The UK’s European Union Referendum – 25 Questions Prime Minister David Cameron needs to answer?

unionjack  verses euflag BREXIT

  1. You said clearly that you believed that a fundamental reform of the EU was required – that BLATEDLY has not happened, why not?
  2. The EU needs to make serious reforms but they are not willing to do it – do you still claim that you can make that happen if we stay in and if so when?
  3. You assert that your Government has a ‘strong voiced’ major influence at the EU, but the Conservatives have only 19 out of 73 UK MEPs and they are anyway all personally independent of your Government and most are eurosceptic- so with our say minimal, our voice weak, our influence ineffective, how can you have or exercise any real authority in the EU parliament of 751 MEPs from 28 countries?
  4. You called an IN-OUT Referendum for the Nation to decide its future in the EU – why did you do so and surely that was totally irresponsible if the Government is adamant that it would be utter folly to leave?
  5. Last year your assured the British people that you would lead them out of the EU if your renegotiation faltered – how can that ever have been true if you now say that it would be disastrous for our people to even contemplate leaving and unthinkable for our Country to take that step?
  6. In you factual EU renegotiations you actually abandoned the significant full-on reform drivers, and asked for very little – but you didn’t even get that, so why did then claim that the UK had secured a special status in a reformed EU, when the truth travesty is that the EU is NOT reformed, and CANNOT ever be reformed, as we all know?
  7. We rightly made a decision some 25 years ago to keep out of the disastrous euro, and while the EU will continue to do everything in their power to skew legislation to give support to that currency, they have rejected out of hand your Government’s attempts to have any rightful say at the EU about euro issues– how on earth will Britain be able to avoid the consequences of the euro if we stay in the EU?
  8. You take pride in telling us that Britain is a strong nation that can function independently, and the 5th biggest economy in the world – so surely it is totally disingenuous to then tell us that the EU magnifies our ability and we cannot survive outside of it?
  9. You tell us in one breath that we are not important to the EU and then in another that if we leave it will cause a world economic collapse and ultimately the destruction of the EU – so we have to stay against our interests for the sake of others then?
  10. You make great play of the fact that the EU is currently our biggest ‘single’ export market, but surely that is purely because we are currently prevented by the EU from making beneficial trade deals with the world’s expanding and exciting new markets, – why don’t you admit that the EU is a shrinking market and that our exports to them are dropping like a stone, are now down by twenty percent and will drop further, OR even tell the people the truth is that the bulk of our trade (66%) is actually ALREADY elsewhere, or that in REALITY some 95 out of a 100 of our companies do NO TRADE whatsoever in Europe? [The major listed industries may have a vested interest in staying in the EU but they are successful ONLY because they are good at what they do and NOT because the UK is an EU member].
  11. The Electoral Commission‘s recommendation was for a six month gap between the Referendum’s formal date being enacted by secondary legislation and the Referendum itself, because of the debate’s vital importance to the future of the whole United Kingdom – however you defied that powerful judgment and allowed only 4 months, why?
  12. You say the Government is united in believing that it would be economically devastating to leave the EU although nearly half your backbenchers will disagree, and senior cabinet members have dissented – but why are you abdicating PM accountability for traditional Cabinet collective responsibility and allowing Government Ministers the freedom to campaign to ‘Leave’
  13. The legislative Referendum Act enacted authority for two equal groups to be appointed to campaign for either Remain or Leave, with strict financial constraints to provide a level playing field – why then have you skewed the outcome by a glaringly biased, stitch-up, ‘cost no object’ Government campaign to stay in, giving it an unfair advantage, that has included an anger generating, over expensive, waste of money, inaccurate, pamphlet to all households and then abusive use of government websites, and inexplicably giving no account, information, nor analysis whatsoever of the risks of staying in, or any argument against it?
  14. There is a strong possibility, if not indeed probability, that the referendum will return a BREXIT vote, but you tell us that the Government still has not got any plan whatsoever to deal with that eventuality only weeks off – is that crass irresponsibility on your part or a flagrant lie?
  15. We will keep our own border controls (which we insisted on twenty years ago when the others abolished their passport checks), but the EU nevertheless force us into letting in un-limitless numbers of people holding EU documentation, nether can we can ever deport them whatever their criminal behaviour or risk to our society – as we now have the highest number of immigrants of ANY country in the world, how can you with ‘no ifs or buts’ limit immigration to tens of thousands or ever bring in the migrants the Country needs, let alone influence the quality of such migrants if we vote to remain in the EU?
  16. The EU is intent on further and full political and financial integration and will enact new laws to achieve that – why do you expect the British people who have some nous to believe that we will be quarantined from it all and will not be drastically impacted?
  17. You pretend that investment in the UK is tied to us being in the EU when they are not even the biggest investor, and yet you prophecy for the future is that the Country faces the spectre of reduced investment – so how do you explain the fact that during this period while there has been great uncertainty of Britain remaining in the EU, investment is currently at record levels?
  18. It is blatant scaremongering speculation to predict without any factual evidence at all, that the cost of living would go up, that house prices would rise, that export costs would increase, that the pound would go down (which would actually increase our export potential as our goods are cheaper), and all the rest, if we leave the EU – how do you explain that the £ has been tumbling against the $ for the last five years and previously has hit a massive low against the €, all while we are still IN the EU?
  19. Our NHS is demonstrably collapsing both physically (worse ever performances) and financially (nearly two-thousand–five hundred MILLION in the red) under the strain of too many people seeking treatment, and that is even without the substantial impact of increasing health tourism – how can you resolved England’s health care situation if anyone from the EU’s 500 million are allowed to simply encamp anywhere here without notice?
  20. You failed to secure the promised UK deal about totally stopping immigrants’ benefits for 4 years – why do you now totally mislead the British people by falsely pretending that any restrictions (if they actually do ever come in), be anything valuable, as they will probably not last a year before they will be progressively diluted, let alone be effective for the 4 years still being implied?
  21. You persistently insist that we will all be safer in the EU and talk of it being because of the intelligence from the other 27 countries – when we know that the dreadful terrorist atrocities carried-out in France, Belgium, and Germany simply prove that the intelligence capability of even these major players like are suspect, and in reality they rely on us.
  22. You say you believe we should stay in the EU and give-up our sovereignty FOREVER in favour of a bunch of foreigners who don’t share our values let alone our nationhood – how can that be in our interest rather than to the benefit of others?
  23. You have ducked a TV debate with the other Tory heavyweights heading the Leave campaign to avoid a blue-on-blue conflict and instead face-up to just a minority party leader – do you really consider it right that in a matter of this magnitude you should put your Conservative Party interests above those of your Country?
  24. Now, the President of the EU Jean-Claude Juncker in an emotive outburst about if we vote Leave, has labeled the UK as ‘deserters’, which that is an abusive derogatory term attached to those who cowardly abandon their duty – do you agree with him and will you deem our people rats leaving a sinking ship if they vote for BREXIT?
  25. If you are defeated in the Referendum and the British people vote ‘Leave’ your credibility as PM will certainly be savaged, as will your judgment and advice which all puts your very political survival in question- will you immediately stand aside and allow another man or woman to take over the Conservative Government, and will you certainly accept that you cannot lead negations into the UK’s EU departure under Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, and that a BREXIT leader must perform that function?



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