The Labour Genie got out of the bottle – will it go back in?

Herein lies the story of the Labour Party’s internal struggle since losing the General Election in May 2015

RedFlagLabour THE RED FLAG genieRED2     out of pity, a gaggle of just a few silly but well intentioned Labour MPs from the Parliamentary Labour Party unwittingly let a malevolent sleeping gene out of its bottle, and couldn’t get it to go back in when they realised exactly what they had done, The genie however used its magical powers to captivate the minds of people far and wide and enslaved them to make him the supreme leader of their isolated community which is reliant on a band of shrinking supporters who vote for it.

The MPs suffered with bad dreams about their future with the genie in power but not in control, and vowed amongst themselves to get him back whence he came, but they had to bide their time. Meantime, some of them agreed to work with and alongside the genie for a while until they could coax and coerce him back to the bottle he had been constrained in for over 30 years.

The time finally came to confront the genie and expose to him that the MPs had no confidence in his magical powers and authority, but he strongly resisted their pleas to return to his previous abode, as he liked the sensation of power on the outside that he had never experienced before in the bottle, and he didn’t want to let it go without a fight, whatever the consequences to the MPs or the further reducing wider population which he had been shown to be completely out of touch with.

Most of the MPs working with the genie were most angry and more than 30 of them, including one-and-a-half dozen biggest helper ones, withdrew their labour in an attempt to depose the genie, but he didn’t give a jot of course, and using his remaining magical powers, he simply enlisted other helpers to carry on regardless (there are always some who will do anything for fame & fortune, unfortunately?).

The majority of MPs however, believed the genie’s wider magical powers were waning so they will now ask their isolated community to finally get rid of the genie on their behalf so they can with some relief finally squeeze him back in his bottle where he can cause least trouble– but will it work though, do you think?

The genie if he survives albeit, plans to punish all the troublesome MPs for their misplaced disloyalty, by getting the individual isolated communities, to squash THEIR MP’s future in their own backyard – he feels ‘that will teach them’, doesn’t he?


The chickens are coming home to roost now, so I will post here below a small section from the blog previously published some six weeks ago about the Labour Party being in terminal decline:

[The Labour Party’s health is in terminal decline – “Do Not Resuscitate”?]

“The blunt truth is that Labour has failed to move with the times and have abandoned the future to live in an era past. Tony Blair, notwithstanding his exposed major faults, must be given credit for trying to drag Labour onto the central ground in the modern world of UK politics of the 21 century, where its potential supporters had moved to – but the diehard luddites quickly rained on his parade to turn back the clock, didn’t they?

With great glee the hoard of wayward new recruits to Labour, were suddenly allowed in to overrun lifelong fully paid-up wise supporters to elect a politically obtuse leader who has zilch experience or zero capability to run anything, let alone a political party heading for the knackers yard? Oh make no mistake about it Jeremy Corbyn is a caring, honest and genuine socialist of the old school – but what does he bring to the table? In a word PAIN. He has amply demonstrated his incapacity to LEAD. he has already shown unbelievable INCOMPETENCE in holding a wavering Government to account, despite open goals – not least at PMQs whence PM David Cameron now gets a full night’s sleep on a Tuesday night with no worry that a punch will be landed on him the next day: he is blatantly OUT-OF-TOUCH with today’s voter, as shown by lack of credibility on the campaign trail and inadequate results in the recent elections. Can he be an electionship winner? Never, in a month of Sundays, eh?”

[Note a linked blog titled The killers of the UK Labour Party – exposed?  followed and has also been published if you want to read]


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