The UK’s ‘IN-OUT’ Referendum on Europe – BREXIT here we come?

unionjack  verses euflag

It has come as no surprise to many of us that PM David’s Cameron’s promise that the decision to ‘remain’ or ‘leave’ the EU would be purely down to the British people as individuals, was a lie and that instead he would try to lead us by the nose into its inescapable dungeons, has it.

No, the government’s lies on the EU are coming thick and fast now, eh? Furthermore, Cameron has not only engaged the full power of the government machine to steamroller us into submission, but he is enlisting the support of foreigners and outside agencies, all who have their own agenda to pursue and don’t care about or have the best interest of Britain in mind, to peddle his addictive and destructive EU drug.

We have the likes of Cameron’s ally Christine Lagarde ex-French Finance Minister, who some five years ago he supported to become head of the IMF based in Washington, suggesting that BREXIT ‘could’ cause severe regional and global damage, no less. Well do you think we should all vote to determine and rupture our future and that of your children and your grandchildren to save the planet, eh? It has to be said also that the IMF’s own track record on making economic predictions is about as reliable as a long-range weather forecast, isn’t it?

The lying game is never exposed because the other main Parties of Labour and LibDems are all tarred with the same brush of keeping us all in chains and locked in the EU cells – while enlightened Tories favouring BREXIT have been kept in solitary confinement with a gag on their mouths and a pistol at their heads threatening the loss of their Cabinet jobs or seats in Parliament, haven’t they?

It is difficult to know where to start when tracking the Government’s subterfuges and lies, so let us keep it simple and stick to the most recent events, shall we?

A major lie came from Cameron’s lips when he told us that under certain conditions he was prepared to recommend that the UK left the EU – all independently minded commentators and much of the public knew that all that was simply implausible and that there were ‘no circumstances’ under which he would actually do it as he had too much to lose, eh?

That begs the question now as how comes he now insists far and wide that it would be a total disaster for the UK to leave the EU under any stretch of the imagination and implies that only a village idiot would countenance it, eh? If the consequences of leaving arte so catastrophic ,why is he handing the British people the suicide pill of an IN-OUT Referendum, then?

Cameron was forced by the EU to stop verbally procrastinating and put in writing his specific renegotiating demands – so we then all knew exactly what the end goal was, didn’t we? To say that we were all amazingly disappointed by the Government’s EU letter would be a massive understatement, wouldn’t it? The stated renegotiation objectives bore no resemblance to the fundamental relationship change that had not only been promised but previously committed. Well, we perhaps thought that at least is was a start, and that if the EU really wanted the UK to stay, they would give us that as a minimum – some pundits, supposedly with their ear to the ground, even thought that the powers that be would actually give us a bit more as a bonus to keep us onside (the more cynical were sceptical of Cameron being offered any kind of olive branch at all, as he had been a rubbish negotiator – and so it proved, didn’t it?).

Basically, the EU told us to ‘get lost’ on everything that might have helped and offered only a few crumbs of platitudes – there was no way they were going to be turned, nor even slightly diverted off the motorway towards their objective destination of a United States of Europe, free movement, and the single currency of the euro, was there?

Then came Cameron’s next biggest lie, which was transparent to all and sundry surely – he had achieved a successful renegotiation with the EU? As the Nazi propagandist Goebbels recommended – tell the lie BIG and stick to it so you can fool the people. The europhiles have responded exactly in line with the fable of the Kings clothes (whereby all and sundry said they saw and lauded the fine clothes which didn’t exist – only to be exposed by the truthful uttering of a child), and these EU supporters still insist that they ‘believed’ the desired result had indeed been achieved – so we just need an honest child whose future is at stake to enlighten them, don’t we?

We have situation whereby Cameron tells us we are a strong independent nation, and then in the next breath he announces that we are so insignificant, reliant and weak that we cannot survive outside the prison camp of the EU – another lie, eh? We are warned that the EU don’t need the UK and don’t give a jot if we go, but in the next public announcement we are told that if we leave it will lead to the total collapse of the EU, so we must put aside our own interests and vote to stay in the EU – another lie, eh? They say that Britain is these days so insignificant that dire trade and financial consequences will engulf and destroy the UK if you vote to leave, yet you are then advised to vote to stay as a duty because our leaving will destroy the world’s economy – another lie, eh? If we vote leave, we are expected to believe that Britain’s financial sector of stock exchange, banks and other international financial institutions, will suddenly be obliterated by the Germans and other European competitors, in the manner of a rerun of the 1666 Great Fire of London – another lie, eh?. It is being said that you will be punished like a naughty child by our European partners if you vote to leave the EU, as a warning to the other disobedient kids who might want to leave – another lie, eh? They say your card will be marked if you dare to leave the EU, so there will be no free trade agreement without resuming massive unwarranted payments into the EU and again allowing all their migrants into Britain – another lie, eh? The Americans have the bare faced cheek to come onto our soil and predict that we be become a failed country if we don’t do their bidding and stay in the EU to give them a voice there they are not entitled to – another lie, eh? Unless you heed the USA’s demands to stay in the EU you can forget a so-called ‘special relationship,’ because they will give you a good whipping by putting the UK to the very back of the queue for a trade deal – another lie, eh?

What should you expect next then? That you will be burnt at the stake as a witch or an EU heretic in the manner of medieval oppression, if you vote leave – another lie, eh?

Furthermore, the Government have last week published a predicted economic impact over the next fifteen years on us leaving the EU – to try and bamboozle the Referendum voting people? It darkly warns that Britain will be ‘permanently’ poorer if you vote leave and there will be a dramatic drop in GBP, whatever course we charter for our ship called Britain. Sounds bad but don’t worry everybody, they know nobody has the computers or manpower to rerun their numbers so they think they can get away with it, another lie, eh?

We don’t know, because they didn’t tell, what sleight of hand is involved nor diverse assumptions & restrictive parameters that Chancellor George Osborn set, or how the Treasury came up with their fortune telling figures – was it crystal call gazing, movement of the planets, tarot card turning over, palm reading, tea leaf reading, head bump feeling, dreams, omens & superstitions, or what? What you can be sure of however is that it is an attempted stitch-up of BREXIT – another lie, eh? An extra word of comfort might be that Osborn’s economic forecasts for the short term have been abysmally wide of the mark in the past, when they haven’t survived the passage of time of a few months never mind years, eh?

This past week also we have had a brief State visit by America’s President Barrack Obama, who disgracefully used the occasion as an opportunity to abuse his welcome here by lecturing the British people about America’s vested interest in us voting to remain in the EU. If that was not bad enough, we experienced the unedifying spectacle of our very own Prime Minister shamefully nodding in support of this failed President’s remarks, like a puppet leader of a third world country. Any other British Prime Minister in history, let alone any UK senior politician of note, would have given the Americans short shrift on this one, and told the guy to piss-off and mind his own business, however helpful his remarks to the Governments strategy. Cameron pretends to the electorate that the US is legitimately entitled to show such an interest and comment accordingly – another lie, eh?


This Country remains great and into the bargain powerful and resilient and capable, so it will NOT go into meltdown if we ‘leave’ the European Union. However it will be annihilated if we stick with the EU and so forever give-up our sovereignty and independence – there will be no turning back so VOTE LEAVE, eh?].


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