Prime Minister David Cameron played his hand and lost – he had to accept the consequences, didn’t he?


Prime Minister David Cameron announced at about 8.30am this morning his plan to stand-down in some 3 months time when someone else is elected leader of the Conservative Party.

Across the whole of England & Wales the population sent a strong message to our politicians that they were sick to the back teeth with the European Union and were prepared to suffer the consequences, if any, of leaving that set-up,

As expected, Scotland were completely out of step as the SNP are running things there and have bamboozled the gullible Scots into thinking they can benefit by achieving independence from the UK and then hand it immediately over to the EU – bizarre eh?

David Cameron didn’t have either the credibility or the trust of the British people to deal with the outfall of the over the EU Referendum result, did he?

He has fully demonstrated that he and his followers are completely out of touch with the common people of this Country – how could he or his supporters ever have expect him to continue as their leader faced with such a smack in the teeth by the electorate?

He burnt his boats when he embarked on a course of action to deceive the whole population of the UK about continuing the Country’s membership of the European Union.

He destroyed his and his Government’s mandate to run our future relationship in the EU with his bullying tactics, his total commitment to remain and his insistence that we had no choice but to stay as members, as that has been now decisively rejected by the substantial majority of voters.

Both he and his Chancellor George Osborne have scuttled their creditability on dealing with the Country’s financial and economic matters with their outlandish predictions of devastating fiscal collapse if people dared to vote Leave.

Moreover, as well as Cameron’s imminent departure having certainly invoked political instability within Britain, he rather than bringing our country together he has created a long lasting division in communities across the UK, and that will be his legacy – rather than him going down as a successful Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

His departure announcement today further demonstrated his regular duplicity, as he had repeatedly and insistently told us, that in the event of a BREXIT vote, not only that he would carry on as PM but that he could be relied on without delay to negotiate our departure in Brussels – how does he excuse that, eh? Now, he screws things up for us again by not today as he promised invoking Clause 50 at the EU (which starts the clock for a 2 year departure at the latest), but leaving that for his successor – which therefore immediately defies the expressed will of the people which is to get out NOW.


[The only ones crying in their beer today are the political classes and the privileged few worrying over their substantial assets and their massive investments (probably overseas)].




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