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Last week Michael Gove of Leave warned that if the UK stays in the EU we faced being swamped by a dramatic increase in the population – forecasting as much as 5 million extra within just the next fourteen years!

In the forty-three years since we joined the EU the UK’s population has already increased by some 9 million, while of course our land mass has stayed the same (or shrunk?), so because of immigration we are now the most crowded country in Europe, aren’t we?

An increase of inhabitants of the magnitude predicted is the equivalent of adding the population of Scotland, or ten or so major English cities like say Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Leicester, Coventry, Wigan, Doncaster. What kind of additional huge unsustainable pressure would that put on our total public services and infrastructure, including the Health Service, Education, Housing, Transport, Energy, Water, and all else, eh?

That was of course immediately rubbished by the Government and we had the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond on TV assuring us that the assertion was not only absurd but the forecast baseless, as it assumed Turkey would be joining and we had the power to veto that – while that should be technically true it would however not be an achievable practicality. Moreover, apart from that moot point, the Government’s uttering’s on the matter amply demonstrates their ongoing crass duplicity, doesn’t it? Hammond cleverly implies not only that the UK ‘could’ block Turkey’s EU membership but ‘would’ do so, and that is an outright lie, isn’t it?

Yes, because PM David Cameron is a massive ‘supporter’ of Turkey joining and has publically and repeatedly championed their long standing application – despite the fact that it is a country that doesn’t even meet the basic requirements for membership. Not only that, but because of the ongoing disastrous for Europe, unprecedented migrant crisis and the perceived need to appease Turkey for their help, the EU has already granted Turkey visa free travel and promised to fast-track their application – Britain had no ability to block that even if it had wanted to, did they? You can be certain that Turkey WILL be joining the EU and that millions of their impoverished 80 million men women and children will be heading for the UK and a new life next door to you.

Cameron has had the further audacity to try to further con the voters that he would keep Turkey out, with the claim that the de facto existence of a veto proved that the Armed Forces minister Penny Mordaunt‘s opinion that the veto was non-operative and she didn’t think the EU would keep Turkey out, was misleading and damaged the credibility of the Leave campaign. You had better believe it when she says it, as much more migration and uncontrolled influx is on the way, unless we vote Leave.

Likewise, when the Government warns its people that it would be ‘a leap in the dark’ to leave the EU and that they should stick with what they know, and what they have got, they are once more pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, aren’t they? Things are the opposite of what you are being told, because what you see now, bears no resemblance to what it will be like in a decade’s time, will it? It is a bigger leap in the dark to stay in the EU when we cannot control its evolution, than to leave now when at least we can control the direction of our travel and have power over our own destiny, surely?

The EU is an evolving growing beast like Frankenstein’s creation of an unnamed evil wretch with characteristics of unpredictability and malevolence. That monster started out with a heart of gold’s good intentions and became a destructive nightmare. Therein lies the similarity with the EU, as it has been built from assorted country parts and the creation brought to life – it is not good not bad but both, and in the end will destroy its creators if allowed to survive.

When the UK joined the EEC Common Market in 1973 there were only nine members (Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, West Germany, Ireland, Denmark, and UK), who were then joined by Greece, Spain and Portugal. When it subsequently amorphisation into the EU twenty years later, there wasn’t that great a disparity in the size, wealth and political systems, so things like freedom of movement worked fine. However, successive ‘enlargements’ that took it onwards to twenty eight countries has meant there is now substantial disparity between countries in all respects, but nevertheless they all have equal rights.

Germany has been by and far the biggest beneficiary of the EU and indeed its introduction of the euro currency which the EU is unquestionably determined to favour forever, against the pound and Britain’s welfare.

In short the EU has altered dramatically and it is heading down the road of even more substantial change with Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and even Turkey, poised to join.

On top of such expansion ambitions, and against the UK’s wishes and interests, the EU is rigorously set on a predetermined course of total integration where all its countries will be controlled by the EU in terms of policies, laws, regulations, financial controls, and courts , and which will all be determined by an unelected and unaccountable elite – precisely what Britain fought two world wars to thwart, eh?

It will all have to be funded with substantial more money contributed by the UK, with little say on what is demanded nor even how it is spent, by an EU organisation that as we have seen. is utterly incapable of diligently allocating it’s out of control budgets

Furthermore, as a further part of their misleading, fear, and threats campaigns, the Remain side have trotted out the head of the NHS to support their cause – he might have been expected to keep his head down and below the parapet in a week when it’s been announced that the NHS is dramatically failing financially to the tune of being in the red by an eye-watering astounding 2.5 BILLION pounds. His credibility in tatters he has the cheek to tell the public that because we have doctors and nurses from the EU working in the NHS that it would be a disaster for our Country’s healthcare for Britain to leave the EU. He expects the people to be so naïve to think that these staff are somehow sent here by the EU. We all know that they simply have chosen to work here as a personal choice and nothing to do with their country of birth, and that these are just the type of people who will be able to stay, work, and live in the UK, when we have voted for BREXIT and left the EU, won’t they?


[The Government has the power to browbeat the general public to try to make them concede, but an increasing raft of people have had a BELLY full of it all and are heading for BREXIT, aren’t they?]

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