG The Labour Party is in turmoil and facing certain death. Like in the biblical story of a baby being fought over by two possible mothers and facing being split in half by Solomon to resolve the dispute, so it is with the Labour Party today after some hundred years plus of […]

Andrea Leadsom – Trick or Treat?

The underdog candidate and indeed looser, for being the next UK Prime Minister, was the one of lightness who we were told was lacking of Cabinet experience, and is of course Andrea Leadsom, who just yesterday withdrew her candidacy for the job before the vote was to go out to the Party Members. The first […]

All the establishment’s big guns were blazing–well they weren’t needed to coerce Tory Party Members though were they?

Theresa May will be our next British Prime Minister in a couple of day’s time, and that has been instant determined today, so hopefully she will now have everyone’s support, won’t she? Understandably, if disappointingly for some, Andrea Leadson decided this was not her time and today with some credibility handed over the Conservative Leadership […]

The Football Association now admits that the England International team is at crisis point – how comes they have only just noticed?

     England flag Anyone who knows anything ‘whatsoever’ about English football appreciates that it has been in the cacky for not one or two, but numerous decades, wouldn’t you say? England’s team at this summer’s Euro Finals in France were a bloody shameful shower, and ALL their performances were dire. Their appearance at this tournament […]

THE HARE PAIR HAVE BEEN RELEASED—out of view now in the cornfield of the Conservative Associations?

With a slight of hand that would amaze illusionist ‘Dynamo’, the Government’s Establishment have succeeded in pushing Trojan Theresa May into the BREXIT compound, haven’t they? Yep, she is just the right person they think to take-over their hopes to scupper the UK’s ‘full’ exit from the European Union, wouldn’t you say? Despite the fact […]

The Tories shoe in the Trojan to try to overturn the BREXIT verdict – will it work though?

STILL STANDING:         Michael Gove: Andrea Leadsom: Theresa May BLOG CURRENT FORCAST: Theresa May v Andrea Leadsom [Red = voted Remain            Blue = voted Leave] Well, well, well, the outcome of the first ballot for the Conservative leadership produced the expected, though totally unsatisfactory result, with ‘remain’ backing candidate Theresa May’s star rising well above […]