Donald Trump seeks the ‘Republican’ Candidate nomination – can he ever be US President though?

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Observers outside of the USA are asking themselves can Donald Trump really become the next President of the United States later this year, aren’t they?

There can be no doubt that Trump has galvanised untold interest far and wide around the world in the oncoming election – unfortunately not in a positive way though, but because his vitriolic approach to politics and his aggressive outpourings denigrating all and sundry have people asking “can the American peoples really choose that disgusting man to be their President?”

Well the truthful answer is “probably NOT” – that will be a relief to the rest of the World, won’t it?

Trump’s first hurdle in his quest for the US Presidency is to wrench the candidacy from the established Republican elite – can he do it as a previously unknown politician, then? “Possibly NOT” – that would be a relief to the rest of the Republican Party, won’t it? The bulk of their traditional voters are deeply upset by the way the 2016 Primaries campaign has developed and in particular the way that Trump has destructively portrayed their beloved party as well as destroyed the Republican’s image as a competent and caring political party and that has been the consequence not only in America but around the globe, hasn’t it?

There can be no doubt about it, but Trump is in the lead in the Republican Primaries race and has the most ‘pledged’ delegates – but he is still some thirty percent ‘short’ of the number to win. Months ago the media were stupidly saying he was “unstoppable”, but now perhaps the doubts are creeping in, eh?

The fact is that Trump hasn’t actually secured the majority of delegates allotted from the completed primaries & caucuses, and that may be a decisive factor and indeed Trump’s Achilles heel? If at the end of the Primaries’ race in June Trump has not got the required number of delegates by then, of course there is no winner, is there? No, despite the fact that Trump would like it to be a ‘first past the post’ race then, it isn’t like that at all, but a bit like a soccer football match that has to be abandoned before full time – the score doesn’t stand and the match has to be replayed on another occasion, doesn’t it? And so it would be for the Republican nomination and all candidates would go to a contested National Convention when aces are wild, as the saying goes. Moreover, the establishment knives will be out for the Trump interloper, don’t you think?

However, the Primaries race still has significant road to run and Trump may yet triumph. At long last though, the other candidates are getting a grip and are marshalling forces against him, rather than splitting the vote. Hence Ted Cruz and John Kasich have agreed to cooperate with a limited pact in respect of upcoming elections in Indiana, Mexico and Oregon to try to consolidate the anti-Trump support. Whether this will have a critical or even a marginal effect is uncertain, as they both remain in the ballot without any comprehensive plan to enlist strategic voting – it would be far more effective if one of them stood down to give the other the opportunity to face-off Trump directly in the remaining Primaries (as has been suggested in previous posts of this blog!).

Notwithstanding that, Donald Trump could not contain himself or his anger at the news, so abandoned his subterfuge of being more reserved and statesman like, to revert and simply launch himself madman style into his standard irate, raving, raging, rant, and name-calling accompanied by personal abuse about his opposing candidates – it is difficult to see how that is going to help him win over their potential supporters, isn’t it?

The sorry fact of life for the Republicans is that none of their current 3 candidates have a hope in hell of being nationally elected as President as they are not of high enough calibre and the traditional republican politicians know it – their best bet is to struggle through to the July  National Convention without anyone holding the prize and then elect someone new who has a realistic chance of beating Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, eh?

[PRIMARIES coming:

Today April 26, Connecticut 28 Delegates Delaware 16 Delegates Maryland: 38 Delegates Pennsylvania 71 Delegates Rhode Island 19 Delegates: May 3, Indiana: 57 Delegates: May 10, Nebraska 36 Delegates West Virginia: 34 Delegates: May 17, Oregon 28 Delegates: May 24, Washington : 44 Delegates: June 7, California 172 Delegates Montana :: 27 Delegates New Jersey: 51 Delegates New Mexico: 24 Delegates South Dakota : 29 Delegates]



[The World is clearly very much paying attention to who just might be the next US President. Britain has particular concerns as well, because it has had a long-term predominantly close relationship with America

 usaflags           Seal_of_the_President_of_the_United_States_svgThe President of the United States




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