Remain supporters are in complete denial – now trying to renege on BREXIT?

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It is quite upsetting to witness the vitriolic outpourings of many of the Remain supporters, who are demonstrably extremely bad losers. In continuance of their disgusting campaign, they want to resurrect the debate even after the clear undisputable result, and are now refusing to gracefully to accept defeat by the majority of ordinary voters, who they are now further denigrating.

First they want the peoples’ decision overturned by the Westminster Parliament and failing that to keep the UK as deeply involved in the EU as possible. They are trying to turn the UK into a banana republic and they need to learn what democracy is all about, don’t you think?

We don’t always get the government we individually have vote for, but we religiously support their right to run the Country their way and against our own personal wishes, because the majority of other people supported it, and we don’t then abuse those others because of that, do we?

The elected British Government’s clear mandate now, resulting from the Referendum is to cut ALL our ties with the EU – and that is why PM David Cameron had to resign, didn’t he? The losers need to focus their efforts not on division but on joining-in to make things work successfully in our wonderful Country released at last from the shackles of the EU, don’t they?

We have had even to suffer the shocking and unedifying spectacle of the likes of ‘pretend grandee’ of the Conservative Party Kenneth Clarke telling the UK Parliament that they should welsh on its commitment to let the voters decide on the UK’s future in the EU, simply because HE voted to remain. He denigrated the validity of Britain’s IN-OUT Referendum in which some thirty-four million ordinary British subjects voted and postulated that it was a mere non-binding ‘plebiscite’ and that the will of the people should be ignored and casually overridden by MPs who were superior to the masses. Cameron put the kibosh on that one though, didn’t he?

Remember well though, that this is a man who has never done an honest day’s work in his life, but relies on the electorate and has even regularly stood to be Prime Minister of this Country [3 times no less], who has been a serial Cabinet Minister [6 different Posts under 3 PMs], who has been an ‘elected’ MP for 46 years, who still pontificates endlessly on all and every political issue under the sun. Yet now he clearly demonstrates that he is in truth a politician who pisses on the heart of democracy in favour of kissing the face of supremacy.

Perhaps though it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise to us all, as he as its President opposed women being even admitted to the Cambridge Union – that tells us all we need to know about his hidden views on equality and democracy, doesn’t it? Oh yes, you probably will also recall that while he is a magical manipulator of parliamentary expenses, he is also a great advocate of tobacco companies encouraging our young people into taking up smoking and probably heading for major illness and an early grave – that tells us all we need to know both about his responsibility and his deep-rooted non care for this Country’s young citizens, doesn’t it?

Is it any wonder then, with this kind of malevolent major public role-model, that the moronic failed remainers won’t accept the result and knuckle down to combine forces to work in unity to grow our Country? Is it any wonder then that the BREXIT doubters, even though the deed is done, have continued to damagingly dumb down this Country’s future, causing uncertainty in sterling and the markets, and all that despite the fact that Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has showed them the way forward in calming the hysteria?

The BREXIT supporters voted not for personal gain but to secure the best possible future for our young and the unborn, while many on the Remain side had their own vested interests at heart and peddled a poisonous message to try to get their way but they failed, didn’t they?


[When Churchill’s addressed the Commons for the first time he said “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat,” and the British people accepted that and delivered it, which led to victory over oppressive powers in Europe]

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