The UK’s European Referendum debate exposed the Prime Minister – NOT to be trusted?

unionjack  verses euflag BREXIT

cameronpinocchio cameronpinocchio

Many of us average people just knew that PM David Cameron was leading us the garden path when he told us things like:

“no if or buts – immigration to be in the tens of thousands,

or “return to rules” established by Thatcher but overturned by the EU,

or “deliver the toughest system on welfare for EU migrants anywhere in Europe

or the proposals are an “absolute requirement in the renegotiation” with Brussels,

or the public’s view on unlimited immigration They want controlled immigration. And they are right.”

or the biggest con of them all “I’m ready to lead Britain out of Europe”

or even after his fictional and failed renegotiations I have negotiated a deal to give the UK special status in the European Union This deal has delivered on the commitments I made at the beginning of this renegotiation process”

It is a dreadful thing that our British Prime Minister, who we the public expect to rely on for honesty, if nothing else, turns out to be a devious, conniving, false, manipulating liar, isn’t it?

That very sad fact is indeed even evident abroad, so last night we had the Chief advisor to the President of Turkey commenting on Cameron’s claims that Turkey won’t be in the EU until 2030. He recounted that he was flabbergasted by David Cameron, who had committed to them of being Turkey’s chief supporter for their quest for EU entry, moreover that Britain would be a driving force for them, and had solemnly promised to support them to the hilt. He disclosed that insincere Cameron had been deceiving them all along and buying time while the others like France at least were frank in opposing their early membership of the EU. Turkey feel that Cameron has taken them in, didn’t believe anything in their full membership, but was simply deceiving them and taking them for a ride, no less?

DAVID CAMERON IS TAKING ‘YOU’ FOR A RIDE WHEN CLAIMING YOU HAVE TO STAY IN THE EUROPEAN UNIONS OR FACE DISASTER – the only disaster will come about if you let him get away with it, eh?


[Anyone in Britain with their ear to the ground knows that Turkey WILL be fast-tracked and shoehorned into the EU to help with its unsolvable migrant crises, BUT THAT SHOULD NOT REALLY BE A CRITICAL FACTOR – taking control is the issue on which you need to Vote, surely?]


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