The European Union has major plans to power ahead with its ideological ambitions – but why are they ‘on hold’ until after the UK referendum, do you think?

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It is an acknowledged fact that during PM David Cameron’s facile ‘renegotiations’ on UK membership of the EU, that the elite there made it plain that they were going to power ahead with their disastrous plans for ever more expansion (notwithstanding the undoubted associated need for even further substantial EU budget far reaching revision and increases), support of the Euro (despite its failed status crippling some major communities, causing untold youth unemployment, and its further use requiring ongoing bailouts of even more countries in the eurozone – which we will be affected by, if not financially contribute towards as has been promised), continuing ever closer union (which actually means increasing political and financial control of member countries until a united states of Europe is achieved – and don’t think the UK can avoid the consequences), and not least continuing total unlimited freedom of movement (which is proving disastrous for the UK and means there will be an inexorable rise in UK population to possibly even 80Million by 2030 , which would be an increase LARGER than the numbers currently living in Ireland, which will undoubtedly devastate life in this Country as we know it).

Yes, as we all know, the EU are going to let-in some more impoverished countries like Albania and Montenegro as well as the massively populous Turkey which is strongly championed by the Government; they are progressively planning a European army; they are going to substantially increase the EU budget (the most predicted demand is €20billion more ), when the current agreement undergoes a mid-term review of the bloc’s seven-year budget (delayed until after 23 June) – so the UK’s donations will go through the roof; they will land the UK with another retrospective massive surcharge to cover an existing black hole (which some say is £20,000 million); they have other hidden things in the pipeline like guidelines for expanding the freedom of movement of workers and the EU’s accession to the European Convention of Human Rights, and there is NOTHING that Britain will be able to do about it when we are overruled on such issues by the other 27 members, is there?.

Many of these imminent issues are of course being falsely denied by the Government in desperate support of the remain camp. The EU bureaucrats though are confident they can get their way once the UK Referendum is over and the UK’s teeth have been finally extracted, eh? Everything controversial has been put on the backburner, and all debate stalled, until the British people have been conned into voting to stay so you will only see the true path planned later this summer – whether we vote to leave of not.

You can’t trust David Cameron on immigration –limiting immigration to ‘tens of thousands’ was not deliverable and the Government can never fulfil this promise to the British people, and that election manifesto obligation (Cameron had said with “No ifs. No buts”, didn’t he?), since the Government is NOT in a legal position to do so, simply because of EU freedom of movement, is it?

Poised to join the EUin further enlargement are [wealth rank – out of a total of the188 countries in the World]

TURKEY pop 80m (wealth rank 18)

SERBIA pop 9m (wealth rank 91)

BOSNIA pop 4m (wealth rank 112)

ALBANIA pop 3m (wealth rank 127)

KOSOVO pop 2m (wealth rank 146)

MACEDONIA pop 2m (wealth rank 131)

MONTENEGRO pop ½m (wealth rank 154)

ICELAND pop ½m (wealth rank 110),


George Osborne is well prepared to fiddle the figures – we all well know that from last year, so when it comes to the EU and the referendum Osborne is a serial accomplished figures fiddler, isn’t he? In 2015 he surreptitiously paid the EU over one-and-a-quarter-‘hundred million’ euros, and he made sure it was kept quiet, didn’t he?

You see that sum was what was the ‘said by Cameron’ to be a ‘totally unacceptable’ surcharge bill which the EU had suddenly landed on us in 2014. Our ‘angry’ PM had banged the table and assured us all that it would NOT be paid, while Osborne himself told the British public that he had been to Brussels and got the demand ‘halved’ – but he ‘lied’ as only the standard ‘rebate’ applied and unceremoniously he paid-up in full, as those of us who knew how it all works had predicted all along [you see it is the EU’s incomprehensible wicked outcome reward for us being successful while the eurozone stagnated] and there was no way out of it, was there? [France however got a ‘rebate’ of a thousand million and Germany eight hundred million euros and some other countries lesser amounts].

This UK’s unbelievably large extra EU contributions (over 6% of the UK standard annual ‘paid’ bill) will end up being paid by Britons via their taxes. Is it any wonder then that when it came to the Referendum, Osborne has orchestrated the Treasury to produce a myriad of dodgy reports using flaky forecasts to create imaginary numbers that were then massaged into false predictions whence Osborn then further misrepresented the numbers, eh? Just consider that when even his Treasury experts predicted that there could be a ‘shallow’ depression (so shallow that it was within the margins of statistical error, indeed), Osborne goes on the airways to predict Sodom & Gomorrah on the basis of a ‘severe’ depression being caused by vote ‘Leave’ – you see he is not only a non-economist but a accomplished misleader, isn’t he?

The EU is planning the creation of an EU army – this is definitely the ambition of the EU (who says it’s ‘needed’) and that could mean Britain’s loss of control over defence and lead to integration of our forces in a combined army with the other countries. Unbelievable pressure will be put on the UK to accede to the others’ demands for this and that could be an irresistible force once Britain has caved-in over continuing EU membership. Even if the UK manages to keep out of it we will still end up paying for it when the other countries go ahead anyway without Britain.

EU will increasing not take any notice of the UK’s voice in Brussels, as we are those who are proven to be NOT committed to the EU’s European Project, particularly when we have burnt our boats by voting to remain, don’t you think?


[Nearly a decade ago, the UK after donkey years of relentless pressure Britain surrendered overriding power to Brussels, which included ditching our previous rights of veto on countless issues. However, it DID provide the UK with the legal right to LEAVE and now that we the people of Britain finally have been given that opportunity, it is exactly what we need to do, BREXIT, don’t you think?]

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