Referendum on 23rd June 2016 – European Union full ‘exposure’?

unionjack  verses euflag BREXIT

There are 28 of the blighters – but who the hell are they?


Do you recognise ANY of them? Probably not, but, this is the elite unelected gang of so called ‘Commissioners’ who will decide on what laws & regulations the EU can impose on the UK if you vote to Remain. They are therefore NOT the MEPs who have been elected by their countries, but they are a bunch of bureaucrats who each have been gifted an area of responsibility for which they will be unfettered in deciding policy. That is real unaccountable power for you, isn’t it?

This is the lead man – but who the hell is he?


He is Jean-Claude Juncker, an unrepresentative nobody from Luxembourg who is effectively the Prime Minister of the EU. It is he who dishes out the all jobs for the boys and can reshuffle the pack whenever he likes – who says the days of unelected dictators have long gone, eh?

He is the one that PM David Cameron said of last summer “he is the wrong person who has been at the heart of the project to increase the power of Brussels and reduce the power of nation states for his entire working life. He is not the right person to take this organisation forward. So, I am very clear about the right thing to do (i.e. oppose his presidency)”.

You can’t get rid of Juncker if you don’t like his leadership or the direction he is steering the EU ship in – and nobody in the Brussels port can either, for that matter. He is the one that called you a deserter (a coward who abandons their post) if you vote ‘Leave’, when in fact you are a partisan (a loyal subject prepared to fight for their Country’s freedom).

The European Parliament has 751 MEPs (directly elected) – but who the hell are they?

Oh yes all those MEPs can vote on legislation, but none of them is allowed to propose any, can they? No, the ONLY people permitted to do that are the faceless unfathomable Commissioners, aren’t they?

Then there are these people named below who are the UK’s 78 gravy train MEPs which shows YOUR elected MEPs for each region – have YOU ever even heard of them, let alone had been in any contact with them (and you never will, eh?)?

Northern Ireland: Jim Allister, Bairbre de Brun , Jim Nicholson. Scotland: Struan Stevenson, John Purvis, David Martin, Catherine Stihler, Ms Elspeth Attwooll, . Ian Hudghton, Alyn Smith. Wales: Jonathan Evans, Glenys Kinnock, Eluned Morgan, Jill Evans. Eastern: Geoffrey van Orden, Robert Sturdy, ristopher Beazley, Richard Howitt, Andrew Duff, Jeffrey Titford, Tom Wise. London: Gerard Batten, John Bowis, Robert Evans, Mary Honeyball, Syed Kamall, Jean Lambert, Baroness (Sarah) Ludford, Claude Moraes, Charles Tannock. North East: Martin Callanan, Stephen Hughes, Fiona Hall. North West: Sir Robert Atkins, Chris Davies, Den Dover, Sajjad Karim, Arlene McCarthy, David Sumberg, Gary Titley, John Whittaker, Terrence Wynn. South East: Daniel Hannan, Nirj Deva, James Elles, Richard Ashworth, Peter Skinner, Sharon Bowles, Emma Nicholson, Caroline Lucas, Nigel Farage, Ashley Mote. South West: Neil Parish, Caroline Jackson, Giles Chichester, Glyn Ford, Graham Watson, Graham Booth, Roger Knapman. Yorkshire and the Humber: Timothy Kirkhope, Edward McMillan-Scott, Linda McAvan, Richard Corbett, Diana Wallis, Godfrey Bloom. East Midlands: Roger Helmer, Chris Heaton-Harris, Glenis Willmott, Bill Newton Dunn, Robert Kilroy-Sik, Derek Clark,. West Midlands: Philip Bushill-Matthews, Philip Bradbourn, Malcolm Harbour, Michael Cashman, Neena Gill, Liz Lynne, Mike Natrass

Notwithstanding the fact that those named above are existing MEPs, whose jobs are just that, a mass of them are eurosceptics so want the UK to LEAVE the EU, and therefore they will have to seek other employment – what does that tell you? Principally that they feel they are wasting their time there, and that the EU is a waste of space?

The EU is overseen by the EU’s principal legislative body of a Council of 28 members – but who the hell are they?

Herewith we have the coup d’état element of the Brussels EU with an ‘unelected’ voter member from every country, each with the ultimate power to squash any legislation passed by the EU parliament, if they simply don’t like it – there’s what they call our flagship European Union democracy for you, eh? Just to be sure that you know how it works, let me assure you that a single veto there is good enough and it CANNOT be overruled by anyone – perhaps you thought that the omnipotent power of kings & princes had been done away with, eh? Oh yes, these lot also blessed with the unique power to make legislation in some areas (probably secret, who knows?).

Just to be clear about how the Council process works, the UK has its wishes overruled by the other counties in Council more than twice as often as say Germany (who are also our worst ally there of ALL other member countries, eh?).

We can’t give you any names to fail to recognise as there is no fixed Council members, so it is like a game of musical chairs with countries sending their stooges varying according to the specific topic under consideration – agriculture, finance, or whatever.

If the UK votes to stay in the EU, it is the shower identified above that will decide on and forever control the destiny of Britain, your lives, your children’s future, and your grandchildren’s heritage. If we stay in the EU our people will pay the price forever.

As an individual you don’t get any say in what happens in Brussels and in reality you needn’t bother to vote in any UK elections as your MP, MEP, or MSP will NOT be able to deliver anything they promise, whether they intended to or not, eh?


[The alternative to the EU is to take back control of our Country’s destiny and vote BREXIT on Thursday)

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