The Conservatives’ Leadership National Chase 2016 –the Winner’s Cup and the UK Prime MinisterTrophy? THE RUNNERS

June 30, 2016 RUNNERS:          Michael Gove; Liam Fox; Andrea Leadsom; Stephen Crabb; Theresa May ANALASYS & TIPS:      SEE MAIN BLOG BELOW RACE:                  Starts next Tuesday July 5th July Well, the Clerk of the Course announced the declared Runners this morning, and to the complete amazement of the punters the favourite had been withdrawn overnight. […]

Killers ‘Nathan Matthews’ and ‘Shauna Hoare’ have had a second appeal rubbished – will that end their permitted abuse of the, lax, indulgent, and ineffective criminal justice system?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Some three months ago the convicted evil pair of Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare, who had violently killed young Becky Watts, had their applications to go to the Court of Appeal refused by an appeal judge, as there was no prospect of an appeal succeeding – and so it […]

Scotland voted for ‘IN the UK’ and for ‘IN the EU’ – so what?

In the aftermath of the UK’s momentous BREXIT vote, let us not forget to deal with the non statesman-like First Minister of Scotland and SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon, who still seeks independence for Scotland, yet wants to hand it all over to Brussels, and why is that, do you think? It is because the EU […]

Remain supporters are in complete denial – now trying to renege on BREXIT?

  It is quite upsetting to witness the vitriolic outpourings of many of the Remain supporters, who are demonstrably extremely bad losers. In continuance of their disgusting campaign, they want to resurrect the debate even after the clear undisputable result, and are now refusing to gracefully to accept defeat by the majority of ordinary voters, […]

England play in the knockout stage in France at Euro’s – was it a big disappointment?

  euro mascot        England flag [Quarter Finals (8 teams): Poland v Portugal, Wales v Belgium, Germany v Italy, France, v Iceland]. The stuttering Holders Spain are OUT – defeated by reinvigorated Italy earlier today   England Starting team : Hart, Cahill, Smalling, Walker, Dier, Rose, Rooney, Alli, Sturridge, Kane, Sterling Subs: [3 allowed]         Forster, Clyne, […]

The Labour Genie got out of the bottle – will it go back in?

Herein lies the story of the Labour Party’s internal struggle since losing the General Election in May 2015  THE RED FLAG      out of pity, a gaggle of just a few silly but well intentioned Labour MPs from the Parliamentary Labour Party unwittingly let a malevolent sleeping gene out of its bottle, and couldn’t get it […]

The Conservatives’ Leadership National Chase 2016 –the Winner’s Cup and the UK Prime MinisterTrophy?

Following PM David Cameron’s self-inflicted demise, the Tory’s have a pretty short timescale to find a stand-in replacement from a standing start, wouldn’t you say? You see Cameron wants to go and get it done and dusted before the Conservatives annual conference in just over three months time and that is a tall order as […]

Prime Minister David Cameron played his hand and lost – he had to accept the consequences, didn’t he?

Prime Minister David Cameron announced at about 8.30am this morning his plan to stand-down in some 3 months time when someone else is elected leader of the Conservative Party. Across the whole of England & Wales the population sent a strong message to our politicians that they were sick to the back teeth with the […]

Britain’s Prime Minister has lost all credibility over the EU Referendum – dodgy Dave?

  verses   24th June 2016 at 2am When it comes down to PM David Cameron it is the UK’s In-Out EU Referendum that has proved to be his Achilles heel, isn’t it? He made a massive mistake, when under pressure from his Party’s eurosceptics, in promising the British voters a referendum on sticking with […]

England march on in France at Euro’s and into the knockout stage – surely they must reach the quarter finals at least now?

  euro mascot        England flag Final 16 teams: Germany, France, Italy, Hungry, Wales, Croatia; Belgium, Spain, England, Switzerland, Poland, Iceland; Portugal, Slovakia, Northern I, Rep Ireland There can be no doubt that England manager Roy Hodgson was riding his luck with his bizarre team selection this last week against Slovakia which included unfathomable wholesale changes – […]