Finally England’s football squad of 23 players HAVE been selected for the Euros Finals – but is the die cast for ‘failure’ by 2 goals scored beforehand?

  euro mascot        England flag ENGLAND EURO 2016 SQUAD of 23 [the 3 players in red were dropped from the provisional squad when it had to be finalised by TODAY] Goalkeepers: Joe Hart, Fraser Forster, Tom Heaton Left-backs: Danny Rose, Ryan Bertrand Right-backs: Nathaniel Clyne, Kyle Walker Centre-halves: Gary Cahill, Chris Smalling, John Stones Midfielders: Jordan […]


  verses     PM Neville Chamberlain 1938                                PM David Cameron 2016                                      Chancellor Viscount John Simon 1938             Chancellor George Osborne 2016 Back in the 1930s Germany under a powerful dominant Chancellor wanted to expand and take control over major parts of Europe and this later escalated into an ambition to takeover ALL the […]


  verses     Last week Michael Gove of Leave warned that if the UK stays in the EU we faced being swamped by a dramatic increase in the population – forecasting as much as 5 million extra within just the next fourteen years! In the forty-three years since we joined the EU the UK’s […]

The UK’s European Union Referendum – 25 Questions Prime Minister David Cameron needs to answer?

  verses   You said clearly that you believed that a fundamental reform of the EU was required – that BLATEDLY has not happened, why not? The EU needs to make serious reforms but they are not willing to do it – do you still claim that you can make that happen if we stay […]

A 26-man squad of football players DID make England’s Euro 2016 selection – but are they really winners?

 A ‘provisional’ English football squad of 26 has been announced by Roy Hodgson for Euro 2016 in France this June. He talks a good game, and certainly did so at the press conference, but it will come to no surprise to readers of this blog that the view here is that not only is the […]

The killers of the UK Labour Party – exposed?

    THE RED FLAG    The scene was set in last week’s blog The Labour Party’s health is in terminal decline – “Do Not Resuscitate”? about the demise of the once great British Labour Party. There have been major players who should hang their heads in shame for bringing the Labour Party to its knees. […]

The Labour Party’s health is in terminal decline – “Do Not Resuscitate”?

 THE RED FLAG  It is a very-very sad time for British politics as the Labour Party is now in its death throes and cannot ever be saved – it can never ever win another UK General Election. It has alienated itself from those who could support it and vote for it, hasn’t it? Oh yes, […]

The ‘rip-off’ world of product redundancy- how we consumers are all being stuffed?

Some older members of the population will remember the now long forgotten said to be “the good old days”, when things ‘were built to last’, and everything that broke could be mended, so keeping them running as long as possible, and we all knew a bloke who could do it for a few bob, eh? […]

US Presidential nominations’ Primary results in Indiana – who performed? UPDATED: Now there is ONE Republican nominee!

REPUBLICAN     verses    DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS UPDATE: May 5 2016 Well, well, well, Donald Trump has actually made it, hasn’t he? Yes, unless he falls under a New York tram he will be the next Republican Presidential Candidate later this year – but nobody expects such luck with a tram, do they? This unpredicted and […]

US Presidential nominations’ Primary results in Indiana – who performed?

REPUBLICAN     verses    DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS The two who performed well in Indiana were Republican Donald Trump who won soundly and Democrat Bernie Sanders who surprisingly clearly won as well. As we have come to expect from Donald Trump, he had relentlessly vocally milked and hyped-up his poll lead in the Indiana Republican Primary before […]