A man cried today


A normally strong man cried today, a tear shed not through personal loss, not through pain, not through fear, but through raw emotion.

After 27 years of torment the families of the unlawfully killed fans of Liverpool Football Club who had lost their lives on the terraces of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club’s Hillsborough stadium, were finally given respite by a Jury of their peers.

The culpable, though only a few for now, have been exposed at last, and that is some relief to those affected by a tragedy and its aftermath that could have been avoided.

Our hearts go out to those who have fought tirelessly for this day’s outcome and our tears are shed solely on their behalf and in memory of those who did not manage to live to see it.

Those people who might weep today in relief and sympathy are not those who were caught-up in it, or from the now ‘prevailed’ families of the dead and injured, or loved ones, or football fans, or even Liverpudlians, or those who have ever been to that city nor indeed Sheffield, but are those of us who have waited in remote frustration watching the afflicted families put through sheer hell, year after year after year, even including the past two when those directly responsible continued with their disgusting lies at the final inquest.

The only public figure that comes out of any of this trauma with their personal integrity intact is politician Andy Burnham who as a Minister was the one person who forced the release of all the secreted away papers and documents that eventually led to today’s historic verdict – the peoples gratitude will be forever owed to him.

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