Excessive immigration from the European Union – the TRUTH?

unionjack  verses euflag BREXIT

We get lots of know-alls and loudmouths, often foreigners with no vote here and who don’t live here, telling us Brits how to behave as a democracy and how to vote in the EU Referendum.

Most of those who are the loudest about our staying in the EU are those with a hidden agenda, and the most vested interests in us keeping-up our membership. The scaremongering predictions have been so outrageous they are unbelievable.

We are warned that whatever we do we cannot retake control over our laws and will have to accede to the EU – balderdash. They tell people that even if we leave the EU that the British Supreme Court wouldn’t be making the final decision – but disingenuously don’t mention that the game plan is to have our own bill of rights (Cameron promised that Bill but unexpectedly dropped from it this Parliaments Queen’s speech a couple of week ago – no doubt to provide support to the IN campaign?), and to extract the UK from the ECJ as well as the EU. We are frightened by them telling us that leaving the EU makes terrorism more likely, when the truth is that our security forces are much more competent than those in the EU, which simply increases our risk so the EU will NOT be a helpful factor.

Britain is a major world power and member of the UN security council, yet it is outrageously said that the UK economy can’t thrive outside the EU and we won’t be able to negotiate free trade deals – the FIFTH LARGEST economy in the World can’t logically survive when the EU trade is NOT even the foundation of our GDP, and we do MORE export trade OUTSIDE of the EU than we do in it, eh?

We are told to stick with what we have got and the EU is the safest bet, but no mention of the fact that the EU in 2016 is nothing like the organisation we joined (without any reference to the British people in 1993 at all), and bears no resemblance to what it will be like in 2030 either (if it indeed lasts that long as we are not the only ones who are worried about the direction of travel and the long term destination).

All agree that the EU is an incompetent, badly run, drain on resources set-up. It is not member states to blame for the EU’s incompetence, and the UK can’t do anything about it, can we? We are only ‘stuck with it’ though if we chose to stay, and certainly it is not possible to reform it. It will not be OUR problem when we are out, will it?

The motivation to vote Leave is questioned and a false unsubstantiated allegation is made that those in favour of that are living in the past. We are told that we need to be in a ‘modern’ Europe – but we are never told what that means are we? We are accused of being isolationists when all supporting the ‘Leave’ campaign have made clear that the UK wants to remain working with Europe, but not to be governed by the undemocratic EU. Moreover Britain wants to be a member country of the World and not locked away in the EU cupboard.

Most commentators take it for granted and accepts that PM David Cameron performed in a sideshow in a totally meaningless renegotiation about the UK staying in. That points out really that it has been a Government BIG lie that there has been material change, and certainly Cameron got short shrift on even his meagre demands which included issues of financial services, the euro, expansion, and not least freedom of movement – the implication is that the EU cannot be reformed.

One of the biggest issues that we British must consider is the one of immigration, isn’t it? However, the Government don’t want voters to take that into account at all, and that is because they don’t want to admit that while we stay in the EU there is an unsolvable problem of the rate at which new migrants are coming into the Country, do they?

Regarding control of our own borders, everyone knows that the UK has a checkpoint at the border, like ALL other normal countries in the World, but unlike most other EU countries. The issues however is that we can NOT at the border stop ANYONE at all entering from the EU, as we all know?

When people suggest immigration needs to be curtailed and controlled, they are immediately and unbelievably accused of xenophobia, when the UK is the most multicultural integrated country in the whole wide world – it is NOT racism nor a dislike or intolerance of foreigners to want to limit the volume and rate of immigration to manageable levels, is it?

The UK (under PM Tony Blair) made a false calculation a dozen years ago about how many Poles and others from the other half dozen new members from the Eastern Bloc would come here, so unlike other countries we did not invoke the available moratorium [France imposed a 5 year restriction]. Undoubtedly that led to a major problem of excessive mass immigration to the UK of at least half a million Poles alone, but we are well over that glitch now, aren’t we?

If we control immigration we lose NOTHING because we are not defending a castle and are not intending to stop immigration, but we want to control the FLOW level of migrants to ‘manageable’ levels and to decide who we ‘need’, and in general that is not those who are unskilled and simply drive down the wages of the poorest, is it?

The ‘Remain’ camp constantly peddle the mammoth lie that the NHS, industry, farming, and all else will collapse if we leave the EU and control immigration through something like an Australian point system, and moreover they perpetrate the stupid claim that all immigration will be halted. For example, doctors & nurses from the EU who work here do so from personal choice to pursue their careers, are not sent here by the EU, will not be withdrawn when we leave the EU, will be entitled to stay here then, and are exactly the type of people who will given the right to come here under new immigration controls.

On this matter, the Government reports that there has been the influx of near two hundred thousand NET from the wider EU in THIS single year alone, who have immigrated PERMANTLY, and we have had similar though lower numbers yearly since the bulk of the Poles arrived more than a decade ago.

There is an EU policy of totally free movement between States, without any moratorium whatsoever on that, despite the fact that Cameron needed to secure exactly that in his renegotiation – and he failed miserably, didn’t he? Immigration from such free movement is the root of the problem for us in the UK. Furthermore, we now know that the Government immigration figures are balderdash, as they are pie-in-the-sky ‘estimates’ ONLY, and the only sound figures come from people getting NI numbers (required to work) which show it is actually THREE TIMES that amount we are told about [even the NI figure is too low because self-employed workers like builders, plumbers & tradesmen, and shopkeepers, don’t show-up there]. The Government’s excuse for the discrepancy, without a shred of tangible evidence, is apparently that it is because they don’t all live here ‘long-term’ (two thirds of them, really, the Government is having a joke, isn’t it?).

Even IF we accept that unlikely explanation, it doesn’t take away the unavoidable and unsolvable problem that unplanned for millions are HERE, for however long, and have to be housed, educated, given NHS care, financed whether by work or not, transported, and catered for in all other respects without any prior preparation possible, doesn’t it? Is it any wonder then that the NHS is creaking at the roots, that parents can’t get their children into school, and access to housing is a critical widespread problem, not least in major cities and towns?

Downing Street even have had the affrontry to drag in ex-PM John Major to try to trash the leave campaign and rubbish Leave’s Boris Johnson to de-image him – don’t forget this man Major is the one who got us into this EU disastrous mess in the first place, will you? He demeaned himself by calling his opponents fundamentally dishonest then first denying that Turkey ‘would’ be allowed into the EU in the near future (when we all know the die is cast, don’t we?) and then by accusing the Leave campaign of saying eight-eight million Turks would come to the UK – the truth is that they all WOULD have the RIGHT to come to live in the UK and considering what happened with the Poles, obviously we might expect AT LEAST a million of them to head here before 2030 for a better life (and no blame there), wouldn’t we? [And the Turks are unlikely to bring with them the desirable skills that the Poles did, are they?]

The British people are certainly confused over what to do for the best in this Referendum, and you can’t blame the gutter press this time, can you? No, it is the Government that has produced a torrent of countless dubious manipulated statistics and disputable spurious misleading arguments, that have illuminating nothing but bewildered everybody.

It is the Prime Minister no less that has used the powerful machinery of government, and taxpayers’ money to boot in his efforts to thwart the Leave campaign and its meagre funds, to try to gerrymander the people into voting to remain, with a diet of half-truths and outright lies based on short-termism– remember that this the very man that only six months ago was claiming he might lead the UK out of the EU, and now he tells everyone it would madness to even think about it and real suicidal to actually leave (is it any wonder then that people don’t trust his word now and are confused, eh?

[The British voters get the final decision to ‘Remain’ or ‘Leav’e, so make your own personal choice]

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