US President Barack Obama visits Britain to take his leave – goodbye and good riddance?

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United States President Barack Obama, as a leg of a European jaunt, arrived in the UK for a short visit last night, all as part of his swansong international trips that has included Argentina last month, earlier this week Saudi Arabia, then onto Germany, followed by Vietnam, Japan, Canada, Poland, China, Laos, and Peru.

Today, he had lunch with the Queen and will dine with Prince William and other Royals tonight and he is very welcome to enjoy all of that. However, as well trailed beforehand, he has decided against all accepted international protocols, to interfere with Britain’s private political affairs, and he is not in the least welcome to do that – what a bloody cheek, eh?

As a result, he can expect a hostile reception across the board.

Yes, Obama and his hangers-on have embarked on a campaign to support David Cameron’s wish for our peoples to vote to remain in the European Union at the June Referendum. The Americans have no right to tell us Brits how to run our Country, have they? Furthermore, the USA as a nation that rigorously and rightly defends its own democracy and sovereignty, has unbelievable audacity to vehemently and publically voice the opinion that Britain should forever give-up both to the EU – supposedly for the better good? He should keep his bizarre opinions and perverse views private and to himself, shouldn’t he?

What is going on then? Well, there are certain traits of American Presidents that we should all be aware of, and the first of these is that America’s interests are paramount and come first – therefore their strategy of protecting American corporations overseas, trying to squash development of non-capitalistic societies, and exercising political & economic power far and wide. The second is that they believe that they have a god-given right to interfere in other countries by force or subterfuge around the World however remote from the US – that is why we have seen disastrous interventions in the likes of Korea, Iran, the Middle East, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria to name a few.

You see, we British are easily led aren’t we? Yep, that is why the Yanks have got us to accompany them into the many overseas scrapes we have been involved in since the Second World War.

In his intervention, he makes powerful but hypocritical appeals for us to keep up our EU membership and tries to get us to vote that way so we “don’t make a mistake”, no less. Well he can bog-off, cant he? You see, the UK being in the EU gives America an inroad to European affairs and through their relationship with us allows them a voice and significant influence, which they otherwise wouldn’t have, would they? Back in the early 1960s French President De Gaulle vetoed Britain joining the European Economic Community (EEC) exactly for that same reason. Obama couldn’t give a jot for what is in Britain’s best interests and that is why he is prepared to go out on a limb, and anger all and sundry here by sticking his finger in our pie (Cameron of course is more than pleased (‘ecstatic’) as it all fits well with his strategy of using all possible outside agencies with their own vested interests to frighten or coerce our voters into the mad choice of remain).

Obama has the affrontry to now write a newspaper article invoking the US’ fallen servicemen & woman in his sick EU intervention saying that “his tens of thousands of fallen countrymen showed why unity was of deep interest to his nation”. Can it be said that these brave souls who have sacrificed their lives, should not have their memory tarnished in this way for a political objective. Furthermore, we might remember that despite clearly their security being threatened, the US only entered into the conflict of WWII because of the Germans’ policy of unrestricted submarine warfare, which meant that Nazis U-boats were attacking or sinking their merchant ships with hundreds of Americans killed, and finally the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour and decimated their naval fleet – so it was all that which moved the issue into the realms of it being in America’s interest to take military action, and nothing to do with unity with Europe, was it?

A previous American President (Roosevelt) had declared that the US should “recognise the right of all peoples to choose the government under which they will live”, and yet now we have Obama lecturing us British that we should accept being governed by 27 other foreign counties, eh?

Amongst other things, this idiot also claims that the UK’s ability to fight terrorism will be “more effective” if it sticks together with its European allies. That is a load of codswallop, as the EU is a toothless, indecisive cartel of nations with varying and individual objectives, committed to poor security and employing ineffective intelligence, isn’t it?

What qualifies Obama to comment on how our Country is run, or indeed give our people advice on what to do for our future, then? Not a lot perhaps, as he has failed miserably to run his own country, or do anything like he promised [Guantanamo Bay; gun control; et al?], or to make his personal mark on the World’s stage, so he is probably the weakest and least effective President we have ever seen from that great country? Sure, a mister nice guy, but he won’t leave any political legacy, except perhaps going down as the worst leader the US has ever seen and the one who has brought America’s standing and influence to a long-time low?

When the UK’s Referendum decides on BREXIT in June, we should immediately return the interference favour to Democrat President Obama and intervene in the American Presidential election due in the fall, to advise their voters to choose the Republican Candidate (even if he turns out to be Donald Trump, eh?) as their new President – that will put the cat amongst the pigeons, won’t it?


[The worst thing about Barack Obama’s tenure as President is that it will mean that there will never be another black American elected to that role, don’t you think?]



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