Murderer Oscar Pistorius still remains free – are we surprised?

reevaReeva Steenkamp murdered by Oscar Pistorius

In early March the post ‘Convicted Murderer Oscar Pistorius finally bites the dust – or will he really?’ suggested that many of us would be unsurprised if his smart-arsed legal eagles pulled another smart card from their sleeve, to get him some special kind of dispensation and treatment – well so it has proved, eh?

Pistorius was finally convicted last December by South Africa’s top criminal court – the Supreme Court of Appeal – of the brutal murder 3 years ago of Reeva Steenkamp , but he was unbelievably then given lax bail instead of seeing the inside of a prison cell.

He made a vain attempt to yet again avoid justice with a failed appeal to South Africa’s highest judicial authority – the Constitutional Court – but was due to be sentenced at the Pretoria Court yesterday for the vile shooting and murder. But it didn’t happen did it? No. WHY for God’s sake?

Pistorius has had his sentencing postponed and delayed another 2 months until this June. WHY for God’s sake?

He remains on soft bail to live a life of luxury at his Uncle’s mansion and even travel about. WHY for God’s sake?

He will be still free after 6 months following a murder conviction by the SA’s highest court. WHY for God’s sake?

Disgustingly, the idealistic fans of the man are portraying HIM as the true victim and even high-jacking and using the memory of the dead, murdered in a Paris terrorist attack, to voice public support for him. WHY for God’s sake?

It is still being mooted that the very person – Judge Thokozile Masipa – who had surprisingly and singly ‘cleared him of murder’ and handed down only a derisory 10 months incarceration for manslaughter, will again be the one to decide his actual sentence for murder  – it is supposed to have a minimum tariff of 15 years ‘in prison’, but many suspect that he will get off somehow with some kind of special treatment. WHY for God’s sake?


[This latest failure of the South African justice system to deliver proper justice on a white international celebrity figure, while still under the full glare of world publicly, is seriously damaging to that country’s reputation].









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